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Chapter 327 - Reunion dinner (5)

Chapter 327: Reunion dinner (5)

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Grandfather Huo wasn’t just any senior official. Even though he had already retired, he was still the second in command of the Supreme council of the army.

A mere soldier on duty could not bear the consequences of his health.

This soldier got a shock. The one beside him began talking: “Since senior official isn’t feeling well, we can let you pass immediately.”

This was considered a special situation, and was acceptable even without the approval of the Lieutenant Colonel on duty.

Also, they had already gone through with the steps of procedure. Technically, they were the ones at fault if they didn’t let them through.

The two soldiers made their decisions.

They went back to the guardhouse. One of them called the mansion to inform them of the visitors, while the other went to raise the barrier.

The barrier rose immediately.

Grandfather Huo’s driver stepped on the accelerator and sped in.

When Zhao Liangze received the call and informed them that the Huo’s were already reaching the mansion, Gu Nianzhi just reached Song Jinning’s room on level 3.

She did not know what Huo Shaoheng and Song Jinning were talking about in the room as she could not just barge inside, so she just knocked on the door and spoke into the communication system: “Auntie Song, is Huo Shao inside please? The main gate of the headquarters has something to inform him.”

Huo Shaoheng was listening to Song Jinning talk about the secret data on his uncle, Huo Guanyuan’s personal phone.

Song Jinning even turned on the computer and showed him diagrams when she was excited at some points.

Huo Shaoheng was immersed with the findings as well, so he continued the discussion with Song Jinning and forgot about the time.

That was until he heard Gu Nianzhi’s voice coming from the communication system. He realized he did not have his phone or earpiece with him.

His intention was to prepare for reunion dinner. He just changed as well. Moreover, Zhao Liangze was with him. Therefore, he did not prepare those things with him.

Song Jinning raised her head to look at Huo Shaoheng from the computer: “It’s Nianzhi’s voice? Is there anything?”

“There should be something.” Huo Shaoheng walked to the door and opened it to let Gu Nianzhi in. “Yes? What’s wrong with the gate at the Headquarters?”

Gu Nianzhi saw that Song Jinning was also looking at her and panicked. However, what had to be said, had to be said. If she did not say it now and Song Jinning did not have enough time to get ready, everyone would be awkward.

“It’s… it’s just… that Grandfather Huo brought the entire family here to have reunion dinner.” Gu Nianzhi said everything in one breath; “they’re already at the gate. The soldiers on duty are asking if they should let them in.”

Huo Shaoheng’s brows furrowed. Taking his hand from his pants pocket, he crossed his arms and said: “Not just anyone can come to my place like that.”

Song Jinning was unhappy upon knowing that Huo Guanchen was about to arrive, but Grandfather Huo was Huo Shaoheng’s grandfather, and Huo Guanchen, his father. If they wanted to come and spend the New Year together, technically, they could. Huo Shaoheng did not have any reasons to reject them.

Therefore, she stood up and tapped Huo Shaoheng on the shoulders to remind him: “Shaoheng, it’s New Year’s Eve; don’t argue with anyone. It’s just a reunion dinner; I’m not that weak to not be able to face them for just this.”

Huo Shaoheng looked at Song Jinning carefully. Upon not seeing any grimace or sarcasm, he nodded: “I know what I’m doing.”

He left the suite with Gu Nianzhi, and proceeded downstairs.

Just when they were coming down from the spiral staircase, they saw a group of people entering the house.

The one in the lead was none other than Huo Guanchen. He was carrying Grandfather Huo on his back. He strode into the hall, and placed Grandfather Huo onto the sofa.

Zhang Feng followed closely by the side. She quickly took out a thermometer from her medical kit, and measured Grandfather Huo’s temperature.

Huo Jialan followed beside Huo Guanchen. She saw Huo Shaoheng and Gu Nianzhi standing on the stairs.

They were wearing matching colored woolen tops and pants; they actually looked like a couple wearing matching outfits.

The corners of Huo Jialan’s lips twitched. She quickly looked down, and stood quietly by the side.

Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui stood on Zhang Feng’s sides, helping out in taking care of Grandfather Huo.

Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie stood at the entrance of the living hall. They daren’t even go closer.

Huo Shaoheng’s eyes swept across the uninvited guests in his living hall, and fixed them on Yin Shixiong. Lowering his voice, he asked: “What’s going on?”

Yin Shixiong hastily replied: “Grandfather Huo fell ill all of a sudden, so the soldiers on duty let them in.” He continued, “we’ve already given Doctor Chen a call, he’s rushing over right now.”

Huo Shaoheng nodded, and descended the stairs slowly. Hands in his pockets, he announced steadily: “Grandfather stays. The rest of you, leave.”

Huo Guanchen did not say anything, but Grandfather Huo could not control himself. He sat up straight on the sofa and yelled: “Shaoheng! It’s the New Year, what on earth do you think you’re doing?!”

“Grandfather has recovered?” Huo Shaoheng smiled, “Please don’t be angry, but please, don’t make things difficult for me as well.” Looking at the Zhang’s and Huo Jialan who were walking over, he continued: “Please leave. This is not a place for you to come.”

Zhang Feng did not expect Huo Shaoheng to be so cold blooded – they were already in the house, but he insisted for them to get out.

She did not speak, only holding on to Grandfather Huo’s arm and standing by his side. She looked at her son and daughter-in-law, and hinted for them to stand beside her.

To be honest, Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui were already scared stiff by Huo shaoheng’s glare.

They were not close with Huo Shaoheng, and were afraid of him. Now that he treated them like that, it felt like he was cutting ties with them.

“Why can’t they come?!” Grandfather Huo’s was seeing red. He felt that Huo Shaoheng wasn’t respecting him by doing this. He had been in the army his entire life, finally achieving the second in command of the Supreme council of the army. No one from the army dared to treat him like that. “This is your house; it belongs to the Huo’s as well. How can you chase them away?!”

“This is the mansion of the vice captain of the Headquarters in the Special Forces, not the house of the Huo’s.” Huo Shaoheng bowed slightly to Grandfather Huo, “it’s a special situation; I apologize.”

Turning to face the main door, he commanded: “Security.”

A couple of armed soldiers ran in and saluted: “Sir!”

Huo Shaoheng nodded. He held out his arm and pointed… From Zhang Feng, to Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie who were standing by the door. “These people; Arrest them.”

“Yes sir!” These soldiers were extremely well trained. Upon receiving the command, they took ropes from their backs, and tied Zhang Feng, Zhang Baochen and Qian Shihui up.

When it was almost Huo Jialan’s turn, she turned pale and quickly shouted: “Eldest cousin! I’m here to apologize to Second Aunt! Please let me see her; I just want to kowtow to her! I’ll leave after I’m done!”

“Ha…” Gu Nianzhi snorted, full of despise. She stood beside Huo Shaoheng’s and raised her brows: “You tortured Mdm Song for ten years, and you think it’ll all be ok with just a kowtow? Aren’t you clever…?”

“I did not mean it…” Huo Jialan began crying and fell to her knees. “I really didn’t mean it! I was made use of by Bai Jinyi…”

She was crying a river, and her tears were falling endlessly from her eyes. Her facial expression looked depressed as well, but she still looked pretty – there weren’t any mucus and tears all over the place.

Gu Nianzhi glared at her, “Well, nothing’s going to be solved just by crying and kowtowing. Huo Jialan, don’t think you’ll be running away scot-free just because the court let you off from criminal charges. After the New Year, I’ll definitely be in court with you again – for a civil charge.”

Huo Jialan did not expect them to still want to bring her to court. She shivered, and looked at Huo Guanchen with pleading eyes: “Second uncle, I really didn’t know… I was the victim… Second uncle… My dad isn’t around anymore…”

“Shut up, you.” Gu Nianzhi stopped her. “What do you want to achieve by bringing your father up? Are you trying to say that you’re able to torture Mdm Song just because Senior Colonel Huo Guanyuan isn’t around anymore? I don’t understand this logic as well, but like I’ve mentioned, don’t come crying and kicking a fuss on New Year’s Eve and bring us bad luck. Get home and stay there. Enjoy your life now, and wait there to receive your summon in court.”

For all the emotional torture Huo Jialan inflicted upon Song Jinning, she would not have a criminal case, but civil case wise, there definitely was something to fight for.

There wouldn’t be jail term for civil cases, but there were possibilities that the person will be made a bankrupt just based on the compensations.

Huo Jialan went pale. She fell to the ground. Huo Shaoheng spoke: “Since you’re not Eldest uncle’s blood daughter, according to the rules of the trust fund, you will not be able to continue taking Eldest uncle’s share. I’ve already made a call to the person in charge of the trust funds.”

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