Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 805: Ways

Chapter 805: Ways

Tony stood by the glass wall and looked at Lin Rui inside for quite a while. He did not speak and his facial expression did not change. But the look in his eyes had changed many times in that time.

“What a mess you’ve made of yourself, Kid! So what if you had something to save your life? Are things going the way you think they are? All it would take is a single mistake and then everything would be gone. Who will bear that?!” Tony thought helplessly as he looked at Lin Rui who was constantly wandering between life and death in the medical room.

Among those people who knew that Lin Rui was Mirage Knight, Tony was the one who knew him the most and he also knew that Lin Rui must have something to save his life before he dared to make these kinds of moves. 

This time, for example, he was attacked by the Dark Elf Elite warriors, but he was able to pull himself back from the brink of death with the magic item that emits green light.

However, no matter how amazing Lin Rui is, and no matter how powerful his life-saving thing is, accidents will still happen. Just like now, Lin Rui’s body is maintaining a very delicate balance between the dark energy and that powerful green energy. Once this balance is broken, what Lin Rui will get is either new life or destruction.

“JARVIS, did you get the results of the experiment I asked you to do?” Without answering Harry’s question right away, Tony asks JARVIS a question.

On the way back, Tony also thought of a solution that might help based on Lin Rui’s current situation. However, that method must be tested first to ensure that it works. That’s why Tony asked JARVIS if he had the results.

“Sir, the results are in, but they are not very good.” Hearing Tony’s question, JARVIS quickly answered.


After JARVIS finished answering Tony, a ray of light was projected directly on the glass wall in front of Tony. Then, a series of complex data was displayed in front of Tony and the others, which was the result of the experiment Tony just mentioned.

“The experimental results are not good?” Hearing JARVIS’ answer, Tony’s eyes swept to the data on the glass wall.

The core of Tony’s solution is similar to that of Harry and Jerry, which is to eliminate or absorb the dark energy from Lin Rui. And when Tony thought about absorbing energy, the first thing he thought about was Venom, which he again shunted. Venom can absorb almost any energy, even from the human body and other lifeforms.

The last time Tony experimented with Venom, he thought he could control it to absorb only the electrical energy provided by him, but at the last moment, Venom still attached to Tony to absorb his energy to survive. If Lin Rui hadn’t scanned it carefully with his Psychic Power, Tony might have been parasitized by Venom.

And this time, Tony planned to use Venom’s ability to absorb the dark energy from Lin Rui. However, after listening to JARVIS’ answer, there seems to be a problem with Venom.

“Looking at the data, Venom can indeed absorb two kinds of energies currently present in Jackson’s body. However, Venom seems to be more interested in the green light in Jackson’s hands. As for those dark energies, Venom has also shown interest, but he will not absorb it in front of the green light.” Tony silently thought in his heart as he looked at the experiment data in front of him.

The use of Venom is also because Lin Rui’s situation is too dangerous, but if it can absorb the dark energy within Lin Rui’s body and the green light in his hand at the same time then Lin Rui’s current crisis can be overcome. 

However, looking at Venom’s performance on those two energies, if Tony lets it take action, Venom may only absorb the green energy which would be a death sentence.

It is very normal for Venom to have this kind of performance. Although the dark energy left on Lin Rui is very powerful, it is a destructive energy. Compared to the life force energy of the Heart of Life in Lin Rui’s hands, absorbing dark energy would cost Venom a greater price.

Moreover, if Venom did absorb the Heart Of Life from Lin Rui, it could recover the original power it had when it left the collapsed planet in a short period of time. That way, even Tony’s surveillance and freezing of Venom wouldn’t have been able to trap it. Venom, though, crossed over many stars to come to earth, and its original form was far more powerful than it is now, and it was stronger than ever.

“In this case, I can’t risk using Venom.” Tony thought silently in his heart after analyzing the experimental data given by JARVIS.

“In this case… JARVIS, prepare some Venoms first. We have three different solutions now. We can combine them and see how we can get Jackson to recover safely.” After thinking for a while, Tony spoke to JARVIS.

“Yes, sir.” JARVIS was already preparing Venom after replying to Tony.

Venom has been sealed inside a cold container since the last time it caused damage to Tony. This time, it was let out and it was very excited when it felt the breath of the Heart of Life and Dark Energy. Therefore, if it is allowed to absorb that energy then it may not let it go even if it is dead.


“Harry, I don’t have a particularly good method to save Jackson at the moment. However, although your method is dangerous, it is worth trying. So for now, let’s wait for news from X-Men. If that Rogue woman is willing to come then we will be able to rescue Jackson together.” Tony waved his hand to let JARVIS take back the light curtain in front of him and then he turned his head and said to Harry.

“Yeah! However, it has been more than ten minutes, and there is still no response from the X-Men side. Is it because they haven’t found Rogue yet? Or, is it because  Rogue is not willing to help?” Harry nodded after hearing Tony’s words. However, he was still worried that the most important part of Jerry’s plan would go wrong.

“Although Rogue left the X-Men and been living someplace remote for a long time ago, I believe that the X-Men can still contact her. As for whether she is willing to help, as long as she is found, there is always a way for her to help.” Hearing Harry’s concern, Tony said calmly.

“Okay! Then I’ll wait here!”

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