Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 37 - Show Some Respect With Your Words

Chapter 37: Show Some Respect With Your Words

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Although Dawn Entertainment could not compare to the Mu Corporation, it was one of the most remarkable ones in Guang City.

It would be such a waste to leave such a huge asset in the hands of an ignorant wild lass?

Li Xueqing was well aware of what Fang Zhili meant. She calmed herself down and said, “Father seems to have been working overtime rather frequently of late. I’ll go make him some tea to soothe his senses.”

Staring at her daughter in satisfaction, Fang Zhili nodded and said, “Go ahead, your father dotes on you in the first place. You must show him that you’re sensible. Even if that wild lass is his biological daughter, she can’t remove your position in his heart.”

Although Li Beinian’s wounds were ugly, they were not too severe.

After revising with her tutor for two days, she informed the tutor that she would be taking a break.

There were plenty of clothing in the closet but none of them was suitable for her.

They were either too small or too mature-looking.

At last, Li Beinian decided to put on her denim jeans and jacket that she used to wear before making her way out.

Since she was permitted to buy more clothes and a new mobile phone, she decided to splurge.

Li Beinian shopped around and picked a black mobile phone which she paid for using her card. She input her birth date when making the payment.

When the transaction was approved, she actually felt strangely touched all of a sudden.

After signing her name, Li Beinian bought her new mobile phone and walked towards a nearby shopping mall.

In her previous lifetime, she became used to frequenting such malls after she married Mu Donglin. Hence, she headed there out of habit.

Since it was an upscale mall, there would usually be only a small number of customers.

However, there were plenty of people at the atrium outside the mall, all of whom seemed to be gathering for the sake of it.

Li Beinian took a casual glance out of curiosity, only to see that it was a recruitment drive!

She squeezed through the crowd and noticed that there were long queues.

The queues snaked around the atrium and everyone seemed to be excited and interested.

“Hey, isn’t that Chi Beinian?”

A familiar voice filled her ear.

Li Beinian turned around to see that there was a familiar figure.

It was a man who was dressed simply in a long-sleeved shirt and trousers which seemed to be from luxury labels. He was about 1.78 meters tall.

Greatly surprised she asked, “Hey, Yang Liangyu, why are you here?”

He used to be her neighbor who lived beside the Chi Family home. The two of them had always been at odds with each other.

Yang Liangyu felt a sense of superiority over Li Beinian just because his family was well off.

Not only did he bully Li Beinian for being an orphan, he often bullied Chi Hailang too.

He then moved away sneakily after being hit by Li Beinian on several occasions.

Yang Liangyu said haughtily in disdain, “Me? I’m an employee here. Are you here for an interview too?” He scanned her from head to toe.

Li Beinian had come empty-handed and there was nothing on her except a card and 3000 yuan which she had received as change from the sale of her old mobile phone.

She indeed… looked a little shabby.

She was not there for an interview, though.

However, she immediately understood something after hearing his words.

Li Beinian stared at Yang Liangyu and sneered, “You’re already 25 years old, aren’t you? You still don’t have a job?”

Upon hearing her words, Yang Liangyu retorted angrily, “Be more respectful, I’m the casting director here!”

“Huh? Director?”

Li Beinian was astonished.

Feeling a little smug, Yang Liangyu said, “No big deal. What’s wrong? Didn’t you say that you wanted to be a huge celebrity? I’m already a director now, why are you still so… ”

He snorted derisively.

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