Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 130

Heroes of Marvel 130 Asgards Visiters And Waking Up

Thor and Jane had returned to their empty laboratory when Lin Rui was almost killed by an inexplicable thunderbolt for touching Mjolnir. For Lin Rui not coming back with him, Thor just said he went to the government department to help. Although Jane felt terrible, at least at first she felt that Lin Rui was on her side, she didn’t ask much, because Lin Rui was obviously not an ordinary person.

“Thor, can you tell me your story again? About your hammer, and Asgard.” Now that her experimental data and research equipment have been taken away, Jane is more interested in the handsome man who claims to be an alien.

“Of course, I am happy that you are interested in this. I will slowly tell you that Asgard is a great country.” Smiled, Thor said earnestly.

Now that his exile has become a reality and the hammer does not listen to his call, Thor feels that he might as well rest on this inferior planet for a while and wait for his father’s anger to subside, he will naturally let himself go back. Thor is Asgard’s crown prince, and Asgard needs him. Of course, that’s Thor’s very normal idea. But he didn’t know that there was his good brother Loki in it. Asgard is now in some big trouble, and Odin can’t take care of his eldest son.

“So, let’s start with the simplest. Who are you? Thor.”

In this way, Thor spent a quiet day on the planet while talking to a beautiful woman, she has never heard of things he has seen, she is enjoying the stars together under the night sky, and popularize the knowledge about galaxies. This made Thor feel very satisfied, sometimes, in addition to killing, Thor is also an ordinary person who needs a break. In this way, Thor and Jane quickly became interested in each other and quickly warmed up to each other.

While Lin Rui was still lying in the intensive care unit of the S.H.I.E.L.D. experimental base and Thor and Jane were getting in love together, a Bifrost quietly descended on the desert of New Mexico, and three men and one woman dressed strangely, suddenly appeared in the desert. The four warriors were obviously Thor’s friends and they had sensed something wrong with Loki, so Heimdall opened the Bifrost and sent them down. They’re going to help Thor regain his powers, pick up the hammer and go back to Asgard.

However, in order to stop Thor’s return, Loki, who had already colluded with Frost Giant, sent Asgard’s powerful humanoid weapon: The Destroyer after the four warriors left. He wanted Thor to be exiled forever and he will sit on Asgard’s throne.

“Haha! Thor!”


“We found you!”

The Four warriors dressed weirdly came to the town, New Mexico. They soon found Thor with Jane and they were standing outside the glass door, shouting excitedly.

“Haha! My friends!” Thor, who was washing the dishes, heard the sound behind him and turned to see his best friends.

Shatter ~

With the arrival of Lady Sif and the warriors three of Asgard, the cups in the hand of scared Jane and Dr. Erik dropped on the ground and shattered. They were discussing whether Thor’s story is true without any evidence, but the four people in front of them startled them, including Jane.

“It’s great to see you!” Laughing, Thor and the four people hugged one by one.

“I can’t believe it!” Dr. Erik, who has been studying the myth of Odin in Northern Europe, looked at the people in front of him and they looked like they were really coming out of myth.

“Haha! Please allow me to introduce myself, Miss Sif and the Warriors Three.” A huge person, with a beard, embraced Thor and went to Jane and introduced himself with a smile.

Then, Hogun told Thor that they came to take him back to Asgard. Odin suddenly became seriously ill, and Loki took control of the power. They felt something was very wrong. However, Thor tells them that he is now deprived of his divine power, even if he does return to Asgard, he will not be of much use. There is no good way for these four warriors to deal with this situation.

Just as Asgard’s four warriors found Thor and began to think about countermeasures, Coulson had discovered the circle pattern underneath the Bifrost Desert that had not completely dissipated. When Coulson led his team to study the circle pattern, a storm fell from the sky, just covering the circle. When the storm dissipated, a four-meter-high humanoid body appeared in front of Coulson.

“What is this? New robots? Stark’s new products?” Seeing a guy who suddenly appeared in front of him, Coulson asked a special agent around him.

“I don’t know, that guy never tells me anything.” Coulson reluctantly said something when he heard the agents around him.

Especially in the case of Lin Rui, Coulson wouldn’t ask Tony if this humanoid is his new Iron Man Armor. So, he picked up the loudspeaker.

“Hello! You are using unregistered weapons technology. Identify Yourself!” Coulson shouted in the loudspeaker.

Boom ~ bang~

Destroyer stopped at Coulson’s cry. However, before Coulson could breathe a sigh of relief, a powerful flame beam had already shot out of Destroyer’s head.


“It launched an attack!”

“Get Away!”

Boom ~ bang ~ bang ~

Under Destroyer’s indiscriminate attack, Coulson, who did not bring as many attacking teams, was directly attacked. In the end, Destroyer took a stride to the town not far away, and Thor and his four warriors were there.


While the four warriors in Asgard came to Earth to find Thor, and then Destroyer chased after them, Lin Rui lying in the intensive care unit of S.H.I.E.L.D. was still not moving.

However, this is only an appearance or a scientific instrument. In the deep sea of ​​consciousness of Lin Rui, he is not as calm as outside. But it’s just a matter of appearance or scientific instruments. In Lin Rui’s deep-sea of consciousness, he is not as calm as he looked on outside.

“It hurts!! It hurts!” With the mental power of Advanced Spirit Fruit, Lin Rui used his own reinforced body to drive out the thunder from his body, but it also left a serious injury in his body, in which the near-death experience was just a trivial point.

Although the thunderstorm was successfully driven out, the conscious body suffered a lot of damage. The feeling that his soul was being torn has been painfull for Lin Rui to say the least, he has been rolling and howling in his sea of consciousness. It was not until the effects of the Advanced Spirit Fruit were gradually exhausted that Lin Rui’s consciousness gradually stabilized. However, his consciousness has returned to the size before he consumed the Spirit Fruit, which is the consequence of incorrect use of Advanced Spirit Fruit. However, Lin Rui would not regret it, it saved his life.

“Huh! This was really dangerous! My Reward points are almost completely exhausted, and my consciousness is also hurt. I shouldn’t have touched that damn hammer!” His consciousness gradually stabilized and Lin Rui was helpless and talking to himself. Originally, because of the completion of the mainline quest, Lin Rui was very wealthy in terms of Reward Points. But with this current event, his wealth has now become a few measly hundred points, turning him into a beggar.

“System, system are you there?” With his conscious recovered, Lin Rui began to call the system out from his sea of ​​consciousness.

This time, Lin Rui was able to weather the storm and relied entirely on the help of the system. If it weren’t for those hidden quests issued by the system, he wouldn’t have the time and enough Reward points to redeem the Advanced Spirit Fruit, and he wouldn’t be able to drive away the power of the Thunder from his body. However, the system seems to have paid a lot to save Lin Rui. The way the system finally disappeared made Lin Rui feel bad, especially the last sentence that Lin Rui shouted seemed to be a farewell.

After shouting a few times, his sea of ​​consciousness is still empty and there is no other movement besides himself. Previously, the system would hide itself if there was any conflict, but Lin Rui knows that this time it’s not the system that hides, it’s the real thing.

“System, you can rest assured, I will find ways to let you appear again.” Linking what the system finally said with its long-standing eccentric behavior, Lin Rui also understood what the system might be. But Lin Rui has no other way. He will let the system appear again, no matter what the cost.

“But now I have to wake up. There are still some things out there that I need to help with!” After wandering in the sea of consciousness for a while, Lin Rui finally abandoned his search for the system.


After that, Lin Rui’s consciousness soon faded and finally disappeared from his sea of consciousness.


In the intensive care unit, a weak wave suddenly jumped out of the instrument that had been testing Lin Rui’s brain waves. Then, more and more strong fluctuations appeared on that instrument. Lin Rui is waking up!

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