Heroes of Marvel



Tony flipped out Peter’s Spiderman suit hidden in the wardrobe. Seeing the Low-Level Spiderman suit, Tony threw it aside in disgust.

“Don’t do that! Mr. Stark!” Grabbing the Spiderman suit, Peter shouted helplessly. Although he doesn’t know how his Spiderman’s identity was revealed, he obviously has no way to deal with Tony right now.

“So you usually swing around New York’s wearing this suit?” Clapping his hands, Tony looked at Peter, who was putting the Spiderman suit back into the wardrobe.

“Mr. Stark, it’s none of your business!” Peter looked at Tony with a helpless expression on his face and said.

“Eh? Can you even see with these?” He doesn’t know when Tony moved but he was checking out the self-made Spiderman eyes again.


“I can see from them! Because if something happened, my senses turned up to an eleven and they get very sensitive. I need to wear this to make me more focused.” Petre grabbed his suits eyes from Tony’s playing hands before explaining.

“Yeah? So, when you find yourself with the power that ordinary people don’t have, you decide to put on your tights and go out to fight the criminals?” Looking at Peter’s flustered look, Tony asked.

“Is what I think I should do with these powers, Helping people. Isn’t it?” Hearing Tony’s words, Peter answered earnestly.

“That’s a good idea, but do you really want to help others in this way all the time? The responsibility of guardianship is very heavy. Are you sure you can keep it up?” Hearing Peter’s answer, Tony went on to ask.

“Of course, I am sure!”

“Good, since we all want to guard other people, maybe I can help you.” Nodding, Tony looked at Peter and said.

“Mr. Stark, what do you mean?” Peter was a little bit confused by Tony’s words.

“I am going to give you a set of high-tech hero suits so that you can help others better. As for this rubbish, throw it out.” Although Tony was originally looking for Mirage Knight, Peter is an unexpected discovery. Perhaps, with his help, Spiderman can be a true Superhero.

“Really? Mr. Stark?!” It seems that Peter can’t believe what he heard and asked in surprise.

“Of course, but we are a group of people in the future. If you don’t do well, I will take back the spider suit.” With a nod, Tony gave Peter a positive answer.

“Yeah!” His Spiderman suit has been spit out by Mirage Knight but now with the support of Iron Man, how can Peter not be excited.

“Don’t be too excited. I have some questions to ask you now.” Seeing Peter’s happy look, Tony finally got to the topic he came to find him today.

“Well, what’s the problem, Mr. Stark?” Peter, who was really excited, asked quickly.

“I know that you and Jackson are good friends. Does he know that you are Spiderman?” This is the first question Tony asks.

Tony has been guessing Lin Rui’s identity since he learned that Spiderman found by J.A.R.V.I.S. was Peter. A young man who can pull out the magic water to treat Palladium Poisoning and a good friend of New York’s Vigilante, it’s easy to draw some conclusions by connecting these things. Perhaps Lin Rui himself is a Vigilante. Recalling the appearance of Lin Rui and Mirage Knight on the day of the Obadiah incident and the relationship between Mirage Knight and Spiderman, Peter and Lin Rui, Tony has some speculations.

“Jackson? He doesn’t know, I never told anyone that I a Spiderman.” Peter shook his head and replied as he heard Tony’s question. Of course, Peter didn’t know that Lin Rui was the Mirage Knight, otherwise, Lin Rui would have been exposed right now.

“He doesn’t know? Did I guess wrong?” Tony frowned slightly at Peter’s answer. “What about Mirage Knight? Do you know who he is? Or does he know who you are?”

“Mirage Knight? I don’t know who he is, but he knows who I am. I let him see my face in one action.” Shaking his head, Peter said he didn’t know who Mirage Knight was.

“He knows who you are, but you don’t know who he is. Perhaps, this guy is deliberately hiding.” Tony is not sure if Lin Rui is Mirage Knight, but he still has his doubts.

But even if Lin Rui is Mirage Knight, Tony can’t explain the magic of things he had gotten, since he can cure his Palladium Poisoning. Is there any huge high-tech support behind a Vigilante or is he a magical young man?

“Then what about Daredevil, do you know who he is?” Pressing down his doubts, Tony asked again.

“Well, I don’t know. Although we are in a team, we all respect the right of others to keep their real identity secret.” Shaking his head, Peter also did not know Matt’s identity.

“Ok, I understand your concerns. Then, I want you to bring a message to Mirage Knight and tell him I want to meet him. Iron Man, Tony Stark wants to talk to him face to face.” Peter couldn’t provide more information here and Tony had to leave a message. Some things were better-said face to face.

“Ok, I’ll tell him.” Peter nodded and assured him. Iron Man wants to meet Mirage Knight, Peter’s two different idols are going to meet each other, this is very exciting news.

“Well, I just wanted to talk to you today and let you bring a message to Mirage Knight.” When things were finished, Tony got up and was ready to leave.

“Mr. Stark, You are not going to tell anyone that I am Spiderman, are you?” Seeing Tony leaving, Peter quickly asked.

“Don’t worry, I will protect your little secret,” Tony promised while siling.

“Thank you, Mr. Stark!”

“Oh, yes. I promise you that your spider suit will be sent to you after it’s made. Pay attention to check it.” Coming to the door, Tony suddenly remembered something and turned to Peter and said.

“Yes, Mr. Stark, I will be looking forward to it!”

Then Tony left Peter’s house. Aunt May also wanted to keep Tony at home for dinner, but she also knew that people like Tony Stark might not be used to her cooking, so she didn’t say much.

Leaving Spiderman’s home, Tony drove his luxury sports car and galloped to the location where Lin Rui was. Whether Lin Rui is Mirage Knight or not, Tony had to ask him about the glass of water that removed the Palladium Poisoning.


“Hey! You just changed two simple parts. Why do you charge me 500 dollars?” Just after parking outside a car repair shop, Tony heard Lin Rui’s voice coming from the shop. Obviously, he was very dissatisfied with the repair cost of $500.

“You have to know that your Jeep is very old. I have changed two parts for you and it can continue to run. Otherwise, it can only be thrown into the scrap yard. 500 is already a generous price!” While depreciating Lin Rui’s newly arrived jeep, the shopkeeper said 500 was the normal price.

“Throwing to the scrap yard?! I just got it. I picked it up from the used car market and used it several days before I bought it! ” Lin Rui almost died of anger when he heard the shopkeeper’s words. Although his jeep looks really old, its performance is really good, otherwise, Lin Rui wouldn’t have bought it.

“Anyway, the cost of repairing is 500. If you don’t like it, I’ll replace them again with your old parts. But you still have to pay me a hundred labor costs.” The shopkeeper is obviously not the one who will lose. The bad thing is that this is Lin Rui’s car and not his.

“You!…” Five hundred dollars is not a lot of money for the current Lin Rui, but he does not want to be pitted.

“Can I swipe my card?” Just as Lin Rui was thinking about another theory, a familiar voice suddenly came from behind him.

“Ah!~ You are… Mr. Stark!” Lin Rui hasn’t turned around yet, and the shopkeeper has squinted and screamed.

“Mr. Stark, why are you here?” Seeing the shopkeeper’s surprise, Lin Rui turned around and saw Tony slowly coming over.

“So, can I swipe my card?” Ignoring Lin Rui, Tony asked again.

“Are you going to pay for the repairs? Certainly!” When Tony asked again, the shopkeeper answered. After that, the shopkeeper was about to go to the back and bring the card switcher.

“No, I am not going to pay the repair fee. I want to ask you if I can swipe my card and buy your store?” But as the shopkeeper turned around, Tony shook his head and delivered two more sentences. It was normal to hear the previous sentence. After hearing the latter sentence, the shopkeeper was stunned on the spot.

And Lin Rui stood by and silently watched Tony. He really doesn’t understand the World of the rich.

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