Heroes of Marvel



“Steve Rogers, also known as Captain America. He was a hero during World War II. He led his howling commandos team to attack the Nazi rear. He not only saved many allied soldiers but also smashed the plans of the Nazis many times. In a raid, Rogers team was badly hit. Although the mission was finally completed, Captain Steve whereabouts remain unknown.

On the other side of the World War II Memorial, Rogers team sculpture was surrounded by a large crowd of people, all of whom seemed to be fans of Captain America. And in the front bleacher, the explanation of a memorial hall is also slowly introducing their past deeds. Of course, it’s mainly about Captain America: Steve Rogers.

“Sorry! Please let us in! Excuse us!” Just after the commentary on the stage introduced Captain America, Tom and Peter rushed into the crowd and towards the front. As for Lin Rui and Harry, they’re not going to participate in this fun anymore. They can be seen outside.

“Peter, wait a little then cover up for me. I’m going to take two pictures secretly.” It was hard to squeeze in front of him and look at the handsome Captain America sculpture in front of him, Tom said to Peter secretly. By this time he had forgotten Lin Rui and Peter was his confidant.

“Good! Give me a copy!” Peter obviously has this idea, but his camera is too big to secretly take photos.

“Eh! Wait till I find the right time.”

Outside the line, Lin Rui and Harry are relatively idle, watching the audio and video items around them while listening to the introduction of the explanation. Lin Rui didn’t pay much attention when they were introducing Captain Americas, because these stories of Captain Americas have been celebrated for too long and too widely. The person who explained the next introduction on the stage made Lin Rui take it seriously because he was an important person in Marvel.

“Bucky Barnes, a close friend of Captain America and his right-hand man and an important member of the Rogers team. He has cooperated with Captain Rogers in many secret operations. In a secret operation at the end of World War II, Lieutenant Colonel Barnes sacrificed himself. For the other members of the Rogers team, the introduction of the commentary on the stage is very simple. In a few words, the famous Winter Soldier in Marvel is introduced.

Although the commentary on the stage is very simple, Lin Rui knows that Lieutenant Colonel Barnes, who died a martyr, did not die at all, but was found and brainwashed by Hydra to become their most ruthless killer.

Speaking of Marvel World, Lin Rui only saw some movies in his last life. He still likes the role of the Winter Soldier in the movie. Although Bucky has done a lot of bad things during his brainwashing, it’s good to be able to wash it white in the end. Moreover, for Bucky’s sake, there was a huge fight between Captain America and Iron Man, which was also a trigger for the eventual Civil War. If Lin Rui wants to become a Superhero, he feels it necessary to avoid the eventual civil war.

“The key is that video, the secret of Iron Man’s parents’death!” Looking at the footage of the Rogers team during World War II on the front light screen, Lin Rui had already thought of it very far.

Even if the secret of Bucky’s killing Tony’s parents was revealed, the problems with Tony and Captain Rogers would still arise and Lin Rui would have to find ways to minimize the losses. At least he has to prevent other superheroes from getting involved, which may eliminate the civil war.

“Oh, it seems Tom was caught taking pictures!” Just as Lin Rui was thinking about Captain America and Winter Soldier, Harry next to him suddenly pointed to the front and laughed.

“Eh? Really! Fortunately, Tom changed his shield to Peter!” Looking forward to Harry’s words, Lin Rui did see Tom and Peter warned by the security guard in front of them. It seems that they were caught by a security camera.

“Shall we pretend not to know them?” Seeing Tom and Peter’s embarrassment in the crowd, Lin Rui looked at Harry and asked.

“I think that’s a good idea! But it seems that we don’t have the chance.” Harry responded sympathetically, but Tom and Peter over there had come straight to their side.

“Hey! Jackson, Harry, where do you want to go? When Lin Rui and Harry took their first step toward the side, Peter had already called out their names.

“Er… It’s nothing, but we just want to go to the History Museum. Lin Rui answered without changing the expressions on his face.

“Is that right? Let’s go together. Peter and I are done here! ” Not to mention the fact that I was caught in front of the camera, Tom said seriously.

“All right.” For Tom’s cheekiness, Lin Rui had to say yes.

Then the four of them wandered around the National Memorial together and Tom saw everything they wanted to see. An hour and a half later, it was noon when Lin Rui came out of the National Memorial.

“Ah! I’ve been hungry for so long, I’ll find a restaurant near here to eat. Stretching out, Tom looked at the bustling crowd in the street and suggested.

“Well, I think so too. Do you have any suggestions?” Lin Rui was obviously hungry and nodded in response.

“I haven’t been here before. I don’t know where the food is good.” Peter shook his head and told the truth.

Three of the four people in the group showed their opinions and then they turned their eyes to the only silent Harry. As the only son of a big family here, it should be common to go out for dinner like this.

“Although I know some restaurants nearby, I am worried that you will not get used to it.” Seeing his friends look, Harry said calmly. Of course, he knows what restaurants in the vicinity are good, but they are all advanced restaurants. Of course, money is not a problem. He is afraid that Peter is not used to it.

“Forget it. We just want to have a simple meal. We don’t want to go to the well-mannered restaurants.” Sure enough, after Harry finished, Tom shook his head and said.

“Or, let’s find a Chinese restaurant. When it comes to food, I think you should not be disappointed with Chinese food.” Lin Rui finally proposed. Although there are not many Chinese cuisines in New York, they can still find some delicious food.

“Well, that’s good! I like Chinese food. Tom was the first to raise his hand and agree. He often went to Lin Rui’s house for dinner.

“Me too.” Peter followed and expressed his support.

“Well, although I rarely eat Chinese food, it sounds good.” Harry obviously has no other opinions.

“Okay, then it’s decided! Let’s go eat Chinese food!” Since everyone had no problem, Lin Rui waved his hand and left the National Memorial Hall with Peter and others.

Since Chinese food is chosen, Lin Rui certainly has a way to take them directly to his restaurant. Although the main store is in Queens, there are branches in busy Manhattan. Speaking of it, Lin Rui is also the heir of a family business. Finally, Lin Rui brought them to the family Chinese restaurant run by his second uncle.

“Uncle, you don’t have to stay with us here, there are so many things outside you have to pay attention to.” Sitting in the antique box, Lin Rui smiled and said to a middle-aged uncle.

“Nothing, You have bought your friends here for the first time, I certainly want to guarantee you the best service. What’s more, there’s still one of your friends!” Lin Rui’s second uncle said happily and finally gave Harry a sign of direction. Of course, the conversation between them is in Chinese, so Harry doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Lin Rui’s second uncle is the head of this Manhattan’s branch. He has also seen some New York prominent people, but it is the first time that one those people have come to his restaurant and he is the heir of Oscorp. Today, Lin Rui brought them to dinner. As the host, of course, he couldn’t make his nephew lose face, so he greeted him personally in the box.

“Second Uncle, it’s really okay, we just want to have a meal, you don’t have to pay so much attention.” Knowing what his uncle thought, Lin Rui smiled and persuaded. If Harry really cared about this he would have just taken them to a more advanced restaurant.

“Uncle, you don’t have to be so polite. You should be busy something else to do then you can do it.” Looking at Lin Rui and his second uncle murmuring in Chinese for some time, Harry guessed something and then laughed and said.

“Ha-ha, that’s good, that’s good. Since your friends don’t want to be disturbed by elders, then I’ll go first and rest assured, I’ll give you the best dishes.” It was Harry’s words that were useful. Lin Rui’s second uncle laughed and went out to help them shut the door of the box. The second uncle who has gone out is still trying not to call back his daughter who went out to play with his friends. This opportunity is rare.

“Sorry, My uncle is too enthusiastic.” After his uncle left, Lin Rui explained to Peter and others with a slight embarrassment.

“It’s okay, but this meal of yours must be good!”

“Of course! I promise that your stomach will be full and you will not be willing to stop eating!”

“Haha! Then we will wait!”


An hour later, when Peter and others lay flat on the table and did not want to move, they collectively chose to forget what they had said before. Lin Rui’s family can open such a large Chinese restaurant in New York and there are several branches. It’s impossible without having good food. Looking at Peter, he knew that they found their food delicious.

“Hey! Jackson, I think you’ll be famous as a cook in the future!” Peter was burping and trying to reach out and stuff a bun in his mouth.

“Chef? I never thought about that.” Although his family owned a large Chinese restaurant, Lin Rui did not have much thought about the family business. Moreover, he has a secret that nobody knows. He is destined to be a Superhero.

“Are you done? We can go out for a walk in the afternoon.” Lin Rui suggested after seeing everyone had finished eating.

“Okay, Let me get up!”

“Me too!”

Probably only Harry was scrupulous about his identity and didn’t eat too much. Peter and Tom really went for it.

“Well, wait a minute.”

Finally, at Lin Rui’s suggestion, Peter and Tom came to pack some of their favorite dishes when they left the restaurant, saying they wanted to take them home for their families to taste. It seems that they were all entranced by Chinese food.

So when the four of them returned to the streets of Manhattan again, Peter and Tom had several more bags on their hands.

Boom! Boom!

Just as Lin Rui and others were wandering around the streets, there was a violent engine roar from the front. Then, in an almost unresponsive moment, a cool orange sports car sped past them.

“Who is that?! Speed racing in such a busy area as Manhattan?! Tom was frightened and asked with a lingering palpitation.

“I don’t know.”

And just as the sports car disappeared from Lin Rui’s sight, the sound of the system suddenly sounded in his mind.

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