Hidden Marriage: A Heaven-sent Billionaire Husband

Chapter 1952 - 1952 Just To Meet You

1952 Just To Meet You

[As expected of a troublemaker. She doesn’t even care about the disasters of the country and the people. She even chose this timing to make her presence known. Such a person shouldn’t be let out into society to harm the people anymore. I suggest banning her!]

Lin Yu and Ning Nuo’s actions had indeed lowered their popularity to an extremely low level.

Forget about Ning Nuo. Ning Luyao did not have any popularity before this. It was Ning Nuo who relied on her own strength to gain some popularity. Now that this matter had happened, everything had returned to normal.

Only her own fans were still on her side.

However, whether it was the comments from fans or anti-fans, the general public would definitely attribute them to the artistes themselves.

For a moment, all sides were in chaos and showed no signs of stopping.

And all of this only happened in the wee hours of the morning, not during the day.

It could be seen how intense the battle was.

It was half past seven in the morning.

The employees of Weibo were still in a daze. They were eating their breakfast or rushing to the subway entrance in a daze.

Those who were a little late were still brushing their teeth. They had a mouthful of foam and had yet to wake up from their sleep.

Then, more than ten employees were called by their superiors.

“Immediately rush to the office. Weibo has collapsed!”

“Quick, quick, quick. We need emergency support here!”

“Quickly expand it! Weibo has collapsed again!”

Everyone sobered up collectively and couldn’t care less about anything else. They immediately rushed to the office and asked, “What’s the matter? Are there any new developments in the disaster?”

“It’s not a disaster, it’s a relationship!”

“Relationship? Who has the guts to announce their relationship at such a critical moment?”

Unfortunately, no one answered.

Everyone rushed to the company.

Then, they realized that Weibo had completely collapsed. Even if they wanted to watch the show, they could not.

“What kind of melodramatic plot is this?” Even the employees of Weibo could not believe that the two of them were really together.

It was mainly because these two people were too incompatible!

Moreover, the two of them had never interacted before!

“Stop talking. Work, work!”

Lin Yu called Sister Ai. “Restrain the fans. I don’t want to see everyone continuing to fight. If they want to continue fighting, I suggest that they leave the fandom immediately.”

Sister Ai shuddered. “Okay, I’ll get right on it.”

Over the years, although Lin Yu had developed in two countries, he had actually developed more in the United States. His status was established, and he did not rely on his fans to pave his path. Moreover, he had a steady stream of work and a strong ability to attract fans.

Therefore, he always had the confidence to guide his fans to do positive things.

As for Brother Yong, he didn’t need Lin Yu and Ning Nuo to say anything. He had already gone to subdue the crazy fans.

He didn’t want to see Ning Nuo get scolded, and he didn’t want to see Lin Yu get scolded either!

His loyalty could be seen by all!

Sister Ai and Brother Yong were both outstanding in their respective careers and thus created unparalleled results.

Among the fans, they had both methods and prestige. They personally went to restrain the fans of both sides. They tried to reason with them, using the excuse of the current disaster.

Then, the higher-ranked fans would persuade the other fans.

As for some professional anti-fans, Sister Ai and Brother Yong directly found professionals to deal with them. They directly exposed their accounts!

For a moment, the anti-fans kept quiet out of fear and did not dare to say anything.

At nine o’clock, Weibo restored their platform.

All bugs were removed.

At this moment, all industries were starting to become active.

The white-collar workers started working, and the children’s day of studies had already begun.

Although Weibo’s traffic at this hour was not as good at night, it was still one of the best times during the day.

Many people started their day by browsing Weibo.

Everyone clicked on Weibo and saw that Lin Yu and Ning Nuo had made an official announcement!

Lin Yu’s casual fans exclaimed: [Who the hell is Ning Nuo?]

They went to Ning Nuo’s accounts to take a look, then looked at the profile picture. They confirmed that it was the bimbo everyone was familiar with!

However, the fans on both sides were not fighting?

Were fans so rational these days?

What was going on?

As there were no big fans or loyal fans who continued fighting, everything seemed calm.

Some casual fans left a few comments, but as they did not gain traction, the fans could not get into a fight.

As for the general public that did not pay attention to the entertainment industry, they were either not interested or secretly felt that the couple was a good match.

The public would not comment on anything. They would just take a look at the news and go on with their day.

The boss and employees of Weibo fell into self-doubt. “What’s going on? Previously, wasn’t it because the fans of both sides were at each other’s throats that the entire Weibo couldn’t take it anymore? Now that the server has been repaired, they’ve stopped? So, we all worked so hard to repair and expand the server and prepared so many resources for nothing?”

The employees of Weibo nearly fainted.

This was because the fans of both sides were restrained to the greatest extent. Although it also caused Lin Yu and Ning Nuo’s popularity to be ruined, the situation was controlled early on and did not cause any detrimental effects.

Sister Ai and Brother Yong finally heaved a sigh of relief.

Lin Yu and Ning Nuo sat on the sofa hand in hand. Seeing that the situation had calmed down, they couldn’t help but look at each other and smile.

After looking at each other, Ning Nuo looked away in embarrassment.

She was usually such a cheerful and generous woman, but after confirming their relationship, she became shy.

Perhaps every woman in love would become like this.

She lowered her head slightly. Lin Yu reached out and touched her hair. He found that her hair was soft and gentle, so he rubbed it a little more.

Ning Nuo raised her head and looked at him with deer-like eyes.

Lin Yu smiled and rubbed her face.

Ning Nuo was a little annoyed. She wanted to give him a fierce look and glare at him, but his eyes were gentle and loving.

Lin Yu’s fingers were still on the top of her head. His fingers slid down and turned into a clasp. He held the back of her head. Before she could react, he held her head in front of him.

Ning Nuo realized something and subconsciously closed her eyes.

What came next was a chuckle from him.

Ning Nuo opened her eyes. She was a little angry and wanted to punch him.

However, he grabbed her hand and pulled it to his chest.

When her eyes widened, he lowered his head and kissed her red lips.

Ning Nuo’s vision was filled with his magnified handsome face and his clear smile. There was a trace of love in his eyes.

He then closed his eyes, hiding the confusion in them.

Ning Nuo also subconsciously closed her eyes.

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