Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 132

Heroes of Marvel 132 The Support Arrives

Just as Destroyer arrived on Earth, the four Asgard Warriors and Jane and others gathered together and were chatting, and the air column apparently created by Bifrost attracted their attention.

“Was somebody else coming?” Looking at the air column, Darcy asked nervously.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Neither Thor nor the Four Warriors answered, but then they saw flashes of fire and explosions in the desert. Seeing this, Thor and the Four Warriors are wearing heavy expressions, they have guessed what had come after them.

“Jane, you have to get out of here!” Knowing Destroyer was coming, Thor urged Jane to leave. He didn’t want them to be involved in such dangerous things.

“What about you?” Jane asked worried, holding Thor’s hand.

“Thor’s gonna fight with us!” Hogun shouted excitedly. He didn’t seem to know that Thor had been deprived of his power.

Sure enough, Thor was embarrassed to hear Hogun’s words. But he can’t directly say that he can’t fight with them without his divine power. He can only use a more euphemistic statement.

“My friend, I’ll only be in the way, or worse, get one of you killed. However, I can help get these ordinary people to safety.” Thor was quick to find a perfect excuse.

“Eh! Let’s go now. Here we are!” Hogun, a straightforward man, does not mind Thor’s choice, which is indeed the best choice for Thor.

“Jane! Let’s get everyone out of here! ” After patting his friends on the shoulder, Thor and Jane went with them to evacuate the ordinary people of the town.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

By the time Thor evacuated ordinary people, Destroyer had cleared the barriers all the way to the streets of Puente Antiguo, then stopped in the middle of the road, in front of which were four Asgard warriors.

“For Asgard!!” With a roar, Hogun flew directly to Destroyer with the help of his teammates.


With his axe raised high, Hogun flew towards the Destroyer!


However, the Destroyer simply slapped Hogun out of the way with a simple wave. Hogun ended up crashing into a car and couldn’t move for a while. If he hadn’t been an Asgard’s warrior, protected by divine powers, the slap would have killed him directly.

Bang Bang

Destroyer did not stop and stepped up to Hogun, who had fallen into the car. Hogan’s heart trembled as he met with the pressure that the Destroyer presented. The weapon Asgard used to guard the treasure room is not ordinary. It is too uncontrollable and too powerful.

“Ha!” Just as Destroyer was again brewing to shoot a flame beam to burn Hogun directly, Sif suddenly rushed in from behind.

Jumping high, Sif jumps directly onto Destroyer’s back! Puff! With a single blow, Sif directly put her blade in Destroyer.

“Hey! Good job! Sif!”

Destroyer is obviously a combination of magic and technology of Asgard, although Asgard’s civilization is somewhat difficult to understand as the four warriors are using primitive cold weapons in close combat. The result of such a battle was obvious. When everyone else thought Destroyer had been defeated, its metal-like components suddenly twisted and rotated one by one, quickly turning towards Sif. Destroyer’s head sprayed a flame beam again without paying attention to the chest spear.

Although Sif was surprised, she escaped Destroyer’s fire attack and started running away with her teammates.


The four warriors who were running away were constantly under heavy fire and Destroyer directly shot them all out. The four warriors from Asgard had nothing that can help them against Destroyer.

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Resolving themselves, the four warriors stopped on the road, Destroyer continued to walk forward, and Thor and Jane were hiding in the corner of a house behind them. Destroyer, who was ordered by Loki, will not let Thor go. It will ensure that Thor will not interfere with Loki’s plan in Asgard.

“Jane! I’m going to do what I’m supposed to do!” Seeing that all of his best friends were hurt, Thor handed Jane to Sif as they steadily stepped out of hiding.

Since he couldn’t stop Destroyer, Thor felt he could try to talk to Loki. He didn’t think his brother would really kill him. Perhaps, there is really some misunderstanding in this, and he should do what a brother should do to persuade his brother to turn around.


After Destroyer kicked a car in front of him, Thor had already reached it. Looking up, Thor looked at Destroyer in front of him. “Loki, brother, whatever I have done to wrong you, whatever I have done to lead you to this,  I am truly sorry. But these people are innocent. Taking their lives will gain you nothing.”

“So take mine and end this.” Finally, taking a deep breath, Thor felt he could gamble once. He is betting that Loki doesn’t really want him to die. He’s a good brother.

Whirl ~

After Thor said these words, the flame in Destroyer’s body slowly went out, and Loki in Asgard seemed to have stopped. However, just as Thor really felt relieved, Destroyer, who had turned around, suddenly waved backward, aiming at Thor behind him.


Thor could not respond to Destroyer’s huge arm. Just when he thought he was going to die, a red figure suddenly rushed out of the sky and landed right in front of Thor, helping him stop the blow. But Destroyer’s blow was so powerful that the red figure was also pulled out. So the red figure flew backward and hit Thor out.


After being hit hard, Thor felt that he had broken several ribs, but nothing serious happened. But the red figure he bumped into and flew out did not fall to the ground with Thor. In front of Thor’s and Jane’s surprising eyes, the red figure sprayed blue flames under his feet and rushed up into the sky in an instant. There, four guys in the same shape as it are suspended above Destroyer.

“Iron Man!”

“Iron Man!”

Just as Thor and four Asgard warriors were wondering what those flying things that looked like Destroyer are, Darcy was crying out excitedly in the back. Dr. Jane and Dr. Erik are also thrilled. Iron Man is now very famous in the United States and around the world and there should be only a few people who don’t know him.

“It’s Iron Man! We’re saved!” Looking closely at the five Iron Mans flying in mid-air, Darcy continued to shout excitedly. Compared with Jane and Dr. Erik’s calmness, the younger woman is obviously obsessed with Iron Man.

When Destroyer almost killed Thor, Tony’s Iron Man Regiment finally arrived before S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Special Force. Five Iron Mans suspended in mid-air reflected brilliant light in New Mexico’s sunshine, five pairs of cold and metallic eyes facing Destroyer below.

“Did Coulson asks Tony for help?” Looking at the five Iron Man flying in the air, Hawkeye, who was hiding in the dark, whispered.

Hawkeye didn’t know that Lin Rui was awake, so he naturally thought of the support of Iron Man as Coulson’s help. However, Tony’s ability to send support so quickly made Hawkeye surprised. He knew that Tony’s attitude toward S.H.I.E.L.D. was not very good at the moment and it is not so good that Tony would send out five Iron Man bots at once. However, Hawkeye soon knew why these Iron Mans appeared so quickly.


Just after Iron Man rescued Thor from Destroyer, the battlefield was temporarily quiet. Iron Man, suspended in mid-air, did not immediately attack Destroyer, and Destroyer seemed to be watching the five robots that suddenly appeared. Just then, a S.H.I.E.L.D. car suddenly rushed into the battlefield and stopped not far from Destroyer. Then a young man jumped out of the car.


After racing all the way, Lin Rui’s feet were weak. But he won’t let go of such an opportunity.

“Jackson! What’s he doing? It’s dangerous there!” Seeing the young man suddenly rushing into the battlefield, Jane shouted worriedly behind them.

“Jackson?! He’s not… It seems that these Iron Man are not Coulson’s help, but Tony sent them to protect him! ” Hawkeye, who was hiding in the dark, was surprised to see Lin Rui as according to his knowledge, Lin Rui was still lying in the intensive care unit. But soon he figured out what was going on.

Regardless of what Jane and Hawkeye thought about Lin Rui’s appearance, Lin Rui was somewhat excited. “Is this Destroyer? The shape is similar to that in the movie, but I don’t know if Tony’s Iron Man can deal with it.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! Armed!” Looking at Destroyer below, Lin Rui suddenly shouted at himself.

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