Heroes of Marvel



Dī dī! ~

“This way! This way!…”

“Why hasn’t the professional team arrived yet?!”

“Be careful! Don’t stand there!”

When Lin Rui returned to the basement with Matt, the wharf of the factory collapsed by him was finished. Police and special rescue teams were rushing to rescue the collapsed factory building quickly. Because this factory building is only a simple concrete steel structure, so this collapse is really thorough, gravel and steel mix together, rescue operations have not made much progress.



While rescuers on the ruins were carefully checking the life signals below, something suddenly came out in the corner of the ruins, as if someone was knocking under a stone.

“Hey! Be quiet! Everybody shut up!!! The Captain of the rescue team, who have been paying attention to the situation, heard the tiny voice and quickly shouted.


In the next moment, the people still on the ruins have all stopped their movements and even the sound of breathing is suppressed.

Bang ~bang ~bang ~bang~

Finally, the rhythmic voice was heard by everyone.

“This side! Kurt! Come here and save whoever it is making that noise!” Quickly determining the position of the movement, the Captain waved a group of rescuers and told them seriously.

“Sure! Captain!” Kurt took his team to spread out the newly acquired plant structure on the ruins and answered with a serious face.

“All right! Looks like this is just a solid triangle! Get the equipment up! ” After studying the following structure, Kurt shouted in the direction of the sound coming from under the ruins.

Then, the rescue workers around with the equipment had rushed in the next second.


“The rope is going down!”

“Be careful! Slow down! Slow down! Be careful!”

“Up! Come up!”


Finally, after more than an hour of careful excavation, the rescue team finally caught the survivor below slowly with a rope.

“Hey! Lucky guy! Are you ok!?” Looking at the guy covered in dust, the rescue Captain asked with a smile.

“Huh~ I’m fine! However, I need to see detective Danny right away!” The rescued man did not feel very happy but suddenly began to say such a sentence.

The lucky guy who wasn’t crushed in the explosion turned out to be the newcomer to the Jeston gang who had been asking questions outside the Matt container, but it’s just a fake identity. He has another hidden identity. The lucky guy’s real name is Steve Wolf, he is an undercover cop sent to Jeston Gang and he has been collecting evidence on Jeston Gang’s unlawful crime.

While Steve was secretly investigating Jeston Gang, Lin Rui just appeared to be up against Jeston Gang and he was just sent to fill in the number of people involved in the operation against Lin Rui. Steve was also worried that the newly emerged Vigilante would be caught under Jeston Gang’s elaborate arrangement, and he was wondering whether to expose himself to help him. But in the end, he was almost buried under the ruins and died!

“This guy… is too fierce! However, the Jeston Gang has a relationship with the Mutants organization. This line is also very important!” Sitting in an ambulance and resting in a blanket, Steve looked at the ruins in front of him and thought to himself.

“Ah! Some of the reports have to be written!” Steve is a big shot at thinking about what happened tonight. Jeston Gang, the Mutants group, the blind Vigilante, and the guys who made such a big scene tonight.

Lin Rui did not know that there was an undercover police officer in the ruins of the dock when he had bombarded the factory. He was slowly waking up on the sofa in Matt’s basement because the toxins in the body had been solved.

Sha sha~

“Ahh ~ My head!” Moving down on the sofa, Lin Rui slowly wakes up and cries out, covering his head.

Although the poison in Lin Rui has been cleared up, Claire used only half of the antidote because she misunderstood the last half of Lin Rui’s sentence, so he is still weak.

“Eh? I am… In Matt’s basement!” Lin Rui, who was slightly awake, suddenly became alert and quickly scanned his surroundings, then determined his position.

He subconsciously touched his face and the mask was still there. “Claire doesn’t seem to see my face.” Lin Rui is a little more relaxed.

At this point, opposite Lin Rui, Matt was lying there as still as he was when he was rescued last night. But looking at the wounds that have been treated and the normal pace of recovery, it should not be a big obstacle. Claire fell asleep beside Matt, and it seemed that she was tired last night.

“System! System!” Lin Rui, who has recovered his energy, remembers what happened before and yells at the system loudly in his mind.

“What?” The sound of the system is still so lazy.

“What?! Why didn’t you tell me when I was poisoned last night? If it wasn’t for Claire would I be poisoned directly?!” Remembering last night, Lin Rui is very angry.

“First, I have no obligation to tell you these kinds of things. Second, even if you didn’t take the antidote, you wouldn’t die. Your physical fitness is enough to withstand this low toxin and you would have only taken a few days to recover.” The system indifferent answered.

Lin Rui: “… You are ruthless! “


Just as Lin Rui was yelling at the system, Matt on the opposite sofa had some movements and he seemed to wake up. Lin Rui quickly turned his eyes to Matt.

“Cough cough!” A cough signals Matt’s formal awakening, but it also awakened Claire, who was sleeping beside him.

“Matt! You woke up!” Claire looked up quickly and shouted in surprise.

“Well, how did I get back?” Matt, who had just woken up, had apparently not sensed Lin Rui, who was opposite him and asked hoarsely.


“Cough! Of course, I saved you.” Just as Claire was ready to answer, Lin Rui could not help but be ignored and began to speak for himself.

“Ah! You woke up too!” Claire turned quickly when she heard a voice coming from behind.

“Well, if you weren’t just focusing on Matt, I think you’d have seen me long ago.” Lin Rui also joked lightly, apparently to see what Claire meant to Matt.


“Mirage Knight? You saved me?” Just when Claire was embarrassed, Matt finally sensed the presence of Lin Rui and asked again.

“Who else? You were captured for helping me to inquire about the information of Jeston Gang. I certainly have the responsibility to save you back.” Lin Rui said seriously.

“Matt, I called Mirage Knight. Two days after you disappeared, I was worried about you.” Claire said at the side.

“If I knew that there were Mutants with the Jeston Gang, I wouldn’t let you call Mirage Knight when I was in trouble.” When he heard Claire, Matt said seriously. In fact, with the strength of Matt, without the two Mutants, Jeston Gang can’t take him completely.

“What? Don’t believe in my strength?” Lin Rui asked a bit uncomfortable when he heard Matt’s words.

“I believe in your strength, but they were obviously prepared for you. I was worried that you will have an accident. I was captured alone. If you fall into it, it would have been bad.” Matt looked in the direction of Lin Rui and explained earnestly that when he was tortured by Jeston Gang, he always hoped that Lin Rui would not come to rescue him.

“But you are still beyond my imagination! Didn’t you meet those two Mutants?” Finally, Matt asked curiously. In his estimation of Lin Rui’s strength, he would not be the rivals of the two Mutants.

“I did” It was very hard for me to save you, for which I paid a high price! ” Lin Rui answered with a serious face and opened his clothes to look at the wound on his stomach, but the healing was almost done.

“Thank you!” Since Lin Rui said so, Matt did not ask for details anymore, thanking him sincerely.

“No, I said it at the beginning, it was my responsibility.” He waved his hand and said indifferently. It’s good to save people back, and those Reward points that are spent will always be earned back.

“Right! Although you were caught by Jeston Gang this time, did you know anything before? Although it seems inappropriate to ask this now, Lin Rui doesn’t think Matt will mind it.

“Well, I met those two Mutants on the next day and before that, I had some information, including some recent transactions by Jeston Gang and the hiding places of some important people.” Sure enough, Matt did find out something useful.

“Good! Now that they have started targeting us, of course, we have to pay them back! I don’t believe they can send two Mutants to the stands every time they trade!” Lin Rui has consumed a lot of Reward points this time and he will get revenge for those reward points by beating down the Jeston Gang.

“That’s what I’m going to do!” Matt suffered a lot of injuries this time and his bad mood was already worse than that of Lin Rui.

“But are you sure no one else has seen your face? The people in that factory have been killed by me. I’m afraid your identity is no longer confidential.” Speaking of continuing to crack down on Jeston Gang, Lin Rui is now worried about Matt’s identity exposure. Vigilante, whose real identity is exposed is no longer safe.

“Do you think they’ll bother to check my identity when they catch me? I was dead in their eyes. So if you’re sure that everyone in that factory is dead, then I’m not exposed.” The corners of his mouth were slightly warped, Matt said as if he were laughing at himself.

“Are you sure?” Lin Rui still feels a little insecure.

“Do you think there is a difference whether my identity is exposed or not? Why not gamble?”

“That is also true.”

“Well, let’s talk about how to deal with Jeston Gang. Now that they have the means to invite Mutants, I don’t think it’s that easy to deal with them. Matt didn’t talk too much about his identity, so he turned the topic directly to something more important.

“Well, I think we need a careful plan now.”

Then, Lin Rui and Matt started a series of discussions on how to deal with Jeston Gang and made some feasible plans. Claire listened at the side, prepared coffee and some food for them and sometimes offered some opinions.

Unconsciously, a faint ray of sunshine came into the dark basement, and it was almost dawn.

“Eh? What time is it?” Seeing the sunshine coming in, Lin Rui suddenly asked.

“It’s almost six o’clock,” Claire replied after looking at the watch.

“Ah! What should I do? I have to go home quickly! There is still an interview today!” After hearing it was six o’clock, Lin Rui suddenly jumped up from the sofa and shouted.

Matt: “…” He really forgot that Lin Rui was a high school student.

Claire: “…” She didn’t know that Vigilante had to interview.

“Let Claire take you back. you should be home by seven o’clock.”

“That’s all I can do! Hurry up! Hurry up! “

In this way, a few minutes later, Lin Rui was in Claire’s car and headed quickly towards Queens.

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