Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 2186 - 2186 Twins

2186 Twins

Jiang Mingfan booked a private room in a restaurant and sent the address to Lu Mingjue and Qiao Weiyang.

On the way there, Lu Mingjue was very curious. “Sister-in-law, how did you detect the heavy metals in GK’s lipsticks?”

“I used a tool to detect it.”


“Really? It’s that simple?” Lu Mingjue didn’t believe it.

“Yes. When I was in school, I was good at chemistry.”

Lu Mingjue smiled and did not probe further.

When they arrived, the two of them entered a private room under the guidance of the restaurant manager.

Jiang Mingfan had already arrived. When he saw the two of them, he greeted them even more familiarly.

After the three of them exchanged pleasantries and sat down, Jiang Mingfan said, “Miss Qiao, the company plans to let you endorse all its products. I wonder if you’re interested?”

Qiao Weiyang glanced at Lu Mingjue, who immediately said, “It depends on the quality of your company’s products and the benefits they can offer.”

Qiao Weiyang had just made a comeback. It was already good enough for her to get such an endorsement.

However, Lu Mingjue had always believed that not only could Qiao Weiyang reach this step, but her future would also be limitless. What she could get in the future would be far better than Hua Yang.

Jiang Mingfan was very sincere. “You’re welcome to raise questions on the quality of the products at any time. If there’s really a problem, we’ll take them off the shelves immediately and change them at any time. As for the benefits…”

He gave a very good price and promised that in the future, Qiao Weiyang would be the only spokesperson for all Hua Yang’s products. No one could snatch her title.

Lu Mingjue was indeed tempted by such sincere treatment.

Qiao Weiyang also nodded at him gently. The endorsement fee was not what Qiao Weiyang valued the most. What she valued the most was the quality requirements of the brand’s products. This was the key to a win-win cooperation between the two sides.

Since Lu Mingjue and Qiao Weiyang were both interested, the next step was to discuss the details of the cooperation.

Qiao Weiyang stood up and said, “Please excuse me.”

She walked out and received a call. Xiao Bao called her as he missed her. He asked her when she was coming home.

After comforting Xiao Bao over the phone, Qiao Weiyang put away her cell phone.

She was about to enter the private room again when she saw Xu Changfeng drunkenly walking over.

The batch of clothes that Xu Changfeng was in charge of last time was sniped by Qiao Weiyang halfway, causing the cost of the clothes to be several times higher than before. Even the brand had to be returned to Qiao Weiyang. Ever since then, Xu Changfeng had been dispirited.

Qiao Jierou could still rely on Lin Heng to minimize this loss.

Xu Changfeng had no one to back him up. He hated Qiao Weiyang and Li Liangting to the core.

However, he usually could not come into contact with Qiao Weiyang at all. There was no way for him to vent his anger on her.

As he walked drunkenly, he said into the phone, “You said Liangting is over there? Got it!”

When Qiao Weiyang heard Li Liangting’s name, she couldn’t help but take a few more glances at Xu Changfeng. From his tone, he wasn’t actually drunk. Instead of saying that he was drunk, it was more accurate to say that he was sloppy.

Xu Changfeng turned around and walked in a certain direction.

Qiao Weiyang followed him.

Ever since Li Liangting opened the clothing studio with Qiao Weiyang, she began working on the development of fabrics. Her career was also starting to grow.

Today, she was accompanying the designer to meet a client.

During the meal, they had to drink. Fortunately, they were all decent people, so they didn’t drink much.

Although Li Liangting was not drunk, she was somewhat intoxicated.

After sending off the client and designer, she waited for the taxi she had booked out on the road.

At this moment, it was getting late. This restaurant was located in a quiet location, and there were very few pedestrians on the road outside.

Li Liangting was waiting when a man suddenly pounced on her and pressed her down.

The sudden crisis shocked Li Liangting, but the alcohol in her system and the huge physical difference between man and woman made it impossible for her to break free from the other party’s suppression.

Just as she was about to open her mouth to cry for help, the other party covered her mouth and nose tightly. He pressed her down even harder.

Li Liangting hit the other party desperately, trying to escape.

However, she was too weak to break free.

Just as she was struggling, someone came over and kicked the man hard, knocking him aside.

Li Liangting got up in a hurry and saw that the person who came to help her was Qiao Weiyang. Meanwhile, the person who wanted to harm her was Xu Changfeng.

“Weiyang!” Li Liangting held Qiao Weiyang’s arm. Her entire body was still trembling, and she could not calm down.

“It’s okay, it’s okay,” Qiao Weiyang comforted her and patted her shoulder.

Xu Changfeng also got up and looked at the two of them with a sinister smile. “Qiao Weiyang, it’s you again?”

“It’s me. Do you think the security in Jingdu City isn’t good enough, or are the legal measures not strict enough? How dare you lay a hand on a woman here?”

Xu Changfeng had suffered at the hands of Qiao Weiyang and Li Liangting once before. He spat out, “Very well then! I’ll remember this!”

“Xu Changfeng, I’ve already called the police. You won’t be able to escape the law every time.”

When Xu Changfeng heard Qiao Weiyang’s words, he was not afraid. He chuckled and said, “Report it! That’s nothing! Anyway, I used to work with Li Liangting. When the police come, I’ll say that we’re acquainted. What’s there to be afraid of?”

Li Liangting was furious. “How dare you?!”

No wonder Xu Changfeng dared to bully her fearlessly. It turned out that he had already thought of a countermeasure.

Such a man was really disgusting!

Qiao Weiyang removed Li Liangting’s hand from hers and walked toward Xu Changfeng step by step.

Li Liangting was afraid that she would suffer, so she quickly said, “Weiyang, don’t go over. He’s a bad man…”

Qiao Weiyang was not afraid. She walked straight to Xu Changfeng’s side and said in a low voice, “I know you’re arrogant, but soon, you might not have the right to be arrogant.”

Xu Changfeng didn’t know why Qiao Weiyang would say that to him, but he wasn’t worried at all. “Qiao Weiyang, mind your own business!”

After saying that, Qiao Weiyang turned around and walked to Li Liangting’s side. “Liangting, let’s go.”

“Okay.” Li Liangting was still frightened. Even when she and Qiao Weiyang got into the car, she was still a little shocked.

She said worriedly, “I really didn’t expect Xu Changfeng to be so arrogant. He always uses such disgusting methods to deal with me.”

“Don’t worry. Go back and have a good rest. I’ll settle this. Such things won’t happen again.”

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