Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 961: Out Of Control

Chapter 961: Out Of Control

As Tony and Rogers gazed at the bustling city that was gradually sinking into the darkness below from the rooftop of the tallest building in downtown New York, Thor’s apartment was in disarray. The powerful force of Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, had not only cracked the living room wall but also created a large hole in the room.

When Mjölnir, Thor’s hammer, flew from New Mexico to New York and made its way to Thor’s apartment, Thor, who had been waiting by the window, expressed a range of emotions before ultimately choosing to dodge it. Thor realized that he was not currently capable of handling Mjölnir’s impact, and as a result, his apartment sustained damage.


After avoiding Mjölnir’s impact, Thor lay prone behind the sofa in the living room. The entire room was filled with smoke and dust from the large hole that had been created in the center. Despite this, Thor could still sense Mjölnir’s location, lying in the crater that was not yet emitting blue arcs of electricity.

“Ahem~ I hope it didn’t hit the downstairs!” Thor emerged from behind the sofa, muttering to himself as he approached the large pit.

This apartment had been rented by Lin Rui with Thor’s assistance, and now that it had been damaged in such a way, Thor was unsure of how much he would have to pay. His previous job had only barely allowed him to make ends meet.

Zi La La ~

As Thor approached the large hole, the smoke and dust in the living room began to clear, revealing the blue arc of electricity coming from the hole more clearly. Upon reaching the edge of the pit, Thor peered inside.

When Thor looked into the pit, the smoke and dust had just cleared enough for him to see a dark silver hammer embedded in the masonry of the second floor, nearly breaking through and falling to the floor below.

“Huh~ almost!” Thor exhaled a long breath as he saw Mjölnir embedded in the stone, gradually suppressing the released arc of electricity.

It was fortunate that Mjölnir’s target had been Thor instead of actually breaking through the apartment building. If that had been the case, even the Stark Industries building could have been destroyed from top to bottom by Mjölnir’s power. After Thor dodged the hammer, it had simply slammed into the ground silently.

Zi La La ~

After the smoke and dust in the living room had completely cleared, the electric arc on Mjölnir disappeared completely, returning to its ordinary appearance. However, the lines on the hammer’s body continued to flash with bright light intermittently, indicating a connection between Thor and Mjölnir as he stood nearby.

“Mjölnir…” Thor whispered softly as he stood on the edge of the pit, feeling the connection between himself and the hammer. Saying its name, Thor held out his right hand to try and retrieve it again.


After Thor’s call from close range, Mjölnir, embedded in the pit, suddenly responded and began to vibrate rapidly, causing the entire apartment to shake. Thor’s body also shook slightly from the vibrations of the building, but he did not stop this time. A small arc of electricity appeared on his outstretched right hand, which was Thor’s power of thunder.

“Come here! Mjölnir!” Thor shouted again, releasing more of his thunder power onto his right hand.


In the next moment, Mjölnir broke free from the masonry and flew towards Thor quickly. This time, Thor didn’t dodge but applied more force to his right hand, and in the blink of an eye, Mjölnir had flown into Thor’s hand, and he was able to grip the handle tightly.

“Hey!?” Thor, who was holding the handle of Mjölnir, had no time to celebrate as he felt a huge force coming from his right hand.


With a cry of exclamation, Thor’s entire body was lifted off the ground by the force of Mjölnir’s flight.

The force was too great and after Thor grabbed the handle of Mjölnir with his right hand, there was an attraction that held his hand tightly on the handle of Mjölnir and could not be released. Thor was pulled along by Mjölnir and collided with the ceiling of the living room of the apartment.



After a loud crash, Mjölnir had smashed into the ceiling of the living room of the apartment. Half of the hammer body was embedded in the ceiling, with the remaining half of the hammer body and handle exposed. Thor’s right hand was still tightly grasping the handle of Mjölnir, and he was now hanging underneath the ceiling, which appeared quite comical. However, judging by Thor’s appearance at that moment, it was clear that he had just been knocked by the ceiling.


“Ahem~ What a bad luck!” Thor, who had just recovered from the impact, coughed twice while hanging from the ceiling and muttered to himself helplessly.

Although Mjölnir was now able to respond to Thor’s call, Thor, who had not fully regained his strength, was like a child trying to lift a hundred pounds with not enough power. 

Fortunately, with the awakening of his divine power, this level of impact was not enough to cause much damage to Thor. It was just embarrassing that he was currently hanging from the ceiling and unable to get down.

“It’s a good thing no one saw it, otherwise my image would be ruined!” Thor muttered with embarrassment as his right hand was still tightly gripping Mjölnir’s handle.

Thor did not know why there was such a violent vibration and explosion in this apartment building and why no one came to check, but he could probably guess something. 

After the appearance of Bifrost before, SHIELD had designated this place as a warning zone, and civilians were not allowed to enter. He also did not know why SHIELD agents and soldiers were also ignoring the situation in this apartment. Perhaps, it was because Tony had come here before leaving.


However, just as Thor was hanging from the ceiling, waiting for the connection with Mjölnir to weaken so he could let go, he heard a soft sound coming from outside the broken wall that Mjölnir had smashed open earlier. He turned his head to see a white spider thread shooting in from outside.


Then, he saw a red figure flying in quickly, it was Spider-Man. It turned out that not only civilians who saw Bifrost, but also Spider-Man Peter who had already returned home, had witnessed the scene.

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