Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 139 - Come In, I Have a Gift

Chapter 139: Come In, I Have a Gift

“I thought you were missing when you didn’t answer the phone, humph,” Chi Dali carried a cake in his hand and said when he saw Li Beinian. “You still have some conscience to come back to celebrate your birthday.”

When Li Beinian saw the big cake he brought in, her heart warmed.

But she quickly reacted and picked up her mobile phone.

Indeed, there were seven or eight missed calls.

All from Chi Dali and Tang Xiaoge.

Seeing this, Li Beinian coughed lightly and said with a guilty conscience, “Actually, I had time to come here today, and I didn’t expect such a coincidence for it to be my birthday.”

“Oh, you!” Tang Xiaoge was shocked. “In the past, you remembered your birthday. How busy has this year been that you’ve forgotten about it?”

“Tsk, Mom, do you really believe her? If she really forgot about it, she wouldn’t have come back.” Chi Hailang looked disdainful. “I don’t believe it, she eats the most cake every time!”

Li Beinian glared at him and grabbed his ear. “Did I go against you?”

“Oops, oops!” Chi Hailang wailed. “It’s exactly as I said!”

“Okay, okay, stop fighting!” Tang Xiaoge shouted with a loud voice, “Come here, Beinian, come into the room.”

Li Beinian released him and walked in with Tang Xiaoge.

She entered the room where Li Beinian used to live.

This house was originally a three-bedroom house. Chi Hailang once said that he would change her room into a design room and let him learn how to design clothes.

She just didn’t expect that it had been so long and it was still the same as before.

Tang Xiaoge opened the cabinet as soon as she entered.

Li Beinian found that most of the clothes inside were her own, and they were all untouched.

These small details made Li Beinian teary-eyed.

Although they were not her biological parents, both Chi Dali and Tang Xiaoge really loved her.

The Li family, however, only cared about their own interests.

Tang Xiaoge didn’t notice her. She tiptoed and took out a black velvet box.

The box wasn’t small. Tang Xiaoge sat down on the bed and said, “Come here, this is a set of jewelry made by the gems your parents bought for you. It will become a set with the one you had.”

Li Beinian had had a necklace on her since young, a beautiful ruby necklace.

The size wasn’t small, and the purity was very high.

On several occasions, the dean of the orphanage had almost cheated her of the necklace.

Fortunately, she was smart since young and had protected it.

The necklace was broken at the back and had been stored here with Tang Xiaoge.

Several times when they were too poor to even survive, she had urged them to just sell the stone.

However, Chi Dali had said: No, what if this is what your biological parents left you? What if you can’t find them anymore because you sold it?”

Tang Xiaoge deeply agreed and had since kept it.

It had been this way for many years.

Tang Xiaoge opened the box and said, “Your father has been working on this set of jewelry for more than a week. Take a look.”

As soon as she opened it, Li Beinian was amazed.

There was a row of four rubies, and the most striking was the centered evening chain.

The luxurious and shining vines surrounded a bright red and pure ruby, entwined together and becoming an entity of its own.

From a distance, it looked like two feathers inlaid with diamonds were connected together. The ruby was centered and the theme was distinct.

The same could be said for the earrings and rings.

“It’s so beautiful!” Li Beinian looked shocked. “Mom, did Dad make this?”

“Yeah, he wouldn’t let me intervene, but I got you some other self-defense little things.” Tang Xiaoge mysteriously took out another small box.

When opened, there was a white strip-like object inside. It was only half the length of her palm and looked like a special-shaped bag.

Tang Xiaoge whispered, “I went to the black market to buy this ivory. I ground it for you.”

With that, she picked up the little thing and gently pressed a hollow spot.

Something popped out immediately. It was a sharp, tiny blade!

Tang Xiaoge drew the small knife out of the delicate little device.

It was a very bright and good steel.

Although Li Beinian didn’t know how to make weapons, she could tell at a glance that it was of good quality.

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