Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 32 - Moron

Chapter 32: Moron

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She stepped out of the police station to see that the sun was shining brightly.

There was an eye-catching and luxurious Bentley parked in front of the police station under the golden sun.

That was the car that Mu Donglin drove for several years.

In her previous lifetime, Li Beinian thought that he drove that car because of nostalgia.

That mindset made Li Beinian feel thankful and for numerous years, she hoped that he might go back to her and realize that he still had a wife.

However, she found out later that he only kept the car for that long because it was a gift from Lin Kerou.

She picked up her cap and placed it on her head before making her way down the stairs with her head hanging low.

“Hold it.”

His voice made Li Beinian’s spine stiffen.

The familiar sounds of his footsteps began to approach her. Not long after, his shadow seemed to have become one with hers on the ground.

Li Beinian stared at the long shadow on the ground in bewilderment.

“There better not be a next time.”

He sounded cold and unfeeling.

Li Beinian snapped back to reality and looked up, only to see his face.

There was not a single expression on his suave and exquisite face. It was as if there was an ice wall built around him, encapsulating his perfection and preventing anything from approaching him.

He was still the same.

Nothing changed despite going back five years in time.

Li Beinian pursed her lips and continued walking without saying a single word.

Mu Donglin’s face grew sullen and he felt that something was amiss while staring at her from behind.

She seemed to have changed a little.

Li Beinian suddenly turned around and asked, “How did you know that I was here? Who told you to come?”

Mu Donglin made her way down the stairs before sneering coldly, “You should ask your family that question.”


Li Beinian squinted and she immediately understood what had happened.

Li Haoran was fixated on interests and profits. Hence, he would definitely be enraged if he were to hear about the matter.

However, she could not let her future in-laws find out. If word about it were to spread, both the Li Family and Mu Family would be embarrassed.

However, things would be different if Fang Zhili or Li Xueqing were the ones who answered the call just now.

While she was thinking about it, Mu Donglin had already brushed shoulders with her and made his way down the stairs.

Mu Donglin got inside his own car, after which Li Beinian took a glance at him and turned around to walk towards the train station.

Mu Donglin felt a little strange while staring at her tall and slender body.

He thought that she would definitely make him send her home regardless of what happened.

On the account of the close ties between the two families, Mu Donglin would not turn her down either. It was not out of the way for him either.

Yet, she did not ask him to send her home at all and instead left on her own.

Mu Donglin did not expect such an outcome.

Is she trying to play hard to get?

Does she want me to offer to send her home?

Mu Donglin found it rather amusing. He sneered and began driving away.

However, he drove slowly and stared at the rear view mirror and waited to see her wave at him.

Anyone in their right mind would know that it would be more convenient to hitch a ride from him.

However, she turned around and walked towards a small alley like a fool.

He caught sight of an icon that represented the train station.

Is she actually going to ride the train?

Mu Donglin was amused after realizing her intentions.

However, he also felt angry for some reason.

“Moron,” Mu Donglin muttered under his breath.

He then stepped on the accelerator and drove home.

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