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Chapter 310 - To Believe Or Not To Believe

Chapter 310: To Believe Or Not To Believe

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Holding the phone in her hand, Gu Nianzhi looked at Song Jinning in the public gallery, “There is a battery that holds a charge for ten years in this phone. It was made by the renowned genius physicist of the Institute of High Energy Physics, Song Jinning.” Song Jinning stood up and was led by the balff to take a seat in the witness stand.

The Bai’s were agitated and Lawyer Jin instantly gave objection, “Your Honour, Song Jinning had serious mental illness, as well as amnesia. Her testimony cannot be used as evidence in court.”

“Is that so?” Gu Nianzhi raised her to hand summon another expert witness, “This is Dan Bohan, world famous psychologist and psychiatrist. He can prove whether Song Jinning’s mental state is normal or not.”

The tall and handsome Dan Bohan walked inside the courtroom wearing a tailored white three-piece suit and a blue pinstripe tie. The judge nodded, “I had already received the medical report on Song Jinning’s mental state, Dr. Dan is the plaintiff’s expert witness.” Dan Bohan sat beside Song Jinning at the witness stand.

Lawyer Jin blanched as he turned around to look at the third Bai sibling, Bai Changhui. He was only able to quell his rage when Bai Changhui subtly shook his head, then whispered to Bai Jinyi, “You can’t say anything more no matter what they say to you–go it? Even the gods can’t save you if you keep blabbing.”

Bai Jinyi was still horrified by Gu Nianzhi’s words and lost all her previous anger and disdain. She nodded dumbly and quietly begged, “Lawyer Jin, you have to save me! I didn’t…”

Lawyer Jin hated clients like Bai Jinyi the most. People who spent good money hiring him should cooperate accordingly–but she was hiding things from her lawyers and recklessly arguing with the opposing party’s lawyer, falling into her traps again and again. What a lost cause…”Well that’s good then. Don’t say a word more. If you speak again, you can represent yourself–we are done with this case.” Lawyer Jin warned her coldly. Bai Jinyi took a deep breath, not daring to butt in again.

Dan Bohan already began speaking about Song Jinning’s mental state, “Song Jinning has a perfectly normal mental state. Her mental illness was quite unique because it wasn’t caused by psychological problems, but organic changes stemming from physical exposure to external magnetic fields. Therefore psychological counseling did not have any notable effects because what she needed was her organs to be treated with as an example, surgery.”

Bai Jinyi’s ears turned red as soon as she heard this and looked down at her feet.

Gu Nianzhi glanced at her with no intention of letting her off the hook, “Dr. Dan is a professional with a psychiatric license. He’s practiced for many years and seen many cases, so his views are more thorough and accurate than others. In fact, Song Jinning’s full recovery was due to a blood marrow transplant performed by Dr. Chen Lie at the Military General Hospital. In other words, Bai Jinyi has pretended to be a psychiatrist for the past 16 years and administered psychological treatment to Song Jinning. She was either deliberately misdiagnosing, or a unqualified person pretending to be a doctor. Regardless, she had succeeded in delaying Song Jinning’s treatment and almost caused her to die of depression.” Her words summarized the additional lawsuit to the murder case of Luo Xuexin, which was the military pressing charges against Bai Jinyi for intentional delaying treatment and causing major losses to national interests.

Lawyer Jin could only grit his teeth and defend Bai Jinyi, “My client helped out of the goodness of her heart, she wasn’t aware Song Jinning’s condition was not the same as most mental illness.”

“If she didn’t understand the condition, why did she treat Song Jinning? Didn’t she know that she was also committing murder in this regard?” Gu Nianzhi expression was cold, displaying a seriousness and keenness unlike her usual smile.

“There’s also a reason for that too. Song Jinning didn’t recognize anyone else at the time, so nobody was able to approach her other than my client, Bai Jinyi. It was under those circumstances that my client requested the military to allow her to treat Song Jinning.” Lawyer Jin was also very familiar with the case between the military and Bai Jinyi, so he came prepared/ However his opponent was Gu Nianzhi, so things wouldn’t be so easy.

“Lawyer Jin, Song Jinning was a patient at the time and wasn’t in a normal state of mind when she didn’t allow people to approach. Why would you use her abnormal state of mind at the time as a valid reason? In other words the only reasonable and legal explanation for allowing Bai Jinyi to act as her psychiatrist, was solely based on Song Jinning’s request?” Gu Nianzhi was very logical and tended to trap people with it.

Lawyer Jin froze, “…What did you say? Repeat that please.”

“Don’t get it? Then I’ll say it again.” Gu Nianzhi turned around to point at Song Jinning with a smile, “Earlier you said that Song Jinning’s testimony cannot be used as evidence in court because she has serious mental illness. But 16 years ago when Song Jinning was at her most ill, she only allowed Bai Jinyi to approach her. At that time, why did Bai Jinyi think that everyone should abide to Song Jinning’s wishes? And using this reason, Bai Jinyi nominated herself as Song Jinning’s psychiatrist? Do you think that it’s reasonable for a mental patient to choose their own doctor?” Her logic was very tricky. If Lawyer Jin insisted Song Jinning was a mental patient, then the request she made 16 years ago, when she was most ill should not have been abided to. However Bai Jinyi not only abided to it, but urged the military to believe her and allow her to be Song Jinning’s psychiatrist. This was clearly because Bai Jinyi was intentionally confusing everyone and delaying treatment. That meant Bai Jinyi would be convicted in Song Jinning’s case. If Lawyer Jin didn’t insist Song Jinning was a mental patient, then her testimony would be valid and accepted by the court. It was apparent that Song Jinning had nothing good to say about Bai Jinyi at this point. Bai Jinyi had no way of getting out of being convicted now. No matter how he was to defend her, she will not be able to escape the consequences of what she did to Song Jinning. Lawyer Jin was rendered speechless for a long time.

Gu Nianzhi immediately concluded for him, “I don’t think there’s anything left to debate about the military pressing charges against Bai Jinyi for deliberately delaying Song Jinning’s treatment which resulted in major losses to national interests. Firstly, Bai Jinyi is not a qualified psychiatrist but deliberately delayed and held up her treatment in order to control her. Secondly, the military and Ministry of Science and Technology had requested Bai Jinyi to take care of Song Jinning all this time, but Bai Jinyi had neglected duty since six years ago and did not live together with Song Jinning as stipulated by the documents. Thirdly, Bai Jinyi did not take any measures when Song Jinning displayed a propensity for depression, but instead allowed Huo Jialan to freely abuse her mentally.”

In the witness stand, Huo Jialan immediately retorted, “I didn’t abuse her mentally! Don’t slander me!”

“We can ask Dr. Dan whether not there was any mental abuse. He’s the professional.” Gu Nianzhi cut Huo Jialan off and looked at Dan Bohan.

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