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Chapter 347 - Not gonna bear with it anymore

Chapter 347: Not gonna bear with it anymore

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Wen Shouyi looked at the cold and emotionless He Zhichu and felt a cold shiver running down her spine.

Endless words were pouring within her, but she dare not say a single word.

If she dared to even take one more step forward, He Zhichu will take the gun and shoot her. He really dare to…

Wen Shouyi mustered all the strength she had to calm herself down, and said steadily: “Okay. I’ll go back. But Professor He, you’ll be all alone if I were to leave. The people at home, especially old mister He, will be extremely worried about you. He only has one son.”

“Are you doubting my abilities now?” He Zhichu stopped looking at her, and began sending emails on his computer. “I will hire a new secretary and caretaker. You can leave now.”

Wen Shouyi was unable to lie to herself anymore, now that he already put things this way.

She turned around slowly, and placed her hand on the handle. She paused, hesitated, and turned around to look at He Zhichu’s side profile. Her gaze was full of yearning and love.

“Mis… Mister He, If… I’m not the daughter of He’s gardener, would your attitude be better towards me?”

She had held this question within her for so long. She still couldn’t help but to ask.

She didn’t dare to ask in the past, worrying that it would affect whatever relationship they had. However, since there was no turning back this time, she decided to just find out on the answer.

He Zhichu did not even look at her. He continued typing on the keyboard, and said coldly: “My attitude towards you hadn’t changed all along. Doesn’t matter whose daughter you are.”

“But your attitude wasn’t like that when I was with you for the first 3 years!” Wen Shouyi turned around, leaned against the door, and touched her face. “You allowed me to be by your side then, never needing to leave. Whenever you saw that I wasn’t around, you’d look for me frantically…”

The hands that were typing on the keyboard paused, and He Zhichu said emotionlessly: “You’re wrong. Aunt Qin was the one who asked you to be by my side. It wasn’t me.”

“… It was Aunt Qin?” Wen Shouyi asked, stunned. “It was really Aunt Qin?”

“Go ask her if you don’t believe me.” He Zhichu had lost his patience. He shoved his keyboard, and glared at her coldly: “Are you done?”

Wen Shouyi wiped her tears: “I’m going now. Please take care, Mr. He.”

She finally opened the door, and walked out slowly. Turning around, she closed the door.

Wen Shouyi stood at the door of He Zhichu’s office, and looked around at the office, full of emotions.

She personally decorated this place – from selecting the location, to the renovation, purchasing of furniture and their placement – she did them all.

Now she’s about to leave this place.

Wen Shouyi walked towards her office.

Jin Dazhuang’s office was beside hers, so he came out to have a look when he heard some noise.

“Lawyer Wen, does Mr. He still have anything for us?” Jin Dazhuang asked bitterly. He was severely defeated today, and had not much confidence left.

Wen Shouyi smiled, and asked with a low voice: “… You lost to Gu Nianzhi again?”

“… Can’t exactly call it losing.” Jin Dazhuang adjusted his collar. “She came prepared. I took her too lightly. I didn’t know such an easy case would have much insider’s information hidden.”

“Yeah, you’re right. Your experiences of 20 years are legit. Don’t give up, I believe in you.” Wen Shouyi draped her arm across Jin Dazhuang’s shoulders, and tapped gently. “I’m going home, Lawyer Jin. Lawyer He will have to promote someone to be the Executive Director. I will recommend you, and do a handover to you. Do you happen to be free tomorrow and the day after? I only have 2 days to handover.”

Jin Dazhuang was in shock. A golden opportunity just fell off the sky and landed on him. He couldn’t believe it.

“Why aren’t you talking? You’re not willing to take on the job?” Wen Shouyi smiled, and whispered: “…There’s a very high opportunity that Gu Nianzhi will be coming here for internship. Don’t you want to… Try letting her be your subordinate?”

Commanding someone who defeated you in the past… Really sounds tempting.

Jin Dazhuang only allowed himself to be in a daze for a minute. He snapped back to reality and said: “I don’t think it’s such a good idea. After all, Gu Nianzhi and I have no personal feuds. It was only because of work… Why would I want to prank her like that?”

Wen Shouyi was speechless.

“Now, did I ask you to prank her? What were you thinking?” Wen Shouyi looked at him weirdly: “I thought you wanted to get your confidence back.”

Even lawyer Wen could tell that he totally doubted everything about himself right now.

Jin Dazhuang crossed his arms and thought deeply: “This doesn’t sound bad, I think I can give it a try.”

“Great! That’s settled then; I will go back to draft the recommendation email for you to be the Executive Director.” Wen Shouyi returned to her office and began the process of handing over.

She had been an extremely systematic person all along, so she had to-do lists for her daily tasks. She sent them all to He Zhichu, along with a letter of recommendation for Jin Dazhuang to fill the position of Executive Director.

He Zhichu looked at Jin Dazhuang’s resume, and agreed that he had the most experience among all his employees. He also had experience as a lawyer in JD Law Firm for many years, and thus has ample experience with the Law industry within the country. If he filled the position of Executive Director, it’ll definitely benefit the company, and allow the Sovereign Law Office to be one of the more prestigious law firms in the Law industry in Di Capital.

He replied a “yes”.

Wen Shouyi breathed a sigh of relief as she saw his almost immediate reply.

She sent Jin Dazhuang a copy of her daily to-do lists as well, and arranged for the next day and the day after to meet and prepare for handover.

Gu Nianzhi and Zhao Liangze came out from the lift, and saw that Huo Shaoheng’s car was still along the road.

There were no traffic during the Lunar New Year, so he wouldn’t be fined even if he parked along the roadside.

“Yep, he signed. He also agreed to the auction. All he wants now is to not get jailed. He doesn’t mind sacrificing everything else.” Gu Nianzhi replied lightly, and massaged her temples.

The engine started. Zhao Liangze turned around from the passenger seat and asked Huo Shaoheng: “Mr. Huo, Professor He was here as well. We met him at the lift.”

“Oh? Then most likely he went up straight from the basement car park.” Huo Shaoheng supported his head on his palm, and looked deep in thought. “I didn’t see anyone walk past just now.”

Gu Nianzhi sighed in relief. She had no idea why but she did not want Huo Shaoheng to bump into He Zhichu.

The argument the other time at the Headquarters of Special Forces was so traumatizing that she still shudders when she thought about it now.

She did not wish for anything like that to happen again.

Wen Shouyi and Jin Dazhuang were busy until midnight.

Jin Dazhuang massaged his neck and asked Wen Shouyi nicely: “What time would your flight be tomorrow, Lawyer Wen? Should I send you off?”

“It’s okay, thank you Lawyer Jin.” Wen Shouyi rejected politely. “I wouldn’t be coming back anymore, so I have quite a number of friends who will be sending me off.”

“Oh, its okay then. Bon voyage, Lawyer Wen.” Wen Dazhuang bid her an early farewell.

Wen Shouyi smiled gently at Jin Dazhuang, printed out the lasts of her job scope and handed them over to him.

On the 5th day of the Lunar New Year, Wen Shouyi took a small suitcase and left the capital quietly. She will be returning to her hometown from America.

With Wen Shouyi’s departure, and the Sovereign Law Office being unwilling to accept the cases of the Zhang’s and Zhao’, the two families fell quickly.

Zhang Baochen sold all the real estate properties under his name, and surrendered every single cent of his savings for the debt. They did not even have a place to stay. Upon knowing, grandfather Huo headed over to the rented apartment that Zhang Baochen and his children are currently staying at.

It was a 3-bedroom apartment. The total area was less than 100 square metres. It was far worse than the place Zhang Baochen’s family was staying at previously.

Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie were not accustomed to this at all.

They could only fit a bed into their rooms. There was barely any space left.

All the luxury bags and clothes Zhang Wenna had did not have space to be stored properly as well, so she dumped them all below the bed. It was better not seeing them anyway.

Zhang Baochen and his family almost cried when they saw grandfather Huo at their doorstep.

However, they didn’t dare misbehave in front of an outsider. They respectfully called grandfather Huo “Official”.

Grandfather Huo was heartbroken to see them in this state, but he could not ask them to return to the Huo’s family home. The only thing he could do was to secretly hand Zhang Baochen a key. “…Take it. I’ll transfer the ownership of the house to you after the New Year. Renting a house isn’t going to help.”

Zhang Baochen was extremely touched. Wiping away tears, he asked: “Official, what about my mother? Please, you have to save her!”

“She has implicated too many people and things. There’s really nothing much I can do for her anymore.” Grandfather Huo sighed.

He really did not expect the gentle looking and soft-spoken woman had such a huge appetite for wealth and power.

Zhang Baochen knew they were in deep trouble, so he begged eagerly: “Official, please! My mother had been loyal to you for so many years, taking care of your health. Please speak up a little for her. Others wouldn’t say a word even if you do… If you don’t even say anything, your subordinate will be in so much pain…”

Even if they ignore the relationship between grandfather Huo and Zhang Feng, she was still his senior nurse. She had taken care of him for 40 over years. Even if she didn’t deserve any credit, she’d have deserved some appreciation for her hard work. Grandfather Huo definitely wouldn’t see her be sentenced just like that based on that nurse and patient relationship.

“I will go and visit her. However, you have to understand that I’ve already retired. I wouldn’t be able to help much.” Grandfather Huo had been trying to get Huo Shaoheng and Huo Guanchen to bail Zhang Feng out for the past few days, but all of them pretended to not know anything and refused to help.

Grandfather Huo was physically and mentally worn out. For the very first time, he showed signed of being helpless due to old age.

Zhang Baochen nodded frantically. “Can I go with you please?”

Grandfather Huo thought about it before nodding: “Sure, you can come along.”

Grandfather Huo brought Zhang Baochen to the detaining station in the investigation department to visit Zhang Feng.

Grandfather Huo let Zhang Baochen visit Zhang Feng first.

It had only been about 4 to 5 days, but Zhang Feng became another person altogether.

Her black hair had turned white. Her fair skin had lost the daily maintenance of top quality facial products and now looked dull and yellow, her eyebrows fell onto her eyes messily, the wrinkles at the end of her eyes look deep, and her eye bags – Oh, her eye bags. They were way more obvious than ever.

“Mother, how did you become like that?” Zhang Baochen’s heart wrenched. “Why did your hair become so white? Did they torture you?”

“No, they didn’t.” Zhang Feng shook her head with a heavy heart. “I look like that because I did not dye my hair.”

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