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The outstretched right hand squeezed tightly in the direction of Number 2, as if squeezing an ant through the air, Magneto eyes ruthlessly looked at Number 2, whose body was controlled by him in mid-air. With Magneto’s right-hand grip, Number 2’s body continued to emanate the sound of bones breaking.

Magneto has lived for so long and he has experienced countless battles, and the Mutants he has seen are countless, but this is the first time that he has seen a person like No. 2 with so many Mutant abilities in his body.

Although Number 2 is obviously Stryker’s Experimented Mutant, this Experiment has already threatened Magneto’s life. Although Number 2 has many Mutant abilities, Magneto can still deal with him. But if this guy possessed any more Mutant Abilities then Magneto would have found it hard to deal with him.


After taking two more looks at Number 2, Magneto’s right hand shook, and Number 2’s neck was broken by him. Then, Magneto threw the body straight away like a piece of garbage.


Falling weakly from mid-air, No. 2’s body finally hit the ground heavily. Number 2, who was just thinking of fighting a few hundred rounds with Magneto could only crane his neck on the ground at this time, his lifeless eyes looking at the stones on the ground.

“Now, it’s your turn, Stryker.” After taking care of that guy, Magneto’s attention shifted to Stryker.

However, when Magneto’s gaze shifted to Stryker’s location, he saw that he was no longer where he previously was. It seemed that while Magneto was entangled by Number Two, Stryker was wisely looking for a chance to escape.

However, he did not run too far. Magneto, who was flying in the air, just raised his gaze again and saw Stryker who was running away not far from here.

Stryker, who was fleeing, did not forget to summon Number 1 who had been hiding away. Although Number 1 knew that he might be killed by Magneto when he turns back, the control in his mind made it impossible for him to disobey any of Stryker’s orders.

“Do you think you can run away now?” Magneto’s mouth curled slightly as he watched Stryker running away, and then he stretched out his hand toward Stryker.


The next moment, the Magnetic Field around Stryker, who was about to get out, suddenly changed drastically. As the expression on Stryker’s face changed, he was already picked up by Magneto. Although there were attacks on the one side to prevent Magneto from taking Stryker, their attacks obviously couldn’t stop Magneto.


Stryker, who was caught in the air by Magneto, struggled like a chicken, but he couldn’t break free of Magneto’s control. In the end, he could only be brought up in front of Magneto with a sullen expression on his face. Staring at Magneto close at hand, Stryker tried to make himself look stronger.

“Stryker, did you ever think you would end up like this one day?” Grabbing Stryker, Magneto stared at him and asked in a calm tone.

“Magneto, there have always been conflicts between us. However, I still don’t understand. What is the cause of your actions this time?” After getting caught by Magneto, Stryker asked his question.

“Humph! We do have a lot of conflicts between us! However, this time I came to find you not because of those things. Rather, I got a message the other day, more than a decade ago, did you capture a pair of twin Mutants in the small town of New Jersey?!” Not wanting to talk any more nonsense with Stryker, Magneto directly asked his question.

Why did Magneto risk being caught by the military as he came after Stryker? It’s because he learned that he has a pair of children living in this world. Magneto, who has suffered from childhood, lost his lover and children when he was young.

Now that he knows that he still has a son and daughter alive in this world, he will find them even if he abandons everything. However, the development of the situation today is not bad, at least he has taken Stryker in his hands.

As for those X-Men who had rushed over from behind, Magneto didn’t plan to pester them too much. He only needs to ask about the whereabouts of his children this time, and then kill Stryker.

Although Magneto was also curious about why the military cooperating with Stryker hadn’t taken any action until now, he didn’t care about that much anymore as he was about to get the information he needs.

“En? Twin Mutants? You are asking...” Stryker was stunned when he heard Magneto’s question and then he seemed to think of something.

“You know! Where are they now?!” Seeing Stryker’s expression, Magneto couldn’t help squeezing his right hand and asked.

Squeak, Squeak~

“Cough! You are so nervous... how could that be... Who are these twins?” Stryker’s squeezed skeletal muscles spread out from the sudden tightening of his body, but he could see from Magneto’s emotional changes that something has happened.

“You!... Tell me where they are now?!” Not wanting Stryker to know that the twins were his childrens, Magneto could only keep using his tone to coerce Stryker. However, at this time, Stryker whose entire body was in Magneto’s hands was in no hurry at all.

“Haha~ Cough! Haha, ~ Cough! Haha, Haha~ Cough! I was wondering why an ordinary person would end up producing such High-Level Mutants, but it turns out that they were your Childrens! No wonder! Haha!” Coughing out a few mouthfuls of blood foam, Stryker unceremoniously poked directly through Magneto’s hidden secrets.

In the beginning, Stryker secretly collected various young Mutants in order to control them from an early age and to better allow him to experiment with some Mutant abilities.

However, although Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch were small at first. But as they got older, Stryker found that he couldn’t control them well.

Therefore, before the brother and sister could threaten him, Stryker had already packaged them and sent them to a Special Force that cooperated with him. From then on, Stryker didn’t care about what happened to the siblings.

In Stryker’s view, the pair of siblings should be dead after so many years. He didn’t think that the pair of siblings he had given up would have such an origin, they turned out to be Magneto’s children. If the Stryker at that time knew the news then he would definitely not give up on Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch.

As Magneto wouldn’t have been able to move against him if he had those two cards in his hand.


As Stryker looked at Magneto with some complacency, the force Magneto put on him continued to grow. However, Stryker did not have a single worry about it.

“Hehe, now that I know the relationship between the twins and you, do you think I will still be afraid that you will kill me?” Stryker said lightly after letting Magneto keep hurting him.

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