Heretic Doctor Useless Consort

Chapter 672 - Chapter 672: Unfaithful Love? Great Luck!

Chapter 672: Unfaithful Love? Great Luck!

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Without waiting for Monarch Taixu to catch his breath, the Great Empress had already activated the incantation and detonated the small array! This made Emperor Taixu dumbfounded, but he immediately felt that he had done a good job!

After all, the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator would probably never be able to come out! He was going to be sealed in Dragon Mountain forever. The same goes for the Heavenly Dragon Emperor! He was still ruthless.



As the power of the array formation being destroyed spread out, a terrifying and strange aura appeared! It was like a flood that was about to spill out uncontrollably. This made Emperor Taixu’s expression change slightly.

“Let’s go.” The Water Empress made a prompt decision. She grabbed Monarch Taixu and dashed out at an extraordinarily fast speed!

However, Emperor Taixu, who was being pulled away, asked, ” Do you know the way? This path is so complicated, and the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator clearly took a detour.”

” Return the way we came. No problem. ” As the Water Empress replied, she stopped pulling on Emperor Taixu. Previously, she pulled on this person because he was still useful.

However, just as she let go, Emperor Taixu pulled her back! This made the Water Empress frown. However, Emperor Taixu pulled her into another path and said, ” Then you should follow me. ”


“Don’t forget, I’m naturally sensitive to light. I’m not good at entering, but I’m good at leaving.” After the Taixu Emperor’s slip said that, he brought the Great Empress around a few times.

The Water Empress didn’t know if he was right. However, she guessed that Emperor Taixu wouldn’t use his own life as a bluff at a time like this.

The speed of the two Great Emperors was not just for show. From the moment the strange small array formation was detonated, it only took less than ten breaths!

“Swoosh!” Monarch Taixu brought the Great Empress and dashed out of the cave they had entered! And just as they flashed out-


The power of that strange array formation was like an oil well! Violent energy burst out and destroyed a large cliff, instantly exploding into a string of smoke.


The sound of a riot! The huge commotion naturally attracted the attention of countless people! It also attracted the attention of Chen Yuzhi and the other Kun Lun garrisons.


The Sun God rushed out of the temporary emperor’s tent the moment the commotion was made because he knew what the empress was doing!

Therefore, he had a hunch that the commotion was related to the empress. However, the moment he flashed over, he saw this! The Great Empress who was being held by Emperor Taixu’s wrist.

This …

Although he was only holding her wrist and it didn’t seem like the empress had taken the initiative, it was enough to make the Sun God stunned.

After all, it was not easy for someone like the Great Empress to forcefully hold her hand, even though Emperor Taixu was indeed stronger.

But …

” Empress!? ”

” The empress?! ”

While the Sun God was in a daze, Granny Liao and Chen Yuzhi, who had flashed over later, were also stunned by what they saw.

“Uh …”

Emperor Yan Huo’s eyes lit up as well! As if filled with gossip, he stared at the hand that the Great Empress and Emperor Taixu were ‘holding’ and countless question marks appeared in his mind.

Who could tell him why the Taixu Monarch who had said he had returned to the Taixu Realm was still here? Forget it, why was he holding hands with the empress?

Could it be that these two had some kind of “secret” relationship?

Could it be that not only was Prince Taixu going to marry Princess Kunlun, but Emperor Taixu was also going to marry the Empress? If that was the case, wasn’t it a little incestuous?

Ah pui! Now was not the time to think about these messy things. The key now was why these two were here! What was the big explosion behind them?

Emperor Yan Huo forcefully shifted his attention from the ‘hand in hand’ to the chaotic explosion behind him. When he looked over, he was stunned again!

That was because…


As the surging array formation’s energy continued to explode, the shadow of the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator and the tragic dragon body of Emperor Tian Long were also ‘blasted’ out at the same time.

Even though the two of them disappeared the moment they appeared! However, Emperor Yan Huo’s brain was already a little confused because he saw a Yin Devil Cultivator!

After all, although the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator had self-destructed, everyone was basically certain that he was not dead. Although he had been forced out of the Rising Dragon Stage, it seemed that he had not been eliminated!

But since he wasn’t eliminated, why did he come out? Could it be that everyone didn’t realize that he was eliminated the moment he self-destructed?


Absolutely not.

Every person who was eliminated would trigger the power of the rules of the Dragon Mountain, which was the power to teleport them. However, when the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivator ” disappeared “, that power did not appear.

Therefore, the Grand Yin Demon Cultivator was not eliminated at all. He…

“This bunch of people! These people…” Emperor Yan Huo made a bold guess. He suspected that the three emperors had sneaked into the Dragon Mountain Ruins because they had entered the ruins!

Emperor Yan Huo wouldn’t have dared to think of such a thing in the past! He definitely wouldn’t have thought of this, but because of the appearance of the Yin Demonic Cultivator, he subconsciously thought so.

After all, the Grand Yin Demonic Cultivators were not teleported out! If there was another way out of the Dragon Mountain, then there must be another way to enter the Dragon Mountain, right?

Thinking of this…

Emperor Yan Huo looked at the two great emperors in front of him and suddenly became very unpredictable. He felt that his speculation was basically true, especially…

“Bang! Rumble!”

Emperor Yan Huo could vaguely sense the power of the array as it continued to surge out! There was the Renhuang aura of Dragon Mountain and the mysterious aura of the Rising Dragon Platform.

At the same time!


In the sky above the Nine Realms Ruin, which was also above the Dragon Mountain, the shattered light that slowly flowed into the Dragon Mountain clearly exploded as if it had been affected.

There was no doubt about it! It was to confirm Emperor Yan Huo’s guess, which made him even more certain! These people were actually from Dragon Mountain.

However, just as Emperor Yan Huo thought about this, the surrounding people started to shout, ” This aura! Why did this aura feel like the aura of providence? It was spreading out! It actually spread out.”

“This! Hurry up! Hurry up and suck-”


At this moment, everyone present could sense that because of the sudden explosion of the shattered light, it was as if the power of providence was flowing out from it. Many people were extremely excited! He hurriedly rushed up to snatch the power of luck.

This made the empress, who had already withdrawn her hand! Her face sank. She had never expected that the power of providence that should have belonged to her daughter and son-in-law would actually spread out because of this explosion. This …

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