Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 997: Trial Suit

Chapter 997: Trial Suit

Bucky watched with excitement as Lin Rui retrieved a small box from his portable space, which contained the two Antman battle suits. Earlier, Scott had briefed Lin Rui on the basics of controlling the suit’s zoom feature.

As a result, Lin Rui effortlessly removed one of the suits from the box and used a thin needle to detach it from its shirt.

Hoo hoo!

As Lin Rui prodded the Antman suits twice, the two tiny battle suits instantly enlarged to their normal size and lay flat on the bed.

Compared to the Antman suit created by Dr. Pym more than a decade ago and worn by Scott, the new Antman suit created by Darren Cross looked cooler with a bright yellow body and black stripes that made it stand out.

“Darren Cross is also a genius. He was able to create the Antman suit and successfully develop the Pym Particle without any help from Dr. Pym,” Lin Rui remarked as he carefully examined the suit.

Although the Pym Particle in the original storyline created by Dr. Pym was red, the one developed by Darren Cross was yellow. Lin Rui couldn’t discern the difference between the two, but it was apparent that both could transform their wearer into Antman.

After scrutinizing the suit and the Pym Particle, Lin Rui finally gave up attempting to research them. The technology behind the suit and the particle was too advanced for him to comprehend.

“Bucky, do you dare to try it on?” Lin Rui asked, turning his attention to Bucky beside him.

“Why not?” Bucky, who had been eagerly anticipating trying the Antman suit on, replied with excitement.


Without saying another word, Lin Rui handed an Antman suit to Bucky, who wasted no time putting it on. Despite his burly physique, the Antman suit was designed to accommodate various body types, and its stretchability made the process of putting it on effortless for Bucky.


After a minute, Bucky finally put on the last piece of the Antman suit with a soft thump. Lin Rui circled around him twice, ensuring that Bucky had fully suited up. Satisfied with Bucky’s appearance, Lin Rui stood in front of him and gave a nod of approval.

“Alright, then I’ll try it out first,” Bucky spoke with a serious tone, eager to test out the suit.

As Bucky explored the inner workings of the Antman suit, he discovered that it had the unique ability to both shrink and enlarge, but even at its normal size, it was an advanced piece of high-tech equipment.

Thus, Bucky needed to take some time to familiarize himself with its internal systems.


As soon as Bucky donned the helmet, a translucent screen lit up in front of his eyes, displaying the basic status of the Antman suit and his own physical condition.

Having been the Winter Soldier for Hydra, Bucky was no stranger to the inner workings of the suit which shows his various stats, and quickly mastered its basic functions despite it being his first time wearing it.

“Can you control it?” Lin Rui asked nervously, once Bucky became familiar with the Antman suit.

“No problem, but the supply of PymParticles is limited. I’m not sure how long the suit’s transformation can be sustained,” Bucky replied after he became adept at operating the suit.

“Well, give it a try. We’ll get more PymParticles in the future,” said Lin Rui, aware that the suit’s supply of PymParticles would not last indefinitely.

“Okay.” Without further hesitation, Bucky squeezed his right hand quietly after agreeing.


In an instant, Bucky shrunk to the size of an ant right in front of Lin Rui. If Lin Rui hadn’t been paying attention, Bucky could have been easily lost.

The shrunken Bucky plummeted to the ground, creating a small hole in the floor upon impact. Despite the Antman suit being equipped with flying wings, Bucky clearly hadn’t mastered how to use them proficiently.

Upon seeing Bucky’s fall, Lin Rui squatted down to examine him. Through his heightened senses, Lin Rui could feel the increased density and strength of Bucky’s now-tiny body.

The Pym Particles had fundamentally changed the structure of the object by altering the distance between atoms. This meant that Antman could safely survive falls from great heights.

“Hey, how are you feeling?” Lin Rui inquired curiously, eyeing the diminutive Bucky.

Instead of answering, Bucky simply moved his body, as if acclimating to his new size. After a few moments, he looked up at the towering Lin Rui and shared his thoughts.

“For a moment, I felt disconnected from my own body. Everything around me appeared unfamiliar and distorted. The corner of the table, for instance, looked like a towering wall full of cracks,” Bucky expressed earnestly.

“Well, that’s only natural. You’re as tiny as an ant now. How could you possibly recognize our table?” Lin Rui chuckled in response.

“Yeah, it’s not as exciting as I imagined it to be. However, I can see a lot of dust particles and details that would typically go unnoticed,” Bucky added, scanning his surroundings.

“Alright, can you test out the other functions of the Antman suit now?” Lin Rui prompted, skipping over Bucky’s observations.

“Sure thing,” Bucky agreed, darting off at a lightning-fast pace. However, in Lin Rui’s eyes, Bucky’s movements appeared sluggish at best…


As Bucky ran a distance of a mere ten centimeters, two pairs of wings abruptly sprouted from his back. With a sudden burst of energy, Bucky launched himself off the ground and soared a centimeter into the air.

The wings on his back then began to flap rapidly, generating enough force to lift him higher and higher.

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