Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 34

Ruan Mengmeng’s Injustice

In the corridor outside the Senior (13) classroom.

“Did you just that I’m the school delinquent and have been bullying students?” Ruan Mengmeng pointed at her nose as if she misheard something.

“Yes. As a matter of fact, Jing Xiangjin and a few others have said that you put your hands on them first. Out of the six of them, two of them had their arms dislocated, and the remaining four of them had their forearms or calves broken. So, what do you have to say to that?”

“Pfft…” Ruan Mengmeng let out a laugh.

She did not care how disrespectful she looked in front of the three student council members.

She did not know who ‘Jing Xiangjin’ was for sure, but she had a pretty clear picture of who it might be. She was worried that it might be the Fatty that bullied Mu Jingxing.

Ruan Mengmeng pursed her lips and smiled slightly at Ye Feng who appeared to be the leader of the group before she said, “This classmate that you speak of, are you saying that… I beat up six students whom I have never met within an hour of me entering WPA for the first time? Not only that but you’re accusing me of dislocating arms and fracturing their calves as well as some arms in a fight against 6 people?”

Ruan Mengmeng’s voice is soft and delicate, with an even more stunning physical appearance.

Not only did the hyped-up students in the classroom think it impossible, even the two student council members that tagged along had doubts about the incident.

How could an adorable and petite girl like Ruan Mengmeng do such a thing?

Although they had doubts in his heart, the two who followed Ye Feng were not there to defend Ruan Mengmeng. They were there to do the complete opposite and speak up on behalf Ruan Jiaojiao.

“Of course you didn’t do it alone. You were obviously the mastermind and Mu Jingxing was the accomplice. Jing Xiangjin and the rest of them said that you and Mu Jingxing knew each other. And that the two of you threatened them together.”

“Sh*t, you’ve got some nerves, Ye Feng! Why would a guy like me ever have the need to threaten someone? The only person who does those kinds of things is that Fatty, Jing Xiangjin!”

Mu Jingxing, who had been listening from inside the classroom finally rolled up his sleeves and went out when he could not take it anymore.

When he was about to step into the hallway, he was stared down by the class teacher, Li Xiuli. “Get back inside right now. This does not concern you.”

Although Li Xiuli hated Ruan Mengmeng, she was still protective of her students.

In a dire situation such as this, for a Year 3 Senior to commit such a serious offence especially on the very first day of school, Mu Jingxing would be in big trouble if he was pulled into the mix. If he was to be accused of threatening and beating up students, it was either a demerit if the punishment was light or expulsion if the issue was more severe.

Li Xiuli sternly said, “Although Mu Jingxing is naughty, the kid has a good family background at home. His heart is in a good place and he definitely would not participate in bullying. Ye Feng, get your student council members to check things out. I’m sure it must’ve been due to a certain someone’s recent transfer into our school this offence took place.”

“Ms. Li, you’re right. The student council has made our ruling. Infamous students such as Ruan Mengmeng will only bring bad faith and horrible habits to our school. WPA will not allow it at all costs. I’ve already submitted the application to the principal on behalf of the student council to expel Ruan Mengmeng.”

Ye Feng looked at Li Xiuli and continued, “Teacher Li, if it’s alright with you, I’d like for you to testify for us.”

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