Hello, Mr. Major General

Chapter 36

Chapter 36: An Uninvited Guest (1)

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Gu Nianzhi stood on the balcony outside her room, unsure as to whether to laugh or cry.

Mei Xiawen had actually stored a giant bouquet of roses in the trunk. She realized that this must have been planned beforehand, but she wasn’t repulsed; rather, she was merely thrown off by this approach. She helplessly stood on the balcony and suddenly wanted to gnaw at her nails in her increasingly nervous state. Lady Cao was standing with her and saw that things weren’t exactly going as hoped for on Gu Nianzhi’s end. She immediately pushed her back into the room and waved at the rowdy group below, shouting, “Class Rep, you want to win over our Nianzhi was just a bouquet of roses?! That’s hardly enough!”

Mei Xiawen stood up and raised the bouquet in a wave like a gold medal Olympic athlete. “This is just the beginning! I’m not through yet!”

Song Ruyu finally understood what it felt like to be snubbed. Mei Xiawen had confessed his love to Gu Nianzhi in front of all these people, and despite the fact that Gu Nianzhi hadn’t answered him right away, Mei Xiawen was now seen as ‘off the market’ by the students at C University.

Little Temptress couldn’t stop grinning. She pressed one hand to her ear, and pretended to hold a microphone in the other and hold it up to Song Ruyu. . “Cunning b*tch, was that the first time you stubbed your toe on a metal plate? What does it feel like to deliver yourself to the door and be rejected? Tell the audience more!”

“Piss off! Stupid transvestite!” Song Ruyu shoved Little Temptress and ran back to the dorm sobbing.

Mei Xiawen handed the roses to Green Tea Fang. “Give these to Nianzhi for me.”

“For sure. By the way Class Rep, don’t forget about dinner tonight!” Green Tea embraced the roses and smoothed her hair.

Mei Xiawen thought of the interview Gu Nianzhi’s had to attend early the next morning. He was concerned that partying too late that night would affect her performance. He opened the car door and then turned to apologize to Green Tea Fang and Little Temptress.”Oh, I’m really sorry, but I really can’t go tonight, I have something going on at home. They called me just now to ask me to come home early. I’ve already told Nianzhi. However, tomorrow…tomorrow is my treat for sure. He took out his phone. “I’ll book tomorrow’s reservation right now.”

Green Tea Fang and Little Temptress exchanged a look and turned to Mei Xiawen, their voices making clear their displeasure. “Class Rep, we only promised to help you pursue Gu Nianzhi because you seemed sincere. Don’t deceive her.” He had just promised to buy dinner this morning, but then changed his mind in the afternoon. Where was his sincerity? The delicate friendship he had built with Gu Nianzhi was already facing the danger of collapsing in the face of the new romantic progress.

Mei Xiawen quickly explained. “I really had something come up. Nianzhi knows about it too. Ask her if you don’t believe me.” Mei Xiawen needed to send Gu Nianzhi a text immediately to communicate this plan and set up the ruse.

“Really?” Green Tea Fang looked at Little Temptress conspiratorially and asked her with a small roll of her eyes, do you believe him?

Little Temptress shrugged her shoulders. “We’ll ask Nianzhi when we go back.”

Mei Xiawen was about to make the reservation on his phone when suddenly he had a new thought. “Does Nianzhi like local or other cuisines?”

Green Tea Fang pushed the roses into Little Temptress’ arms and had her go back first. She then said, “Nianzhi tends to visit the local restaurants more often.” Her words implied that Nianzhi’s background didn’t allow her to go to very high class restaurants.

Mei Xiawen’s hand paused and a tenderness swelled from deep inside his heart. He wanted to cherish that girl well, because she was worthy of his devotion.

“Let’s go to the Red Manor Restaurant in the city.” Mei Xiawen found the phone number and called. Red Manor Restaurant was a long established foreign cuisine restaurant in C City. It was devoted to taste and experience, and the food was said to be very authentic. Of course, the prices were also outrageously expensive.

Green Tea Fang gave silent approval when she saw that Mei Xiawen had reserved for six pm at the Red Manor Restaurant. He would likely be spending at least ten thousand yuan on the meal. “Class Rep, let’s get something straight. This is the last time we’re helping you out. You’re on your own after this. Nianzhi is still young, but don’t play around with her feelings. You don’t want to mess with us.”

“Nianzhi is lucky to have roommates like you three. Of course I’m dating her with the intent to marry,” Mei Xiawen stated seriously.

It was only because the three of them had gotten to know Mei Xiawen well these past four years and realized his true and good character, that they had agreed to pull the strings for him this one time.

Green Tea Fang turned to go back upstairs and Mei Xiawen quickly texted Gu Nianzhi. “Rest well tonight, I’ll pick you up tomorrow morning. I told your roommates I had something going on at home and pushed the dinner to tomorrow. Don’t let that slip. Also don’t tell anyone about your interview tomorrow. It can wait until you have the letter of acceptance.”

Anything can change before she reaches that step, Mei Xiawen thought.

If it were before, Gu Nianzhi would have thought Mei Xiawen was making a fuss over nothing and being too paranoid. But after the incident with Feng Yixi, Gu Nianzhi felt it was better to be more careful. Although she thought her three roommates were unlike Feng Yixi, her final chance was tomorrow and she truly didn’t want any more trouble. She would treat them for dinner after her interview as an apology. So when Little Temptress returned to the dorm and asked her about the plans for that night, she quietly said, “Class Rep already told me that he had something going on at home.”

“He really has something going on?” Little Temptress pouted her lips and pulled Gu Nianzhi down to sit beside her as she advised her earnestly. “Nianzhi, since it looks like you quite like Mei Xiawen, I have to warn you as an elder sister. Men are scum. Don’t be too nice to them; you have to leave them hanging. Don’t give your heart away when they’re just a little nice to you.”

Gu Nianzhi felt a touch of anxiety at these words. She brushed her fingers over Little Temptress’ forehead, “My dear sister, Little Temptress, did you experience something painful? How could you say something like that? That ‘men are scum?'”

“Tch! I’m telling you, you’ll be the one to suffer if you don’t take the advice of your elders! I have lots of experience with men and have transcended to the level of ‘Temptress’. I can understand what a man is really up to with just a glance!” Little Temptress poked Gu Nianzhi’s forehead.

Gu Nianzhi and Little Temptress giggled over this for a bit, releasing the tension from the air. She then changed the topic and shared some snacks with her and the other girls as they chatted away into the night. When midnight struck, Gu Nianzhi changed and laid in bed to rest. She had to wake up early tomorrow and rush to campus. Not sleeping well the night before made her in particular need of a good night’s rest.

Her friends saw that she had fallen asleep and did not disturb her. They cleaned up and went about their own ways. Gu Nianzhi slept alone in the dorm until late night, when the Resident Advisor’s boorish voice crackled out of the dorm intercom and woke her.

“Gu Nianzhi in room 518, someone’s looking for you!”

Gu Nianzhi quickly got up and pulled her hair into a messy ponytail before going downstairs. A small and exquisite vintage Beetle was parked in front of the building. An elegant lady in a grey dress suit stood beside the car. Her skin was alabaster and her face was gentle and round, like the moon’s. She had delicate brows and lips, and a full figure. She smiled at Gu Nianzhi. “You are Gu Nianzhi? I’m Wen Shouyi, Professor He Zhichu’s assistant.”

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