Heroes of Marvel



Just after the effect of the secret weapon was lifted, the X-Men and others were able to use their abilities and Iceman cooperated with SHIELD’s K Team and Iron Man to control all the remaining Green Giants.

More than a minute before that, a plane that did not belong to the military suddenly flew towards this battlefield from a distance.

The proximity of the plane to the battlefield made Roger feel a little weird because this plane was a Quinjet. Moreover, the people contained in it are also special, especially in the context of this battlefield.


As the Quinjet flew toward the battlefield, a man and a woman were standing beside the transparent glass in the cockpit and they were looking down. The man seems to be very curious about the battle below as he sticks his head slightly out of the glass and looks down.

“Dr. Banner, we’d better go straight to SHIELD Headquarters.” As the Middle-Aged Man curiously looked at the battle below, the perfectly shaped woman beside him spoke up.

Lin Rui would have been able to identify this woman just by her voice of he had been here, the voice belonged to SHIELD’s Agent, Natasha who had been missing for a long time.

And the person she spoke to is Dr. Banner, the real Hulk, one of the most famous Superheroes in the Marvel Universe.

Since Natasha found Dr. Banner, she has been helping Dr. Banner around to help people who need help. After almost two weeks of running around, Dr. Banner finally agreed to go back to SHIELD with Natasha.

However, whether or not he will join SHIELD is still up for consideration.

When Natasha was taking Dr. Banner back towards SHIELD Headquarters, they happened to encounter Magneto attacking Stryker, and their route happened to pass by this location.

After noticing the fight on the ground, Dr. Banner had a strong urge to take a look at it. After all, if he wants to join SHIELD then he needs some necessary understanding of them. Moreover, he also wanted to see what kind of person Captain America is.

However, Dr. Banner’s curiosity made Rogers nervous. So after learning of this, he asked Natasha to persuade Dr. Banner to go to SHIELD’s Headquarters first.

After all, the Green Giants released by the Military might irritate the emotionally unstable Dr. Banner. If Dr. Banner became angry at seeing those Green Giants then the consequences would be unimaginable.

However, Natasha did not notice that Dr. Banner’s eyes, which were covered by glasses, gradually blinked with a hint of green light. Just when Natasha was thinking about how to make Dr. Banner go to the SHIELD’s headquarters, Dr. Banner suddenly raised his head to look at her.

“How can I miss such an interesting thing.” Looking at the beautiful Natasha in front of him, Dr. Banner said with a smile.

Hearing what Dr. Banner said, Natasha’s expression froze, and then a confused expression appeared on her face as she spoke, “Dr. Banner, you don’t want to...”

“Those Green Giants, are they Military’s weapons? Back then, I cooperated with them in experiments. I didn’t expect that after so many years, they still researched out some defective products.” Without hearing Natasha’s words, Dr. Banner continued as he walked towards the back of the cabin.

Although his first sentence was a question, it was clearly spoken in an affirmative tone. Moreover, Natasha actually heard a very obvious disdain from his tone. Those Green Giants that could even smash Magneto’s magnetic field barriers forcibly, seemed not worth mentioning in front of Dr. Banner.

“Dr. Banner!” Natasha shouted nervously after seeing Banner walking towards the back of the cabin.

At this time, Natasha had probably also guessed what Banner was planning to do. But how can she let this happen?

Regardless of whether Banner is angry with the Green Giants below, or has any other plans. If the real Hulk is allowed to appear then Natasha feels that the battlefield that has finally stabilized below will definitely erupt in chaos again.

Moreover, this time, it would be a fight that no one wants to participate in.

“Since you want me to join SHIELD, you have to show me what you are capable of. Isn’t this a good opportunity? If you have not even seen Hulk then how can you cooperate with him in the future?” It seems that he doesn’t mind the existence of another violent personality in his body as Dr. Banner turned his head and looked at Natasha behind him with a smile on his face.

“Dr. Banner, you!...” Natasha didn’t know how to answer when she heard Banner. Moreover, by this time, Natasha could already see the green light in Banner’s eyes.

“Open the hatch, do you want me to do it myself? You know I have the power to do that.” Not hiding the growing green glow in his eyes, Banner looked at Natasha and then said.

“Dr. Banner ...... okay.” In the end, Natasha still agreed.

Faced with a scary character who could transform at any time, Natasha had nothing left to do. If Banner really wants to try SHIELD or Rogers’s strength, then he should have some measure.

After spending so many days together, Natasha also found that Dr. Banner and the previous rumors and information they have about him had a big gap.

At least, Dr. Banner can control his emotions very well, and he seems to be able to control the violent personality in his body.

So, instead of letting Dr. Banner transform into Hulk and then tear open the Quinjet and rush out by himself, Natasha might as well open the hatch and let him out.


After Natasha nodded in agreement, the closed hatch under Dr. Banner’s feet slowly opened. As the hatch opened, a gust of strong wind came in from the outside, and Natasha grabbed the fixed metal rod on the cabin and looked at the banner in front of her.

Compared to Natasha’s unsteady figure under strong winds, Dr. Banner seemed very calm.

“Thank you.” Turning his head and looking at Natasha in the strong wind, Dr. Banner thanked her and jumped out.


In the next moment, Dr. Banner’s figure disappeared in front of Natasha’s eyes in the wind.

“I hope Captain and the others can handle it!” Watching the hatch slowly close, Natasha thought helplessly in her heart.

After she failed to convince Dr. Banner, Natasha has already passed on the news of Dr. Banner’s transformation to Rogers in the battlefield below. So, what happened next was out of Natasha’s control and she will leave it to Captain Rogers.

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