Heroes of Marvel

Chapter 107

l 107 Iron Man And Mirage Knight

The Guardian’s secret base, Lin Rui had just explained the existence of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the difficulties it faces to Matt. Although S.H.I.E.L.D. found Matt, they did not find the secret base of the Guardians, otherwise, Lin Rui could not hide here.

“It turned out to be the case. According to you, this is not a good time to join S.H.I.E.L.D.” When he heard Lin Rui’s explanation, Matt nodded and said.

In fact, when Coulson found Matt, he was still very excited. Matt worked really hard during the day as a lawyer and use his alternate identity to fight crime at night, but what has he accomplished? On the one hand, there are factors of self-revenge, on the other hand, he wants to disintegrate Wilson’s underworld empire. Although Matt is now in an alliance with Lin Rui and the Guardian League team is getting stronger and stronger, but it is not easy to completely smash Wilson. So when Coulson said that he could help Matt deal with Wilson, Matt was very excited.

“Matt, I know that you want to fight Wilson, but now it’s not a good time to be involved with SHIELD. If you want to join them after their internal struggle is resolved, I won’t stop you.” Lin Rui also understands Matt’s thoughts, so he is also willing to let Matt choose.

Moreover, in the case of S.H.I.E.L.D. It’s a public office and there should be a lot of salaries. On the other hand, Lin Rui himself does not intend to join S.H.I.E.L.D., so somebody has to provide him with some convenience and information.

“I know.” With a nod, Matt said with a sense of propriety.

“OK, Spiderman should be okay for the time being. Jack has been hiding in Frankenstein Family, and S.H.I.E.L.D. won’t find him. As for me, I don’t think S.H.I.E.L.D. will let me go so easily, but they won’t find me so easily either.”

“Well, you should be careful.” Matt didn’t know where he was exposed, but he also doesn’t know who Mirage Knight is till today, and S.H.I.E.L.D. could not find it either.

“I know. Well, I have an appointment with Tony Stark today. I don’t think he likes people who are late.” After talking to Matt about S.H.I.E.L.D., it’s time for Lin Rui to get down to business.

“Mr. Stark? Are you finally going to meet him?” Matt asked curiosity as he heard Lin Rui. He knew that Mirage Knight had been preparing to see Tony Stark at a very early time as he seemed to have something to say to him.

“Well, there are some things that I need to say to him.  Well, I’ll go first and you should pay more attention now.” After that, Lin Rui got up from the sofa and went out.

“You too.”


A building in downtown New York, a building of Stark Industries. Today, Tony will meet Mirage Knight here. Of course, Lin Rui would not agree to meet him at Stark Industries main Building or Tony’s beach villa. He could not run away if he wanted to. So Lin Rui chose Tony’s downtown building as the meeting place. Lin Rui is familiar with that location and even if Tony wants to stop Lin Rui, it is unlikely.

“Jackson, can’t you really come over? Today is a great opportunity for you to see Mirage Knight.” Sitting in a luxurious office in the building, Tony was on the phone with Lin Rui.

“Cough~ Mr. Stark, although I also want to see Mirage Knight, I don’t have any strength at the moment. Maybe you can help ask for an autograph.” Lin Rui, who was rushing downtown, pretended to cough twice to make himself sound hoarse.

“That’s a pity. Don’t worry, if Mirage Knight doesn’t mind, I’ll get that autograph for you.” Hearing Lin Rui’s words, Tony no longer insisted. According to Tony’s own information, Lin Rui is really sick and he’s not pretending to be sick. He has not gone out for two days.

“Well, thank you, Mr. Stark.”

“Then rest.”

After talking to Lin Rui, Tony was sitting quietly in his chair with his phone in his hand. This time Tony looked for Mirage Knight for a single purpose. Tony needs to unite with the heroes who are willing to take responsibility for protecting civilians. Tony could have done it himself, and he has been doing it since he became Iron Man. But the power of one person is not enough, especially now that Tony has other troubles, such as Palladium Poisoning.

“Mr. Mirage Knight is here, sir.” Just as Tony was thinking, the voice of J.A.R.V.I.S suddenly came out. Although it’s only an ordinary building, Tony has given J.A.R.V.I.S certain authority to take over the electronic system here.

“Really? Did he come in directly in that dress? Hearing the reminder of J.A.R.V.I.S., Tony asked curiously. He was curious to know what it was like to dress like that in broad daylight, which would attract at least a lot of attention.

“No, sir, Mirage Knight is here.” Seeing Tony wondering how Mirage Knight came in, J.A.R.V.I.S said it again. This time and the last statement did not seem to change, but the tone was a bit more serious.

“I know that he is here, you just said that.” Not understanding why J.A.R.V.I.S has to say the same thing twice. Tony feels it necessary to strengthen the core system of J.A.R.V.I.S again.


“I think, J.A.R.V.I.S means: I have already arrived in the room.” Just as Tony wondered if J.A.R.V.I.S was out of order, a voice suddenly came from behind him.


Turning his head suddenly, Tony saw a man in a dark grey suit and half-cross-section standing by the window. It looked as if he had just come in through the window. But Tony is now in his office in a building over two hundred meters high. How did this guy fly in?

“Hello, Mr. Stark. We’ve met again.” Seeing Tony’s surprise, Lin Rui greeted him calmly.

“Hello, Mirage Knight.”


“Not going to ask me to sit down?” Standing for a while at the window and seeing Tony looking at him, Lin Rui reminded him.

“Oh, please sit down!” Having been looking at Mirage Knight, Tony forgot about it.


After two steps, Lin Rui sat down in front of Tony. Lin Rui could see that Tony was still a little defensive, so he wasn’t too close to him.

“Is that your Iron Man Armor?” Looking at a metal box at Tony’s feet, Lin Rui asked faintly. That’s almost the same portable steel suitcase Tony used in Monaco before, except for a change of color.

“Ha-ha, is it so obvious? Yes, this is my Iron Man Armor. When meeting New York’s Vigilante, I can’t be unprepared.” Nodding, Tony laughed and admitted.

When Tony saw Mirage Knight last time, he saw that Mirage Knight had blocked the robot arm of the large Iron Man Armor by his own power, which Tony could not. So it’s safe to have an Iron Man Armor at his feet that protect him at any time, even though Tony doesn’t think Mirage Knight will hurt him.

“OK, I understand. So, what do you want to talk about? I heard that you have established a very friendly relationship with Spiderman and promised to make him a high-tech spider suit?” Not minding Tony being on his guard, Lin Rui wants to get straight to the point.

“Well, Peter is a good boy. He has a strong sense of responsibility. I think Mr. Mirage Knight must be the same as him. But before we get down to business, I have a little request about a little friend of mine.” See Lin Rui mentioning Peter, Tony nodded and said. But just when Lin Rui thought Tony was going to say something important next, he changed his mind.

“Well? What request?” Lin Rui, who was surprised, asked.

“Can you give me your autograph, my little friend is your fan.” After saying that, Tony has taken out a delicate book from the table.

Lin Rui: “…”


Chapter 107 Iron Man And Mirage Knight

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