Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 135

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The dazzling magical flame beam and the pure white ark energy are on the top and bottom. Compared to the palm cannon, Destroyer’s flame beam is thicker, but Arc Reactor’s 100% power output energy laser has withstood the bombardment of the flame beam.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! Also give 100% output on ejectors!” Rising his trembling right hand, Lin Rui shouted.


J.A.R.V.I.S. did not respond, but the ejectors of the Iron Man Armor were instantly provided more power.

“Ah-ah!” Howling, Lin Rui quickly pressed towards the ground under the push of the ejector. Like Thor, he had to force Destroyer’s own attack back and let it explode inside itself.

However, Lin Rui apparently overestimated Iron Man Armor and underestimated the Destroyer. When Lin Rui and Destroyer are shooting at each other, the energy of the Arc Reactor is declining rapidly, but Destroyer’s attack is not weakening at all. Soon, two seconds passed.


“The energy of the reactor has dropped to 11 percent. You have to give up on this plan.” As Lin Rui struggled toward the ground, J.A.R.V.I.S. suddenly warned.

“No! Not now! Hold on!” Lin Rui will not give up so simply. He will destroy Destroyer here.

The point is that Lin Rui believes that if he defeats Destroyer, he will trigger a hidden quest, which will give him a lot of Reward points. Now that the system has disappeared, Lin Rui’s ability to quickly capture Reward’s power depends on these hidden quests.

“The energy of the reactor is reduced to five percent, forced to withdraw.” Just as Lin Rui was still struggling against Destroyer, J.A.R.V.I.S. had taken control of the Arc Reactor’s energy quickly when it reached the alert line. Then he had taken Lin Rui out of Destroyer’s attack.

“J.A.R.V.I.S!” Lin Rui, who lost control, shouted unwillingly, but he also knew that there was no chance to fight again.


However, just as J.A.R.V.I.S. controlled the Iron Man to retreat with Lin Rui, the Destroyer’s flame beam power suddenly increased several times, and the suddenly enhanced beam instantaneously engulfed Lin Rui, who had not yet retreated.


“Ah! No!”


After Lin Rui’s Iron Man Armor was swallowed by the sudden increase in the flame beam, Darcy and Jane on the ground sent out an incredulous exclamation. They were already retreating before but if it wasn’t for Lin Rui, who not rushed out to help them stop Destroyer, they would not have been able to evacuate safely. So, seeing that Lin Rui was swallowed by the flame beam, the four warriors and Thor were also stunned.

“This is tough!” Hawkeye, who has been hiding in the dark, looks worse. Hawkeye would have been ready to attack if he hadn’t seen that Iron Man’s attacks had no effect on Destroyer, and now he could only watch Lin Rui being swallowed up by a powerful beam of light.

Even Tony’s advanced Iron Man couldn’t cope with the big guy who didn’t know where it was coming from. Hawkeye didn’t know what kind of disaster it would cause. Moreover, Lin Rui was just hit by that light beam and may be dead now.

Whirl ~

After the suddenly enhanced flame beam engulfed Lin Rui. The Destroyer then ended releasing its flame beam. The empty head closed again, leaving only the mouth and two eyes. The Destroyer, who had just undergone a powerful skill-to-skill duel, seemed to need a break, standing where he was and not heading straight for Thor.

And just when everyone thought that Lin Rui was swallowed by Destroyer’s flame along with his Iron Man Armor, a tiny spot suddenly appeared in the sky. That tiny spot turned into a figure, he was shaking his limbs wantonly in order to achieve balance.

“Ah, ah~” Lin Rui screamed as he landed fast from high altitude, trying to stabilize himself.

Although Destroyer’s flame beam just swallowed up the Iron Man Armor, the defense of the Armor still supported him for a while. Before the Iron Man Armor was broken, Lin Rui was sprayed from the back of the Armor by J.A.R.V.I.S. The position of the Iron Man Armor that was originally hit by the flame beam to the high altitude is very high, so it will take a while for Lin Rui to be sprayed out of the Iron Man Armor and fall to the ground.

For the average person, the higher he falls from the more tragic it is, but this is not necessarily for Lin Rui. Because he has internal energy, he can also do amazing light work. However, even if Lin Rui’s internal energy is adequate and he is skilled in light work, falling from such a high position will certainly result in death. Moreover, his body is now empty, without a trace of internal energy, and he can do nothing at all. So Lin Rui could only shake his limbs and shout in horror in mid-air.

“Ah ah ~” Lin Rui wants to mobilize the internal energy in his body, but he can’t sense a trace of it at all. He doesn’t want to die like this.

Whirl ~

Getting closer and closer to the ground, Lin Rui is falling faster and faster, and the accumulated kinetic energy is getting stronger and stronger, so that when he falls to the ground, he may not even look like a human corpse.

“That is Jackson!”

“He is not dead! Hurry to save him!”

Lin Rui finally fell to the position where Darcy could see him, but it didn’t make them feel relaxed. The speed that he is falling from will definitely result in his death, unless he is Superman.

“Jackson! If it weren’t for me!… Loki!!” Thor’s heart was filled with remorse as he watched Lin Rui, who was about to fall to the ground.

Thor knows that all these people around him are suffering because of him. If it weren’t for protecting him, the four warriors would not have been hurt, and Jackson, a brave young man, would not have to die. At this moment, watching Jackson dying in front of his own eyes, Thor’s sense of regret and responsibility burst into flames.


In the research base of S.H.I.E.L.D. in the desert, Mjölnir, which was circled on the ground, seemed to feel something. Originally, the hammer that grew in the ground suddenly vibrated twice, and some cracks were generated on the ground pressed by it. However, the hammer was finally quiet.


With his heart full of regret for the injuries of people around him, Thor has rushed quickly from a distance towards Lin Rui’s direction. He’s going to catch Lin Rui, which may kill both of them, but he’s going to try, too. He can’t let a young man die, a young man who believed in himself from the very beginning and was willing to help him.

Just as Thor rushed toward where Lin Rui would fall, outside the town, a figure several times faster than the speed of sound was racing up.


Lin Rui is less than 100 meters away from the ground. At his current speed, he will have a close contact with the earth in less than three seconds. And just as Lin Rui was desperate, he suddenly caught a glimpse of a familiar figure coming from the side.


The next moment, Lin Rui was like a huge jumper who got pulled up at the last minute. The rushing figure grabbed Lin Rui, who had fallen sharply, and rushed down with him to alleviate the sudden drop in acceleration. However, the instantaneous opposite acceleration almost caused Lin Rui’s body to be twisted directly, but somehow he had also practiced and his body was not really twisted, but injuries were inevitable.

Whirl ~

Flying obliquely out a hundred meters, the Iron Man who caught Lin Rui slowly slowed down and finally landed steadily on the ground.

“Jackson, Kid, will you just listen next time?” Tony’s voice came from the Iron Man Armor, holding Lin Rui, who was already exhausted. With that, the steel helmet opened automatically, revealing Tony’s worried face inside.

“Oh, is there next time?” Looking at Tony, Lin Rui asked for a weak smile.

“No!” Putting on a teaching-a-child look, Tony said wickedly.

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