Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 112

Heroes of Marvel 112 Expo Accident

“Ladies and gentlemen, for far too long, this country has had to place its brave men and women in harm’s way, but then the Iron Man appeared, and we thought that the days of losing lives were behind us. Sadly, that technology was kept out of reach. That’s not fair. That’s not right and it’s just too bad…” Justin Hammer is standing on a magnificent stage at the Hammer Industry Science and Technology Fair.

“Does every entrepreneur say that? You can go to Hollywood to be an actor with a sincere expression like that.” In the off-stage press area, Lin Rui gathered at the edge of the stage and muttered.

Today is the Hammer Industries Fair. It’s the day Hammer shows Iron Man Regiment. Of course, It’s also Ivan’s day of revenge. However, Lin Rui is not going to let him do it so simply. Although Iron Man Regiment manufactured by Hammer Industries is not as dangerous as Tony’s armor, Lin Rui does not intend to give Ivan the chance to cause accidents at the Expo.

“Daredevil, have you found the Russian? Justin here has already begun to show his Iron Man Regiment.” Seeing the event in front of his eyes, Lin Rui whispered to Daredevil.

Lin Rui, who knows the story, sent Daredevil to Hammer Industries to find Ivan long before the Expo began. As long as they can control Ivan, the Iron Man Regiment show today can only be a simple show. Although Justin and Hammer Industries may be in the limelight, compare to the Iron Man regiment going crazy, he can endure Hammer for two days. After all, once Ivan is caught, Hammer Industries would be back to its original shape, and they would not be able to make Iron Man Regiment alone.

“Not yet, Mirage Knight. Are you sure that the Russian man is hiding in this lab arranged for him by Hammer Industries? It doesn’t look like someone is here.” But to Lin Rui’s surprise, something seems to be wrong with Daredevil’s side.

“How could he be absent? He should be… Hearing Daredevil’s answer, Lin Rui frowned tightly and muttered. But he immediately remembered something, “No! He may not be in the lab now!”

In the original plot, Justin, who got Tony’s Iron Man suit, put Ivan under house arrest before the Expo, that is, in his own laboratory, because Ivan and Justin disagreed. But Justin didn’t get Tony’s Iron Man suit this time because of Lin Rui’s interference. So Ivan is still supposed to be entertained by his delicious food, and now he could be anywhere in New York.

“Daredevil, look carefully at the laboratories of Hammer Industries and try to find Ivan!” Considering the change in the plot, Lin Rui shouted at Daredevil.


“Spiderman, it seems that we will be busy tonight. If Iron Man Regiment goes mad, you try to trap them with your spider silk!” Running towards the auditorium, Lin Rui said to Spiderman.

“Okay!” Peter’s answer came quickly from the communicator, he’s hiding behind the stage now.

As for Lin Rui, he would like to remain behind to ensure the safety of Pepper at least after Iron Man Regiment’s departure.

“Next, let’s witness the Iron Man Regiment!”



On the stage, Justin is excitedly showing off the powerful Iron Man Regiment of Hammer Industries, and a group of fully armed, unmanned steel fighters are being put on the stage. No one knows what the U.S. military is thinking. It’s an exposition that is attended by thousands of people, so how could these Iron Man Soldiers appear in front of so many people with weapons. I don’t know if they trust the Hammer industry or if they have a bad brain. They shouldn’t be equipped with weapons for just an exhibition.

“Ladies! Gentlemen! This is our government’s latest weapon of war: Iron Man Regiment!” Standing in front of dozens of steel warriors, Justin shook his arms and shouted.

In conjunction with Justin’s action, Iron Man Regiment at the back saluted the audience neatly. Such a shocking scene directly ignited the atmosphere of the scene, and everyone applauded and clapped their hands. Of course, in addition to Lin Rui, who was running towards the audience, there was Miss Pepper and Natasha, who sat beside her.


While Justin was enjoying the cheers of the audience below, a red-figure flew in from outside the Expo Hall and finally landed beside Justin. It’s Iron Man, the real Iron Man Tony is coming.


“Iron Man!”

Tony’s arrival ushered in another “chaos”, a big day for old Iron Man and new Iron Man Regiment to meet.

“Hey! Now let’s have the torch relay ceremony!” Although Tony’s arrival was beyond Justin’s expectation, he tried to maintain his calmness and interact with the audience on stage.


“Where is Ivan?” Justin!” But Tony apparently didn’t want to talk to him anymore and stopped in front of him and asked.

“What, what did you say? Tony, what are you doing here? Hearing Tony’s words, Justin asked, pretending to be silly. Ivan is the hidden card of Hammer’s industry. He can’t be exposed.

“I know that you and Ivan are colluding together. He helped you out with these steel fighters! I still know how strong your company is. You can’t make anything this decent. So tell me where he is?” Approaching Justin Hammer, Tony asked again.

“I don’t understand what you’re talking about?” Tony pushed him, step by step, but Justin still pretended to not know anything. What if Tony knew Ivan was alive? As long as he doesn’t say, with these new Iron Man Regiments of Hammer Industries, the U.S. military simply doesn’t care what Ivan did before.


While Tony and Justin were talking in front of them, the eyes of a steel Marine soldier standing behind them suddenly flashed red.

“Dī dī! Sir, you are being marked!”



Just as J.A.R.V.I.S. detected the movement of the steel fighter to remind Tony of the next moment, an attack had hit Tony and sent him straight out of the stage.

“J.A.R.V.I.S! What’s going on?!” Starting the ejector in the semi-air-conditioned position, Tony shouted loudly at J.A.R.V.I.S.

“Sir, these Iron Man Soldiers have been activated and their goals have been set. It’s you, sir.” Soon, J.A.R.V.I.S. gave an answer.


Sure enough, with the blast of the first gun, all the steel fighters who had been standing on the stage for display were activated, one by one walking down the stage. As for the steel fighters who were designed to be air forces, they quickly started the ejector and rushed up to Tony in the upper half of the sky in an instant.


“Be careful!”

“What happened?!”

The Iron Man Regiment, which was originally used for the exhibition, suddenly rushed down the stage and their weapon systems were apparently activated. The audience who were still watching the stage were exclaimed and fled.

Tony couldn’t understand what just happened right now, he was too stupid, so he instantly turned and rushed outside the fair. “I can’t fight them here, I have to take them away!”


Behind Tony, more than a dozen flying Iron Man Soldiers quickly rushed out of the exhibition hall. The Army and Navy steel fighters, on the other hand, marched outside the venue to cooperate with the Air Force in eliminating Iron Man.

Bang ~ Bang ~

Justin was almost frightened to see his Iron Man Regiment run like mad in the conference hall. He had no idea why such a thing had happened. Shouldn’t it be the day when Hammer was famous for his industry? Things shouldn’t go this way! A little stunned, Justin has gone back to control the back of the stage, he wants to re-control the situation.

As the audience rushed out in confusion, Pepper and Natasha were heading for the back of the stage but were pushed hard by the opposite crowd.

Bang ~ Bang ~

Just then, an Iron Man Soldiers stepped forward and rushed towards Pepper’s position. Iron Man Regiment, controlled by Ivan, would not care about the casualties of these civilians. He had only one target, killing Tony Stark.

“Be careful!” Natasha responded quickly by pushing Pepper aside and avoiding the impact of the steel fighters herself.


However, another steel armor rushed over towards Pepper’s position and Black Widow couldn’t save her anymore.

“Ah!” The shadows quickly fell over her head and Pepper raised her hand over her head and shouted.


At this critical moment, two spider threads were stuck to the steel soldier and it got pulled out of its original position. Then Spiderman flew over.

“Hey! Big fellow! Let’s play! ” With the iron fighter as the center, Peter shot out spider silk and flew around in circles.

“Miss Pepper! Let’s Go!” While Pepper was still on the ground, a familiar voice came from her side.

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