Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 128

Heroes of Marvel 128 Crisis



“What happened?! I need to know now!” Looking at the blurred screen in front of him, Coulson shouted in his walkie-talkie. Just as Coulson was about to watch Lin Rui pick on the hammer, a flash suddenly fell in front of the camera and the screen blurred. But before the screen blurred, Coulson saw a thunderbolt hitting Lin Rui.

“Let me go and see!” Hawkeye, who had been watching the screen with Coulson, had not waited for his permission and had rushed to the scene with his own special weapons in his hand.

“Damn it! What happened?!” Looking at Hawkeye’s back, Coulson, who still had no specific reports from his men, pounded hard on the table.

Time went back a few seconds, just before Lin Rui reached for the hammer. Lin Rui, who crossed the fence, was only meant to try the hammer that nobody could lift, but when he approached Mjölnir, he was attracted by an inexplicable feeling, as if there was something luring him to take Mjölnir. Lin Rui had this idea, so he reached out naturally.

Just as Lin Rui touched Mjölnir, a powerful force erupted from Mjölnir and rushed directly into his body along with Lin Rui’s hand.


It’s like a crack in a levee, from which numerous torrential floods burst out and instantly drowned the small village behind it.

The Thunder’s power contained in the hammer is like a flood, and the hammer is the flood control dam. As for the small village flooded by flood, it is Lin Rui. I don’t know what happened. When Lin Rui touched the hammer, the force that should have been restrained inside suddenly had an outlet and rushed into Lin Rui’s body.

All this happened so quickly that Lin Rui’s thoughts could not respond at all. The internal energy in Lin Rui’s body had been washed down before he had time to defend himself. So, in theory, Lin Rui should have been evaporated by this powerful force in an instant. However, something always happens unexpectedly. Just as Lin Rui was about to burst with thunder all over his body, a flash of light flashed from his mind and the system came out.

Ding ~

“Congratulations to the host for triggering hidden quest: Take God of Thunder’s hammer: Mjolnir. Quest complete Reward: 500,000 Reward points.” Time seemed to be fixed and then Lin Rui heard the empty voice of the main system in his mind.

“What happened? What’s happening to me?!” Lin Rui, who was totally unaware of the situation, ignored the hidden quest and shouted loudly in his sea of consciousness. Although he didn’t realize what was happening with the hammer and him, Lin Rui knew something was wrong was happening when the main system set time to drag him to the sea of consciousness, so he was very nervous.

Call ~

Soon, the system slowly gathered in front of Lin Rui. However, compared to the previous, the light of this system seems to be dim.

“You just seem to have triggered the self-awareness of God of Thunder’s hammer, it’s just testing if you are qualified enough to pick it up, but you can’t afford it now, you are too weak on the fundamental level, so this is the result now. If it hadn’t been for me triggering that hidden quest right now, you would be dead by now.” Slowly drifting in front of Lin Rui, the system tone calmly explained to him.

“So, what are we going to do now? I mean, I’m not dead because the quest publishing now, but once the hidden quest publishing is over, I’m still going to die?!” Hearing the system, Lin Rui was almost scared to death, so he asked in a hurry.

“Oh… this is true. Of course, if you can complete this quest, then there is no problem.” Faced with Lin Rui’s question, the system gives an answer.

“Then tell me how to pick it up! I don’t want to die like that! I just wanted to try picking it up! So many people have tried before me so why only I would have an accident!?” Hearing the system’s answer, Lin Rui roared. He had no idea that this would happen just after he touched the Hammer.

“If you can break Odin’s enhancement and restrictions on it and get Mjölnir’s power, you can pick it up. However, although the system Shop will be able to provide something that can break Odin’s enhancement and restriction and gains Mjölnir’s power, it is not something you can afford right now.” The system quickly gave Lin Rui’s solution, but that was also an impossible solution.

“One and a half million?! It takes 1.5 million Reward points to crack Odin’s enhancement and restrictions on it and get Mjölnir’s power?! What kind of ghost advice is this?!” As soon as he opens the system shop, Lin Rui has found the item in System Shop that meets these two conditions. However, as the system says, it is impossible for him to afford it. “Am I really going to die like this? This is not the end I deserve! System, you must have a way! I beg you, help me!”

At Lin Rui’s hysterical plea, the system was silent. The white light that represents the system flickers in front of Lin Rui’s eyes as if something was happening.

“Lin Rui, remember, you will owe me one after this.” After being quiet for a while, the system suddenly came out and say such a sentence. Then suddenly, the flickering white light burst out, illuminating Lin Rui’s whole sea of consciousness.

Ding ~

“Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden quest: get the friendship of Asgard God Of Thunder Thor. Quest Reward: 10,000 Reward points.”

Ding ~

“Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden quest: to become the third sequence candidate of S.H.I.E.L.D. Quest Reward: 5,000 Reward points.”

Ding ~

“Congratulations to the host for completing the hidden quest: trigger the hidden quest for the hammer of God Of Thunder. Quest Reward: 3,000 Reward points.”


Just after the white light burst from the system, Lin Rui heard three announcements for completing three different hidden quests. These three hidden quests provided Lin Rui with 18,000 Reward points, but these Reward points are still a drop in the bucket for Lin Rui.


“I can only deceive the main system for a short time, quickly exchange the Advance Spirit Fruit!” After the publication of the hidden quest, the white light filled with Lin Rui’s consciousness shrank back in an instant, leaving only a little light, and the sound of the system came out of it, sounding very weak.

“Advanced Spirit Fruit! 50,000 Reward points! Confirm exchange!” There’s no time to ask why the system wants to exchange this. Lin Rui has spent 50,000 Reward points to convert it out. Among the 50,000 Reward points, he had just consumed were the three hidden quest Rewards, and the others had just consumed the rest of his Reward points, which he had planned to save for Advanced Lineage Reward.

“Keep in mind that Advanced Spirit Fruit can help you raise your spiritual power to a very advanced level and you can think of it as an escalating control of the consciousness. As long as your strengthened consciousness can drive the thunderstorm out of your body, you will be all right. But spirit fruits are generally slowly elevated spiritual calmness to strengthen the consciousness, you have no time, you can only let it out directly in the beginning before your consciousness is ripped apart. It’s a waste of spirit fruits, but you have no choice.” After Lin Rui converted the spirit fruit, the system quickly explained to him the use of it.

“System, what did you do?!” Holding a glowing diamond-shaped fruit in his hand, Lin Rui wants to know more.

“Lin Rui, I don’t have much time to waste! Use Advanced Spirit Fruit! Remember, control! Control! I’ll wait for you to wake me up!”


After the last sentence, the white light representing the system exploded in front of Lin Rui’s eyes and disappeared completely from his sea of consciousness.

Seeing the disappearance of the system, there is no way but to swallow the spirit fruit in his hand.


Instantly, a dazzling blue light bursts out in Lin Rui’s sea of consciousness, which represents the light of spiritual power.

“Ah-ah!” As if his consciousness was being torn by force, Lin Rui’s consciousness opened its arms and roared.

Hū ~

Just as Lin Rui swallowed the Advanced Spirit fruit and his spiritual strength began to soar, the hidden quest hanging above the sea of consciousness about picking up the God of Thunder’s hammer was slowly dissipating. As long as that line disappears completely, it means that the hidden quest has been released and Lin Rui will not be protected by the main system. He must quickly strengthen his consciousness and then drive out his thunderstorm.

“Ah! Give me a burst!” In spite of the soul torn pain, Lin Rui directly exploded the effects of Advanced Spiritual Fruit.


The next moment, in Lin Rui’s sea of consciousness, his own consciousness enlarges instantly in a burst of blue light. To say that Lin Rui was only a reef in the sea of consciousness before, now he is an island. Little reefs have no territorial waters, but islands do. Lin Rui has his own territorial waters now. It is a powerful consciousness that can be controlled.


The instantly intensified consciousness, under the control of Lin Rui, it rushed out of the sea of consciousness and came to his own body. Here, countless explosive thunderstorms are moving, waiting for the protection of the main system to disappear and Lin Rui will evaporate in an instant. At this time, Lin Rui realized that there were only a few faint traces of the hidden quest line left.

“Get out of here!” Finally, just moments before the quest was released and disappeared, Lin Rui let out this roar with his own soul.

The powerful consciousness that covers his entire body rushes to those bursting thunderbolts in an instant!

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