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Chapter 341 - Pack up

Chapter 341: Pack up

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Zhao Da’s face fell completely. With his mouth falling open, he finally managed to stutter: “… How can it be?! We have people above us!”

“People your ass!” The manager in charge of finance in Dacheng Industrial LLC, who was also in charge of VIP clients with the bank, rolled his eyes at him. “If we have people above us would we get audited by the army? Are you dim witted or what?!”

Zhao Da opened his eyes wide and looked at the proud manager. His face turned red from anger.

In the past, he would call him Boss Zhao every single time he saw him. It sounded way better than he was greeting his own father. Now there’s something wrong, he immediately changed in attitude.

“You wait! Wait for me to clarify everything, and I’ll let you take back the words you said today one! By! One! The people above me – you’d be scared stiff if I mentioned their names! Pfft!”

Zhao Da left the bank angrily, and called his son immediately upon entering the car.

The main reason why his son, Zhao Liangshan married Zhang’s daughter Zhang Xiaocui, was because of their connections with the army.

If not, based on their financial status, why would they have a daughter in-law from a family with a lower financial status than them?

The lady didn’t even look amazing…

The Zhang’s would only be fit to be their cleaners if not for that fact that her Aunt managed to associate herself with someone of a much higher status.

“Liangshan, have you arrived at your aunt’s?” Zhao Da asked the moment the line went through. “Get her to get Official to step in, quick! Our bank account has already been frozen!”

Zhao Liangshan on the other line was stuttering as he sat on the sofa in Zhang Baochen’s living hall. He really didn’t know how to answer his father.

His father in-law Zhang Cheng, wife Zhang Xiaocui and himself took an overnight flight in to Di Capital. They had just arrived at the Zhang’s, and were already hit by the worst news they could hear: Zhang Feng had been captured by the investigation officers!

“Why aren’t you talking?” Zhao Da panicked. “Get your father in-law on the phone if you aren’t going to speak!”

Zhao Liangshan handed the phone to Zhang Cheng and said bitterly: “It’s my father…”


“Our bank account has been frozen. My father is raging right now…”

Zhang Cheng answered the phone immediately, his face full of smiles: “In-law! You’re calling really early. We just arrived at Di Capital, and haven’t seen my sister and brother in-law yet!”

“Brother in-law? When did you have a brother in-law?” Zhao Da was in shock. “Your sister…”

Hasn’t she been the mistress her entire life?

Zhao Da kept the last sentence to himself.

Zhang Cheng forced a smile: “Why can’t I have a brother in-law now? My sister had been with the official her entire life; No way she’s going to do that without a proper status? My sister has already said, that she will be registering the marriage with the Official after the New Year. Wouldn’t he be my brother in-law then?”

“Oh my, are you serious?! That’s a really great news!” Zhao Da felt a huge load being lifted off his shoulders all of a sudden. Even the greyish skies full of clouds looked extremely blue to him at that moment. “Hahaha… When will the wedding be held? Will they be holding the wedding in our city? Let me tell you… As long as the Official is coming, I’ll book the biggest restaurant in the city, and hold a banquet for 3 days straight! I would be able to afford this banquet for everyone in the city!”

“Hahaha… Let’s talk about it when the time comes. My sister is practical; she doesn’t like to be in the limelight too much. Anyway, it wouldn’t reflect well on the official.” Zhang Baochen glared at him when he was saying those words, and even made hand gestures to get him to stop. How could he not say?

This in-law would fall out any minute if he didn’t say that!

“That’s fine, that’s fine. You go get busy. Oh yeah, regarding our bank account, could you please find an opportunity to speak to your brother in-law? Get him to give our bank a call or something; just unfreeze it. It wouldn’t take them much time and effort.” Zhao Da wasn’t a wee bit worried anymore.

Their relationship wasn’t something to be proud of in the past. Even though they had Shihui, it wasn’t exactly stable.

Now, she was going to be officially the wife of the Official. Their status will never be the same again.

Most likely, even *** will have to go to his home for Lunar New Year visiting…

Turning his head to look at the bank building behind him, he snorted.

The VIP customer relations manager who was rude to him just now; he’ll know when he’ll even have to kneel and call him ‘daddy’ when the time comes!

Zhang Cheng hung up. The smile on his face disappeared immediately.

He paced worriedly around the living hall, and asked Zhang Baochen: “Where’s the Official? He doesn’t care even when your mother got arrested by the investigation officers? She had been by his side for so many years for God’s sake, even if it was a dog, there will be feelings, won’t there?”

Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie pursed their lips upon hearing such uncouth words coming from their granduncle, and turned to Zhang Baochen: “Father, we would like to go to the Huo’s to move our things.”

They were chased out during New Year’s Eve. They had no time or chance to pack anything.

Qian Shihui did not like how Zhang Cheng making such a fuss as well, so she nudged Zhang Baochen: “Our things are there too, why not let’s go there to pack our things since we have nothing on today? We can look for the old man as well…”

Zhang Cheng overheard their conversation, and asked: “What’s going on? Where are you going to move things from?” He looked around the house: “Didn’t you guys live within the compound of the army? Why are you staying here now?”

Both Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui did not want to talk about this, so they smiled and replied: “The kids are getting big; they would like to move out and live on our own, so we moved.”

Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie remained silent, just wanting to leave.

Zhang Cheng and Zhao Liangshan looked at each other, communicated for a bit and told Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui: “Let us go with you? We can help with the moving as well.”

They would be able to see the legendary old Major Huo as well.

Zhang Baochen rejected politely: “I’m afraid you can’t. You’ll need an entry permit to enter, but you don’t have one.”

“But you have?” Zhang Cheng asked curiously. “Let me see how it looks like! How long would it take if I were to apply for one as well?”

“You’ll have to wait till next year to get approved even if you’re eligible and meet all the criteria.” Qian Shihui’s words had a hidden meaning, as she did not want to entertain their probing anymore.

Zhang Xiaocui rolled her eyes and stood up: “Cousin, cousin in-law. Your cousin here really wishes to have an eye-opening experience. Can’t I? I’ve heard that the ranking of the Official is really high, is that true? So he wouldn’t allow even if distant relatives visit? I don’t believe it!”

Qian Shihui and Zhang Baochen exchanged awkward glances.

Zhang Xiaocui was right.

Distant relatives could be granted immediate access if they came, but the prerequisite was that there had to be someone from the headquarters to act as their guarantor.

Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui were not considered to be people from the compound anymore. In fact, they weren’t even sure if their entry passes could still be used. They had intended to get the soldier on duty to pass a message to Grandfather Huo if their entry passes got rejected. Grandfather Huo would definitely send some soldiers to bring them in to pack.

However, bringing Zhang Cheng and Zhao Liangshan would be out of the question. Huo Shaoheng wouldn’t allow them to enter.

They were discussing halfway and haven’t even left, when a few people appeared at the door again. They were wearing Police uniforms. Knocking on the door, they asked: “Is Zhang Baochen in?”

Zhang Baochen braced himself and opened the door: “I am him. Is anything the matter?”

A policeman handed him a form. “Is this your property? Please sign here if it is.”

“Sign? For what?” Zhang Baochen was confused. He read the form, as he turned as white as sheet. “Did you make a mistake? How can you blame me for the false accounts from Dacheng Industries LLC? I’ve got no connections with them at all!”

Even though the CEO of Dacheng Industries LLC is their in-law, they had no business relationship with Dacheng. These are two different matters.

The policeman looked at him, and took out a copy of verified list of shareholders. Putting it in his face, they said: “Look at this. Your name is here on the list of shareholders of Dacheng Industries LLC. Even though you’re just a minor shareholder, you’re still one. Dacheng industries LLC’s liabilities has superseded its assets. Under the law, all shareholders have to help to pay off the debts according to the percentage of shares owned. If you are unable to do so, your assets will be forcefully auctioned, and this will include your property.”

“I… I… I… Since when have I become a shareholder?!” Zhang Baochen’s eyes almost popped out of his sockets. “Are you sure you’re not making a mistake? I never knew anything like that!”

He looked at his wife, Qian Shihui for help. She blushed immediately.

This position of being a small shareholder was done up in secret after Qian Shihui discussed with Zhang Feng. The reason to this was that Zhang Baochen would have more assets.

Zhang Feng herself had 20% with the company. Zhao Da gave all these to her; she did not spend a single cent on them.

In order to assure Zhang Feng, Zhao Da agreed to her request of giving 5% of the shares to Zhang Baochen.

Zhao Da has 65% of the company, and the other 10% belonged to Zhao Da’s family.

Qian Shihui handled the receiving of dividends and attending board meetings all along. Zhang Baochen really did not know what anything.

“Why would it matter even if you know anything? You are a shareholder under the law. So we have to take your property to pay off the debt.” The policeman did not want to listen to his explanation. He just pointed to the form, and said firmly: “Sign!”

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