Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 609 - Li Beinian: Perhaps Leader Mu is Secretly Infatuated With Me

Chapter 609: Li Beinian: Perhaps Leader Mu is Secretly Infatuated With Me

Mu Xichen looked at her calmly and repeated, “You don’t dare?”

Li Beinian fell silent.

Mu Xichen quickly turned around and stood beside Yang Dawu.

He looked around and said unhurriedly, “Thank you, everyone.”

His voice was calm and different from these soldiers who were full of vigor.

But… he was so damn handsome!

Wang Shao was stunned, and Guan Yueyun started to twist the hem of her shirt.

Zhao You’er kept looking at Li Beinian and then at Mu Xichen. Who knew what she was thinking.

Yang Dawu shouted, “Everyone, tell me, is it tiring!”

Everyone said in perfect unison, “Not tiring at all!”

Mu Xichen nodded and said, “It’s good that you’re not tired. Stand at attention!”

Everyone obeyed.

“Turn right!”

They moved in unison.

Mu Xichen looked at the group calmly and said, “Let’s run 20 laps first, to celebrate.”

Immediately, wails could be heard among the group.


“Twenty rounds, it’ll kill me!”

“Chief, are you serious?”

Yang Dawu replied, “Chief never jokes. Let’s go together!”

The group broke into a run. Li Beinian was exhausted long ago and sweating profusely.

Liu Wei caught up with her and said, “Does he have a grudge against you?”

“That’s right, that’s right. I want to ask too.” Wang Shao broke into a run as well. “He knows that you did 70 push-ups, and still insists you run. We can’t even take 20 laps alone. If you continue like this, you’ll die.”

Guan Yueyun couldn’t help but ask, “Beinian, is it because you said he was fierce?”

Zhao You’er said, “He can’t be that petty…”

Li Beinian cursed in her head. Confronted with all these questions, she replied loudly, “Yes, there’s bad blood between us. He likes to target me.”




Because we had an affair!

Li Beinian growled in her heart but quickly said, “It’s probably because I’m pretty. He is infatuated with me and is trying to win my attention, I guess.”

Everyone fell silent.

Wang Shao silently ran off, with Zhao You’er following closely behind.

Guan Yueyun looked at Li Beinian and said, “If you can’t take it anymore, tell the instructor you need a rest. I’ll leave first.”

Liu Wei said, “I didn’t expect you to be such a person.”

Li Beinian was stumped.

Did I say something wrong?

At Mu Xichen’s command, everyone had gone running.

Yang Dawu couldn’t help but say, “Boss, it’s fine if you let the others run, but Li Beinian won’t be able to run. She did the most push-ups and has had the highest training intensity. I don’t think she can last one round.”

Mu Xichen looked in Li Beinian’s direction.

Indeed, she was slowing down.

Bai Yuan also went forward and whispered, “Boss, are you thinking of changing your wife?”

Mu Xichen swept him a cutting glare and said, “Let her rest.”

Bai Yuan took heed. He looked up and saw that Li Beinian was slowing down and shouted, “Li Beinian has fallen behind. If you can’t take it, you can rest first!”

Li Beinian was indeed exhausted. She took in big gulps of air, her heartbeat was more than twice as fast as her breathing.

Drenched, she looked towards Bai Yuan and Mu Xichen who were standing nearby. Then she swallowed her grievance and shouted, “Reporting! I can take it!”

Everyone looked in her direction.

Liu Wei ran back and said, “Don’t force yourself. If you can’t take it, go back.”

“I can take it!” Li Beinian pulled herself together. “You can’t be special on the battlefield. Let’s go!”

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