Heyday Love: A Heaven-sent Husband

Chapter 484 - Eye for Eye!

Chapter 484 Eye for Eye!

Even Yi Yunrui thinks it is not as simple as imagined. Then, it must be very complicated.

However, it may be explained in another way: Yi Yunrui is unwilling to discuss further.

Why is he unwilling to talk about that? … There must be some reasons which she is not expected to know. Or, Yi Yunrui must want to hide something.

Xia Ning looks at Yi Yunrui who slightly frowns. She feels sorry for him. Recently, too many things happened. She should not annoy her husband further.

She should not tell him what their eldest brother did to her. After all, they are brothers. How can she ask her husband to fight against his own eldest brother?

At first, it was about her mother-in-law. Now, it is her eldest brother-in-law. Because of her, Yi Yunrui really has a tough time.

However, will love make people tired? Ah. No. That is for sure.

She loves Yi Yunrui. This time, she will try to bear the burden herself.

She will try to solve the problem by herself. If she can’t handle it well, she may then go to ask for help from Yi Yunrui.

Thinking about this, Xia Ning puts her finger between Yi Yunrui’s eyebrows to strokes the wrinkles there, “Darling, didn’t we make the agreement that we would share with each other everything? As long as we are of the same mind, nothing can beat us.”

Yi Yunrui looks at her affectionately. He holds his wife’s hand and puts it on his chest, “Yes, you are right. No matter what happens, I will be with you.”

Even Yi Yunrui himself didn’t have any information in advance about recent cases. There must be some strong power behind them. With her identity, Ning doesn’t seem to ever offend such powerful people.

So, it means those people are coming … against him?

Suddenly, an image of someone flashes in his brain. Yi Yunrui feels shocked all of a sudden!

Can it … have anything to do with him?

No. It is impossible. So many years have passed. It can’t happen now!

Besides, that man has been dead!

Yi Yunrui suddenly realizes that his embrace is empty. He collects himself and sees his wife standing up. He asks immediately, “What’s wrong?”

Xia Ning waves the empty cup in her hand and replies, “I have finished the milk. I go to get more.”

Without saying anything, Yi Yunrui grabs the cup from his lovely wife, “Let me.”

He takes the chance to change the food on the table.

Recently, his wife doubles the volume of her food. He needs to prepare more for her.

It is in the Junhao Group the next day.

Looking at the file in her hand, Xia Ning strokes her forehead and purses her lips into a line.

She didn’t expect that Yi’s Multinational Group would withdraw so many staff all of a sudden!

More exactly, she didn’t expect that her eldest brother-in-law arranged so many people to manage her companies.

All these years, he has really keenly helped her a lot.

She thinks it is understandable. Her eldest brother has been nice enough. He doesn’t withdraw his people until now.

Xia Ning puts down a file and picks up another one, in which there is the information of candidates for the replacement.

Looking at the strange faces, Xia Ning feels very unsure.

Once the total change of management happens, people in the company will feel worried. Besides, the operation mode and philosophy of the company will be changed accordingly. If it doesn’t work well, the company will go to a decline.

It can be even worse because most of her companies belong to the catering industry. This time, even chefs will be withdrawn. It means a total change of taste for the whole restaurants. She is not sure whether the old customers will like the new taste…

Xia Ning puts down the files. She gives a helpless sigh.

“Are the candidates not good?” An Zihao asks.

Xia Ning shakes her head, “They are very good. But still, there are many problems.”

It doesn’t solve the core problem at all.

An Zihao lifts his eyebrows, “The best strategy is making no change of staff at all.”

Hearing this, Xia Ning rolls her eyes. Even a fool understands that.

The problem is how she can make it.

An Zihao looks at Xia Ning. He smiles, “President, allow me to remind you of something. You may not be very clear about all the industries under Junhao Group and the scales they cover. However, you can be sure about one thing. Junhao Group is no inferior to Yi’s Multinational Group in power! Threats from them or something alike don’t exist at all.”

Xia Ning feels a little shocked to hear this. She thinks carefully about An Zihao’s words.

With the high-class restaurants and supermarkets only, she is surely not comparable to Yi’s Multinational Group. However, with Junhao Group…

Yes. She is the president of Junhao Group!

God. Her thought was not at all in the right direction! She should start the solution from Junhao Group!

Thinking about this, Xia Ning suddenly feels as if she finds the key to a puzzle. She asks An Zihao, “What is the biggest project that Junhao Group is cooperating with Yi’s Multinational Group?”

“Project Yu Di Long Tu.”

Project Yu Di Long Tu…

“Do you have the cooperation agreements of this project?”

“It is right here. President, here you are.” An Zihao takes out the agreement and passes it to Xia Ning at once, as if he predicted that Xia Ning would ask the question in advance.

Xia Ning takes the agreement over and reads it carefully. She blinks her eyes, “Zihao, if I take the risky step, what are the odds Junhao Group will win?

“Courage decides the winner in well-matched battles.”

Xia Ning thinks for a while. Then, she turns to her assistant Jing Shu, “Please call General Manager Li for me.”

“Yes, President.”

It is in the President’s Office of Junhao Group.

As usual, General Manager Li wears a fine suit. He walks into the President’s Office and bows to Xia Ning politely, “President Xia.”

Xia Ning nods. Jing Shu brings two cups of coffee for them. She puts down the coffee and goes to stand behind Xia Ning.

General Manager Li has a quick glance at Jing Shu and then, he takes up the coffee for a sip.

He feels surprised that the assistant doesn’t leave…

As if she is aware of General Manager Li’s confusion, Xia Ning smiles, “General Manager Li, I will need Shu to do something soon. So, she will stay here temporarily.”

“Ahem. Oh.” General Manager Li feels a little embarrassed to find Xia Ning see through his mind.

It is only a day later while this woman surnamed Xia turns much sharper in her eyes.

General Manager Li fixes his emotions and asks, “President, there are still some days to go before the deadline we agreed. I wonder why you ask me to come here now. What’s the matter?”

Xia Ning slightly lifts her lips, “General Manager Li, I ask you here to discuss with you. Are there any ways for me to keep the staff from Yi’s Multinational Group staying in my companies?”

General Manager Li blinks his eyes. He responds seriously, “President Xia, I am sorry. This is the instruction from President Yi. I can’t change it. What I can do is to give you some advice. You may get prepared for the following handover…”

“Seriously? You can’t make any changes at all?” Xia Ning interrupts.

General Manager Li thinks for a while and says, “No, I can’t.”

Xia Ning sneers, “General Manager Li, I may also give you some advice. You’d better think about it again before you confirm.”

“President Xia, I have thought it through. My answer is the same. It is President Yi’s instruction and I can’t change it! If you ask me here to discuss about this issue, I don’t think I need to stay here.” General Manager Li says and stands up.

Many big companies have tried to deal with Yi’s Multinational Group with bravado and he has a lot of experience with that.

Given the relation between Xia Ning and President Yi, he thinks that it will be better to tell her the result frankly.

He knows it well. Once President Yi makes a decision, even relatives can’t make him change his mind.

“Are you sure?” Xia Ning takes out an agreement and puts it in front of General Manager Li, “General Manager Li, I believe you are clear about the cooperation between Junhao Group and Yi’s Multinational Group in the project Yu Di Long Tu. Aren’t you?”

General Manager Li feels confused. He doesn’t understand what Xia Ning wants to say.

“General Manager Li, you may sit down. We need to talk.”

Xia Ning mentions the project Yu Di Long Tu. General Manager Li feels very surprised. He sits down.

“Based on the agreement, in the project Yu Di Long Tu, Junhao Group and Yi’s Multinational Group bear thirty percent of the construction cost respectively. In other words, the two groups are equal in the project. Am I right?”

General Manager Li nods. His eyes gleam with confusion. He asks, “President Xia, you…”

“Since we are equal in the cooperation, Junhao Group and Yi’s Multinational Group are cooperative partners in relation.” Xia Ning smiles while she closes the agreement, “However, under my name, besides Junhao Group, I also have other companies. What Yi’s Multinational Group is doing seems to say that they have a problem with me. If so, we are not cooperative partners any longer.”

Xia Ning hesitates here and then continues, “Junhao Group will announce to withdraw from the project Yu Di Long Tu.”

Hearing this, General Manager Li feels frozen all of a sudden!

“President Xia, Junhao Group will withdraw from the project Yu Di Long Tu?”

“Yes.” Xia Ning helplessly shakes her head, “Given the relation between President Yi and me, I believe he is clear that he is withdrawing the staff from my companies. The news comes all of a sudden. It makes me feel nervous. I am afraid that if President Yi is not happy and plays with the project Yu Di Long Tu like a game, that will be a real headache…”

“President Xia, President Yi is not that kind of person. He definitely can’t do that!”

“How do you know? He is doing something now.” Xia Ning continues to shake her head, “My other companies are not as powerful as Yi’s Multinational Group. However, they are achievements of years of hard work by my husband and me. President Yi is really very inconsiderate to do so to us.”

Not expecting Xia Ning will take such a risky step, General Manager Li feels a chill coming from his toe to his head.

Yi Yuntian gave him the instruction. With years of experience in the business, he thought it would be done very easily. To be honest, it is not but handover stuff! However, this President Xia is unpredictable in her behaviors. Yu Di Long Tu is such an important project while she casually decides to withdraw from it!

If it is true, Yi’s Multinational Group will need to take over the thirty percent of Junhao Group. Even though Yi’s Multinational Group is a big company, it will be quite a burden for it to bear the other thirty percent of the fund! Yi’s Multinational Group had thought about this issue in the beginning. That was why they cooperated with the previous president of Junhao Group, Lin Mengyao (Lin Mengyao was also called Zhou Mengyao. Zhou was his husband’s surname and she took it as hers for some time.)

Besides, if he screws up, how can he report to President Yi?

General Manager Li responds reluctantly, “President Xia, I want to make it clear. Once the project Yu Di Long Tu is completed, there will be great profit to come. Though the other companies are your achievements of hard work, I suggest that you don’t give up the real profit because of other unimportant issues. Please don’t make irrational decisions. All in all, I hope you think it over again very carefully.”

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