Hi, My Sweet Lil Moe Wife!

Chapter 26

A Change on the First Day of School

The following day, September 1st, was the first day of school.

Ruan Mengmeng was worried about her grandfather last night, so she went to sleep late. When she got up in the morning, the third and fourth young masters of the Li family had already been sent to school by their driver.

She ate her breakfast in a hurry, got in the car, and was ready to report herself at City No.1 High School.

Since her school uniform was left at the Ruan family, she was wearing a light blue dress which she had simply found in the wardrobe.

It did not matter anyway. Old Zhang would definitely have a way of getting her a new uniform when she arrived at school later.

However, halfway during the journey to school, Ruan Mengmeng felt that something was off.

“Assistant Ling, this is not the way to City No.1 High School.”

Although she did not drive, she made a point to memorize the way to school. The car was heading in the opposite direction of City No.1 High School.

Ling Bei, who sat in the driver seat, turned around and said coldly, “Young Lady, this is the way to Wisdom Private Academy.”

“Wisdom Academy? I’m a student at City No.1 High School.”

“Yes, that was before, but not now,” Ling Bei said respectfully and kept his distance.

“First Young Master thinks that, for you to get a good education, you should transfer to the top school in S City. You’ve been through grade detention twice. First Young Master wanted me to relay a message: If you do not want to go through grade detention for the third time, you should cooperate with me.”

Although Ling Bei, the man who wore a pair of golden glasses was the person talking to her, Ruan Mengmeng could not help but feel that those words were spoken by Li Junyu himself. She could imagine the way Li Junyu saying it in a warning and threatening tone.

She could even imagine the expression he would have on his face, one filled with arrogance and supremacy.

‘How dare he transfer me to another school without my consent?!’

Given the current circumstances, she decided not to cooperate. We shall see who would have the upper hand in this!

“Oh, I see.” Ruan Mengmeng nodded. Her silky black hair swayed slightly while she nodded, making her look elegant and graceful.

“Thanks for telling me, Assistant Ling. Please convey my thanks to Big Brother.”

“Big Brother…?!” Ling Bei blurted out. He did not manage to suppress his confusion.

Ruan Mengmeng smiled at him sweetly and said, “Yeah, that’s right. A few days ago, Big Brother told me that I’m now his sister, and if anybody dares to bully me, he’ll be sure to make them pay. I didn’t expect Big Brother to be so nice to me. He even went through the trouble to transfer me to a top school in S City.”

“Oh, ye-yeah… Young Lady, don’t worry, I’ll relay your message to him.”

Ling Bei turned his head back, his stiff expression now filled with surprise.

‘What happened to First Young Master? He’s actually being nice to a girl who is not even related to him?!’

He thought that First Young Master was just finding an easy way out by sending her to a random school that provided a better education so that President Li would not bug him too much.

He never expected the First Young Master to treat this girl as his own sister!

Ling Bei, who suddenly realized his true ‘intentions’, immediately changed his attitude towards Ruan Mengmeng, as she was now considered an important person in the Li family.

“Young Lady, we’re here.” This time, Ling Bei personally opened the door for Ruan Mengmeng.

Ruan Mengmeng shot him a smile and got off the car.

The Li family’s luxury car was stopped right in front of the school’s office.

Today was the first day of school for the top school in S City — Wisdom Private Academy.

At the moment, all primary and secondary students, as well as all teachers were gathered in the auditorium for the opening ceremony.

Being informed about Ruan Mengmeng’s transfer, the school’s Assistant Chairman was the only person waiting for Ruan Mengmeng at the office building.

“Assistant Ling, I’m very sorry to tell you this. We’ve already settled Miss Ruan’s enrollment procedures, but according to the rules, all transfer students must first sit for a test. Only then we will enroll her in a class based on the results.”

The Assistant Chairman said that to Ling Bei firmly, yet respectfully and handed him a set of test papers while they were in the Director’s office.

Apart from cutting-edge facilities and a team of dedicated teachers, adhering to its rules and regulations at all times was what made Wisdom Academy a top school in the city.

Glancing at the test papers, Ling Bei said coldly, “First Young Master has made it clear that our Young Lady should only be studying at the best class in Wisdom Academy.”

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