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Chapter 325 - Reunion Dinner (3)

Chapter 325: Reunion Dinner (3)

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“Which Xie’s?” Zhang Baochen looked between his wife and mother. He felt like he knew what they were talking about, but didn’t understand a single thing. “Do we know them?”

Qian Shihui came from a family of businessmen, who owned small businesses.

After that, when she married Zhang Baochen, the Qian’s got indirectly related to the Huo’s. Zhang Feng used her title as the personal nurse of the senior army official and helped them a lot in the dark.

This led to the Qian’s being able to expand quickly for the past 2 decades, and was one of the most powerful families in D city, where her mother’s family came from as well.

So she knew a little about ‘the Xie’s’.

“Gosh, it’s them?!” Qian Shihui was in a state of shock, almost forgetting to breathe.

Zhang Feng patted her back lightly, and smiled as she nodded, “Shihui still knows more; yes, it is that Xie family. It was rumored that Xie Ziyan brought half the shares of the Swiss bank as dowry when she married the senior official.”

Half the shares of Swiss bank…

Zhang Baochen was loss for words.

Qian Shihui was in an even bigger shock.

Her family had an account with Swiss bank. Her mother had saved up a couple of million Euros for the kids there. She thought it was already something to be proud of, but just one of Old missus Huo’s dowries already made her weak in the knees.

“Understand now? Amongst their circle, having a few billions in savings really doesn’t mean a thing.” Zhang Feng said casually, and wrapped a cashmere woolen scarf around her shoulders. “Both of you should stop being so ignorant and shallow as well, thinking that you are great just because you have some money and not putting them in high regard.”

Qian Shihui was defeated. “Yes mother, I could never think as carefully as you.”

Zhang Feng lowered her head, pulled up a pair of UGG leather high-heeled boots, and continued: “After Xie Ziyan passed away, her assets were all set up to be trust funds, to be managed by the Xie’s. All proceeds of the funds were directly wired to Shaoheng and Jialan’s bank accounts based on percentage on a monthly basis.”

Trust funds?

Zhang Baochen was more familiar with this. He majored in Finance in University. Upon graduation, he worked in a finance institute for a good number of years.

“Which means, Xie Ziyan’s assets have all been put into trust funds? Then… Does dad get a share?” Zhang Baochen felt blood rush to his face as he asked. He could not contain his curiosity.

If that was the case, then he really needs to plan well.

“I’m not sure about these.” Zhang Feng glanced at her son. “I was there with Senior Official when Xie Ziyan’s will was announced, so I heard a little. All in know was that her assets were all placed in trust funds. Your dad, eldest brother, second brother, Shaoheng, and Jialan all had a share. However, Shaoheng had the greatest share. The rest were shared equally among your dad, eldest brother and second brother. The share which Huo Jialan is taking now actually belonged to your eldest brother.”

“Huo Jialan isn’t even eldest brother’s blood daughter, why would she have the rights to get the money from the trust funds?” Zhang Baochen began to protest. “I am well versed in the rules of trust funds, all their rules involve terms and conditions, and if situations allow, the rules can be amended. Mum, you can leave this to me.”

Zhang Feng nodded: “You didn’t want to study Finance last time; I was the one who made you do it. Now, do you understand where I’m coming from?”

“Mum, had you told me early enough, I’d study even harder and be better in this!”

Zhang Feng smiled wryly. “Actually, I did not think this much then. Your dad didn’t even know he had you even when you were in University…” heaving a sigh, she shook her head. “I only hope that you’re comparable to your eldest and second brother. They’re like your dad; who wanted to attend military school since young. Your elder mum wanted them to learn Finance but none of them were interested.”

“Even though mum’s intention wasn’t for me to go against elder mum, but the fact is this. This seems like fate, mum.” Qian Shihui was elated, and her respect towards her mother-in-law increased. “Mum, so we will be going to Shaoheng’s for the New Year?”

“Yes, your dad says we all will have to be there. Quickly go and pack for Wenjie and Wenna. We will be following because your dad…” she stopped, and decided against telling them the truth as she was worried that they might let the cat out of the bag. Huo Shaoheng might see through them. So she merely said: “You dad is very angry today. His isn’t in the pink of health and isn’t listening to me. I have no choice but to bring the entire medical kit and follow him there.”

“Ah? Dad is sick?” Zhang Baochen became nervous. “Then should we not go?”

This boy really isn’t very bright…

Zhang Feng did not know to get angry or to laugh, but felt comforted. At least, he is a filial son.

Being a filial child brings a mother much more joy than being a capable one. Moreover, looking at their family, her son needn’t be too capable. So she was happy that he was just filial.

Zhang Feng clapped her hands happily, “Then please take good care of your dad later on.”

“Yes, I will.” Zhang Baochen said as he looked at Zhang Feng walking to Grandfather Huo’s place.

Qian Shihui quickly reminded him: “Quickly get Wenjie and Wenna to change! I’ll go and wash up, have a change and be down in a minute.”

Zhang Baochen agreed, and informed Wenna and Wenjie respectively in their rooms. “We will be going to your eldest cousin’s new mansion for the New Year. Pack your bags; we will leave in 30 minutes. It’s already very late.”

Everyone in the Huo Mansion began rushing again.

30 minutes later, 8 people from the Huo’s were already in Huo Xuenong’s SUV, which was able to take 9 people. They set out towards the direction of the Special Forces Headquarters.

Behind the SUV was a delivery van. It contained all the reunion dinner from the Huo’s. It was following closely behind.

Huo Guanchen was sitting on the passenger seat. The chauffeur of the day was Grandfather Huo’s military driver.

Zhang Feng and Zhang Baochen sat on both sides on Grandfather Huo in the second row of the SUV. Qian Shihui sat on her own by the window on the right of the second row.

Huo Jialan, Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie sat on the third row.

Huo Jialan had been taking charge of the Huo’s for about 4 to 5 years. She had been nothing but arrogant towards Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie. Now, however, after the case was out in the open, everyone knew she wasn’t even the blood daughter of eldest uncle; Zhang Wenna and Zhang Wenjie began to despise her immediately, and did not even want to speak to her anymore.

Huo Jialan didn’t want to speak to the Zhang’s as well, anyway.

She was gorgeous; and looked even prettier with makeup. She was bare faced now, but looked clean and young. She wore a khaki green coat, with a high collared woolen top in white. She was pale, and even looked slightly haggard.

She sat alone by the window on the right, looked on at the sights along the way and remained silent.

On the Eve of Lunar New Year, the roads on Di Du were practically empty.

Even if a military vehicle were speeding, no traffic police would have dared to stop it.

If a traffic police really saw, he would only come over and clear the roads for them.

That was the reason why they managed to reach their destination in less than half the usual time.

When they arrived at the checkpoint of the Headquarters, it was only half past 7.

“Entry pass please, thank you.” The soldier on duty requested with a salute.

Grandfather Huo’s chauffeur lowered the window, and showed Grandfather Huo and Huo Guanchen’s entry permit to the soldier. He continued: “This is Mr. Huo’s family – His Grandfather and father, and relatives. They’re here to spend the New Year with him.”

The soldier brought the entry passes to his guardhouse to get it verified. Another soldier stood motionlessly at the door carrying a rifle. He was looking at them cautiously.

Huo Guanchen had been here once. He folded his arms and remained seated.

It was Grandfather Huo’s first time though, he kept quiet for a while before standing up from his seat, “I will be going for a walk.”

“Old Huo, it’s cold outside. Can your body take it?” Zhang Feng stood up with him quickly, and held on to his arm. “Let’s just sit down and wait, hmm?”

“It’s okay, I managed to hang in through the weather no matter how cold it was in the past, what’s this to me?” Grandfather Huo said impatiently. He kicked Zhao Baochen, who was sitting beside him lightly: “Move aside, I want to get down.”

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