Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 523 - Live Play

Chapter 523: Live Play


A heartrending wail.

Jiang Qian clutched her head and at once fell from her chair onto the ground, looking at Character A’s dead body and wailing loudly.

Following this, she started crying, clutching her head in fright.

Li Beinian had a shocked expression, her eyes widened, and her hands trembled.

She quickly got onto her feet. Just as she was about to help Jiang Qian up, a sudden rush of footsteps was heard.

Li Xueqing held onto the prop gun with trembling hands, heaving heavily. Her eyes were widened with a crazed look in them.

Jiang Qian wailed even more loudly now as she started to back away.

Li Beinian’s breath quickened and her eyes flashed as she bent over to help Jiang Qian up.

Li Xueqing strode up to them, pointing the gun in their direction—more specifically, at Jiang Qian.

That was what they had agreed on during the discussion.

Now the muzzle of the gun was directed at Jiang Qian, with Li Beinian standing in front of her. Jiang Qian took this opportunity to escape.

At this point, Li Beinian was just getting into her position, when Jiang Qian suddenly gave her a shove, yelling out, “Ahhhhh! Ahhhhh!”

Being shoved like this, Li Beinian suddenly found herself right in front of Li Xueqing’s gun muzzle.

And Jiang Qian was still shrieking and kicking hysterically.

She clutched her head with both hands, kicking forcefully and indiscriminately. Those hard kicks caught Li Beinian in the heels.

She was wearing high heel shoes, and the kicks hurt her. She frowned slightly but did not turn around. Her eyes were intensely focused on Li Xueqing.

There was a subtle hint of gloating in the latter’s eyes as she hollered. “Hand over the stuff!”

With someone kicking her from behind and being confronted by Li Xueqing and her gun before her, Li Beinian frowned deeply as she raised both her hands over her head, saying calmly, “I know where it is. I’ll get it for you if you let her go.”

Everyone was stunned upon hearing this.

The “dead” Character A suddenly called out, “You got your lines wrong!”

This line was completely unexpected and caught Li Xueqing by surprise.

She looked at Jiang Qian, whose crazed expression intensified, and said, “Don’t you dare try any tricks!”

Li Beinian couldn’t take the kicking for very much longer. She took the opportunity to step backward, in the process stepping on Jiang Qian’s foot, accidentally or otherwise.

In pain, Jiang Qian now started to kick even more aggressively.

Li Beinian suffered another few hard kicks. As the edge of her shoes bit into her skin, pain shot through her foot.

Li Xueqing kept the gun pointed at her, so Li Beinian had to tolerate the pain. She said patiently, “You have a gun, and I’m not prepared to die. Come with me.”

Then, she walked off to the side tentatively. She remained calm even though her eyes were intensely focused.

As she finally moved away from Jiang Qian, character E rushed in.

Li Beinian reacted quickly and, at once, took firm hold of the gun handle.

Inflicting a quick twist, Li Xueqing’s hand released the gun, which then fell to the ground with a smacking crack.

“Ahhhhh!” She wailed in pain, and then immediately Li Beinian gave her a knock on the back of the knee, causing her to tumble onto the floor.

When character E saw this scene, she was stunned.

Fortunately, Li Xueqing managed to get onto her feet again.

This time round, character E dashed forward and subdued her. Handcuffing Li Xueqing’s hands, she said, “You’re under arrest.”

On this note, this mini scenario came to an end.

Character A got up and said, “Li Beinian, what’s wrong with you? Where did all those lines come from? Besides, character D is supposed to be subdued by character E, don’t you think you’re being too much?”

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