Hidden Marriage 99 Days: Please Restrain Yourself

Chapter 1006 - Extra Chapter 2: Declaration of Ownership

Chapter 1006: Extra Chapter 2: Declaration of Ownership

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Her words were full of ambiguity.

Bo Chengcheng looked at Jiang Yeqing with a smirk.

Jiang Yeqing immediately straightened his face and said, “Wenxin, don’t say such misleading words.”

Wenxin then sneered and hung up.

In fact, Bo Chengcheng was already getting the hang of what was going on.

If Jiang Yeqing had really betrayed her, he wouldn’t have brought her to Kang City so readily.

Kang City was not too far away from Guang City, but he had specially brought her here to prove his innocence. This was enough to show his determination.

If there was really something to hide, Jiang Yeqing wouldn’t have been so ready and open.

On the contrary, Bo Chengcheng was more concerned about this woman, Wenxin.

Jiang Yeqing had maintained that Wenxin was mentally ill.

However, after a few calls and interactions, Bo Chengcheng realized that there was nothing abnormal about this woman.

On the contrary, she had a strong motive.

Since last night, Bo Chengcheng had been thinking about this person’s purpose.

After clearing her thoughts, she suddenly realized that Wenxin had never said that Jiang Yeqing was the father of her child.

However, her words and actions had been misleading her.

After arriving in Kang City, she met Little Precious, who looked very obedient. However he spat at her and called her an evil woman. Furthermore, all of this was only directed at her.

This was enough to prove that Wenxin’s actions were purposeful and her motive was clear—she was out to sow discord between the married couple.

As soon as Wenxin hung up, Jiang Yeqing hurriedly explained, “Don’t listen to her. She has a mental problem and has been on medication for mental illness. She has always insisted that this child is mine, but no one knows better than I – she’s never been anything more than a sister to me…”


As soon as Bo Chengcheng said this, Jiang Yeqing fell silent.

Bo Chengcheng continued, “Tell her where we’re having dinner.”

“Oh, okay.”

Jiang Yeqing had made a reservation at a restaurant near the office.

After sending the address to Wenxin, he left the task of ordering the food to Bo Chengcheng.

She flipped through the menu and asked Jiang Yeqing, “Is there any food they have to avoid?”

“The child doesn’t eat seafood as he gets an allergic reaction from it. He doesn’t take mango either. That’s about it.” Jiang Yeqing took the opportunity to prove his innocence and said, “You know me too. I’ve always liked seafood and I have no allergies. Little Treasure must have inherited his allergy to seafood. Wenxin doesn’t have such a problem either so the kid must have inherited it from his father.”

Bo Chengcheng listened but did not comment.

After ordering the suitable dishes, she added on a few items that were presentable enough for hosting guests and handed the menu to Jiang Yeqing.

Whenever Jiang Yeqing and Bo Chengcheng went out to eat, they would order home-cooked dishes that they both liked. Now that Bo Chengcheng had ordered those few courses, Jiang Yeqing understood what this meant. He ordered two more of Bo Chengcheng’s favorite dishes before handing the menu back to the waiter.

Very soon after, Wenxin arrived with the child. However, the child seemed to have been beaten up or something. He was crying all the way in, with his tiny hand holding the finger from which blood had been drawn earlier.

As he was a child, they had not drawn too much blood from him. At the time they left the appraisal center, he had already stopped bleeding. But now, his finger was turning purple.

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