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Chapter 730 - Chapter 730: Picking Up Wild Little Wife!

Chapter 730: Picking Up Wild Little Wife!

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The fat golden dragon roared as it charged over! It flashed over and slapped Long Ba’s head. Even if the latter stuffed the dragon energy into his mouth, he would still swallow it! No! Down! Go!

“Escaping  ”

Long Ba, who had been whipped, did not care about seeing stars, nor did he care about the dragon qi that was leaking out of his mouth. He was about to escape far away! But he was dreaming.

However, he suddenly felt as if his dragon body had been fixed in place! This

Long Ba wanted to struggle! However-

“Swoosh!” There was an explosive force that penetrated his entire body at this moment! He even violently threw it down towards Mount Kunlun!

In an instant-

Those who could still see the scene saw the golden-red Dragon Tyrant being lifted limply like a giant reptile and smashed down toward Mount Kunlun.

And the person who smashed him! Unsurprisingly, it was Ye Qianli, who had a Human Sovereign Realm expert and the Dark Lord of the Abyss behind her. It was the domineering and barbaric Ye Qianli.

Not only that! Her body was still emitting a strong, ferocious wolf aura. It was the Sky-killing Wolf that had just finished its seclusion and had already fused with Ye Qianli.

Therefore, Ye Qianli was no longer a rank seven talent. She was now a peak demigod! He was a peak demigod with the bloodline of a super human emperor and the bloodline of the Dark Lord of the Abyss.

“Spit it out! Spit it out!”

At this moment, Ye Qianli, who shouted loudly, showed everyone what barbarism was! Ferocious, brutal, he was simply torturing Long Ba.

For a moment

“Pa, pa, pa  ”

The fat golden dragon, who had been slapping the Tyrant Dragon in anger a moment ago, was now slapping Ye Qianli with its claws! Master is so powerful!

He was stunned! Awoo

As for the surging dragon energy! Under Ye Qianli’s explosive power, it was spat out from Long Ba’s mouth. It even circled around the fat golden dragon, causing it to be stunned again.

However, in this situation, Kun Lun’s rough voice cried out mournfully, ” Little Princess! Moon Goddess can’t take it anymore, let’s not draw the dragon first, come quickly  ”

Then, before the people present could react, they all foolishly saw that Long Ba was thrown towards him! It was a five-clawed golden dragon that was not very huge but had an extraordinary aura.


The fat golden dragon took the opportunity to catch the Tyrant Dragon. Then, it took over its master’s task. It took it! Their movements were exactly the same! He whipped Long Ba to Mount Kunlun.


Luo Tai didn’t know what to say. He really didn’t know what to say. His mind was still blank. He had even forgotten that the mermaid god was beside him.

This scene! It was too much of a counterattack.

“Little princess, quick! They’re going to disperse, they’re going to disperse.” At this moment, the Kunlun God was on the verge of tears because the Moon Goddess was already dissipating.

Just like his dark armor, he was also dissipating. It seemed like his soul was about to dissipate! It was even more brutal than the Sun God from before.

Such a Moon Goddess


Ye Qianli released the Taiyi Primordial Water to stop the fading Moon Goddess. At the same time, she checked on the Moon Goddess’s condition, and her heart sank.

“Princess.” The Moon Goddess was still conscious. Even though he was bleeding and his aura was very faint and illusory, he was still conscious.

” Don’t give up. I’m from Dragon Mountain. I have a way to save you. ” Ye Qianli said. Even if she had no other way, she couldn’t just watch Yueshen leave.

She could see what Yueshen was doing with her right eye, but she was still too slow! When the seal dissipated, she knew that Yueshen was hopeless.


“Where’s the empress?” Yueshen asked because she didn’t see the empress.

“She’s fine. She’ll be here soon. Wait for her.” Ye Qianli said.

However, the Moon Goddess was relieved. After all, he had once helped the Empress obtain the Broken Moon Statue. Thus, he said, ” Princess, I’m afraid I won’t be able to wait for the Empress. I’ve tried my best. ”

Ye Qianli was speechless.

“Don’t talk nonsense! The little princess said that she has a way to save you. What last words?” The Kunlun Deity retorted angrily. The little princess had clearly said that she could be saved!

The Moon Goddess really rolled her eyes. While he was still alive, she wanted to roll her eyes at the Kunlun God! This person’s brain was really in vain.

But at this moment

“It can be saved.” Rong Mo’s voice rang in Ye Qianli’s ears, causing her to hold her breath and was about to reject him! She remembered that he had said that he was fine once.

Sun God had already attacked once. If he attacked again! Something must have happened, so she couldn’t let him do it, even if she really wanted to save Yueshen.

But she was willing to think of another way! She did not want Rong Mo to make a move again. Even if she was selfish, it was fine. However

“It can be saved.” The Magic Box had also mentioned it on the bullet screen, which made Ye Qianli hopeful. ” What is it? This is a sign that my soul is about to dissipate. I don’t have the ability to do so.”

“The problem of the soul was easily solved by your beautiful prince. Now, you just have to stabilize his soul! You can’t even  ” The Magic Box’s bullet screen was filled with comments, but Ye Qianli ignored it before it could finish its sentence.

Because she had already seen that it had clearly dispersed earlier! The inky black Ancestral Seal of the Moon Clan appeared in Rong Mo’s hand. This

Not only was Ye Qianli stunned, the Moon Goddess was even more shocked! He looked in disbelief at the masked Prince of Taixu who had come with the little princess. He found it unbelievable.

After all, his Ancestral Seal was clearly shattered by the Human Emperor’s Seal. Logically speaking, it was impossible for it to reappear! But

When Ye Qianli came back to her senses and carefully took the seal, Yueshen could tell! It was really intact, and it felt very different? This

No matter how incredulous the Moon Goddess was, Rong Mo had already placed the inkstone on the Moon Goddess’s body, suppressing her soul. Even without the Taiyi Primordial Water, she would not be able to dissipate her soul power.

However, Ye Qianli looked at Rong Mo and asked, ” You  ”

“I’m fine. It’s a small matter for me to gather this little thing.” Rong Mo waved his hand and signaled Ye Qianli to save him.

He could also see that Yueshen was in a bad situation, and he couldn’t help much unless he fought to the death. However, he had a wife and children, so he couldn’t bear to part with them.

Seeing that he was fine, Ye Qianli turned to Yueshen and prepared to save him! However, she was just about to make her move.


The fat golden dragon let out a cry of surprise, and Ye Qianli looked over subconsciously! Then, she saw that Long Ba, who had been smashed into a bloody mess by the fat golden dragon, was actually emitting a layer of mist!


“Not good! He wants to scatter his soul and escape. This is the top secret technique of the dragon race-Dragon Soul Escape. As long as he successfully escapes a wisp, he has the possibility of rebirth. This  ” Luo Tai thought! This Long Ba was truly worthy of being an old monster of the dragon clan. He actually knew such a secret technique.

This time

Long Ba would definitely not be eliminated!

This was because Luo Tai had already seen that the mist that had spread out had quickly hidden into the surrounding space. However, just as he thought about this, he saw

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