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Chapter 1760 - The Best Ending for Our Relationship

Chapter 1760: The Best Ending for Our Relationship

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Gu Nianzhi’s question was actually very flawed.

If Qin Yaoguang had a decent lawyer by her side, they would have immediately stood up and objected to her question, because her words had a strong sense of leading and supposition.

However, what she had done could only be said to be unrighteous, but it was not illegal.

Even the judge would not take the initiative to say that she could not induce the defendant, or that she could not use conjecture as evidence to interrogate the defendant.

This was to leave room for the lawyers on both sides to fight it out.

If your lawyer’s skills were inferior, you would inevitably lose.

Sometimes, things in court were as simple as that.

The young and inexperienced lawyer next to Yaoguang was dizzy from listening to her. He was no longer in the proper state of mind to object to her question.

Therefore, Nianzhi repeated herself, “Ms. Qin Yaoguang, eight years ago, you conspired with Wen Dayou and his wife, along with your biological daughter, Wen Shouyi, to kidnap me. What was the reason for that? What were the results you were hoping to achieve by using me to conduct human experiments?!”

Yaoguang’s pupils instantly constricted, and the thoughts in her mind bounced around violently. It felt like her heart was about to jump out of her throat anytime.

She stared at Nianzhi in disbelief. She couldn’t believe that she was still clinging to this topic.

In a moment of desperation, Yaoguang suddenly caught a glimpse of He Chengjian sitting in the gallery. She looked at him affectionately and turned to look at the aggressive Nianzhi in front of her, she sneered, “I won’t admit to something I didn’t do. I won’t deny what I did. I only used you to donate bone marrow to Mr. He to treat his illness. When have I ever used you as a human experiment? Show me the evidence! Otherwise, stop speaking nonsense, framing the innocent, and misleading the judge!”

Donating bone marrow was a common method of treatment, so it couldn’t be said to be human experimentation.


Everyone knew this fact.

Soon after hearing that, everyone in the court became relieved.

Nianzhi followed Yaoguang’s gaze in surprise.

How did Yaoguang suddenly become smarter?

Her gaze wandered over to the side of the gallery. Chengjian suddenly spoke to the personal secretary next to him.

The personal secretary immediately signaled the bailiff stood nearby.

The bailiff then quickly walked over from the corridor next to the gallery and stood behind the judge. He lowered his head and whispered into the judge’s ear, “The chief is not feeling well. Can we adjourn for ten minutes?”

The judge immediately nodded, “Does he require a healthcare doctor to come over and check on him?”

“They said it’s not necessary. They have an accompanying healthcare doctor.”

The judge promptly rapped his gavel and announced, “Someone is not feeling well, hence we’ll take a 10-minute break. The court will be back in 10 minutes.”

Nianzhi did not know what was going on, but Yaoguang secretly smiled.

Nianzhi was naively hoping to expose that incident, but Yaoguang knew full well that someone didn’t want it to be exposed, so he would definitely protect her.

Yaoguang raised her head and slowly sat down while looking at Nianzhi with an enigmatic smile, “I advise you to stop rambling around. Didn’t you say that I shouldn’t have kidnapped you? Can’t I just admit to my crime?”

She scoffed and was led out by the bailiff to a holding cell to be locked up.

Nianzhi turned around in confusion and happened to see He Zhichu with a frosty expression on his face. He swiftly followed Chengjian out.

Xie Qingying chased after him for a short distance but was held back by Zhichu’s personal secretary.

He politely said, “Miss Xie, Mr. He has something important to discuss with the chief. Please wait a moment.”

Qingying had no choice but to stop in her tracks. She gripped the handle of her Hermes Kelly bag tightly with both hands and asked worriedly, “Uncle He didn’t look well just now, is he ill?”

“We have a healthcare doctor accompanying us. Please don’t worry,” he replied as he quickly chased after Zhichu.

Chengjian did not stop walking and left the court without turning back.

He did not stop by any of the rooms but instead just left for his private car.

Zhichu followed closely behind him to the car.

“… Get out of the car!” he growled at Chengjian’s driver.

The driver looked back at his employer at a loss, “Chief…”

He only obeyed Chengjian’s orders.

Chengjian then raised his hand expressionlessly.

Upon receiving the order, the driver hastily opened the car door and got out. He then closed the car door and stood guard around the bulletproof car with both their personal secretary and the guards.

They stood a good distance apart from each other. It was just enough to protect the entire car, but not too close with one another.

Even if they stood close to the car door, they would not be able to hear anything from within the car.

This was because the car was specially designed. Once the doors were closed, it was as if it became a separate world of its own. The soundproofing effect was exceptionally good.

The curtains were raised over the dark tinted car windows, blocking the view from the outside world.

Now that no one else was around, Zhichu gritted his teeth and asked, “Dad, is what Nianzhi said true?! Did Yaoguang really use her as a human experiment?! Just to treat my illness?!”

Yaoguang had said in court that she was only helping to “donate bone marrow”. Those words could fool any ordinary person, but not Zhichu, the main person involved in this incident.

Judging from Yaoguang’s attitude towards Nianzhi all these years, he did not believe at all that Yaoguang merely made Nianzhi “donate some bone marrow”.

Moreover, he also believed that Nianzhi’s sudden accusal of Yaoguang performing “human experiments” on her was definitely not a random frame-up.

He looked at his father in shock and doubt. His heart sank when he recalled how Chengjian had left the courtroom in a hurry.

However, he felt as if he had fallen into a bottomless pit. He just kept falling, without ever reaching the bottom. It was the most torturous feeling he had ever experienced.

Chengjian snorted coldly, “I don’t know if she did it or not. I only know that she cured your illness. This matter ends here! Don’t pursue it any further!”

Zhichu was extremely disappointed and shocked.

It was as if someone had scalded him from the inside out with boiling water, and proceeded to put him in ice water to freeze him from the inside out.

He could barely think properly in the clash of heat and cold.

His head hurt so much that it felt like it was about to split open. He suppressed his anger and asked in a low voice, “Dad, tell me the truth. My illness, how exactly was it cured?!”

He had originally thought that it was as stated by Yaoguang, that Nianzhi’s bone marrow was the same as his, and a “bone marrow donation” could be used to cure his congenital genetic defect.

But judging from Yaoguang and his father’s reactions today, it was not that simple.

He even remembered the earth-shattering argument between his mother, Qin Suwen, and his father when she was still alive.

Although he had not heard what the argument was about first-hand, he could still recall how his mother had packed up and was preparing to leave home and live apart from his father.

The person who had stopped his mother from leaving at that time was none other than little Nianzhi, who had been sent over by Gu Xiangwen.

The six-year-old Nianzhi was pale and timid. When no one was looking, she would hide under the table.

That pair of timid, frightened, and helpless eyes would forever remain in the memories of the sixteen-year-old boy.

Zhichu closed his eyes, and tears quietly seeped out from the corners of his eyes.

He slowly raised his hand, revealing a revolver in his hand, pressing against his temple.

“Dad, are you still not going to tell me? Fine, if you don’t, I don’t want to live anymore. If I’m alive because of a human experiment on another innocent girl, this kind of life is sinful and shameful. Dad, I can’t continue living like this. I am going to meet my mother.”

Zhichu said coldly. Right when his finger was about to pull the trigger, Chengjian quickly took out a gun and aimed it at his temple, and replied, “Fine, if you’re not alive anymore, I have no reason to live either. Your mother is gone, and you are my only hope of survival. If you want to leave, I’ll go with you, and our family of three can be reunited in the afterlife.”

Zhichu was stunned for a moment. Chengjian quickly reacted by grabbing Zhichu’s revolver wielding arm with his other hand and aimed it at his other temple, “Ah Chu, you don’t have to die. You can kill me to pay Nianzhi with my life!”

Zhichu felt a strong burning sensation within him. It was as if he was being tormented in a pot of boiling oil. He held back the tears that were about to pour out of his eyes and roared in a low, hoarse voice, “Are you admitting that you know about the immoral and inhumane things Yaoguang did to Nianzhi?!”

“How old was she then? Two years old?! How could you do that to a two-year-old child?!”

“I don’t know!” Chengjian closed his eyes and yelled, “But if this is the only way to save your life, I will gladly oblige!”

He did not know nor did he want to know how Yaoguang had treated his illness. He only wanted to save his son. It was that simple.

It did not matter if his wife disagreed.

It also did not matter if his son did not understand.

He had only done what he had to do as a father.

He wouldn’t tell Zhichu about Yaoguang’s promise, that she would only use Nianzhi’s blood, bone marrow, and genes.

Chengjian didn’t understand medicine or biology so he fully believed in Yaoguang’s ability to work on this matter.

Indeed, he had made the right bet, but he hadn’t expected the truth behind this matter to be so ugly and unbearable.

However, if he had to do it all over again, if Yaoguang personally told him that his son could only be saved by carrying out human experiments, what would he do?

Would he rather have his son die than agree to the terms?

Chengjian knew that he would not, that’s why he did not shirk the responsibility.

“Regardless of what happened, I would never interrupt in this matter, because she was the only one who could save your life.” Chengjian’s voice was old and deep, unyielding and stubborn, “If you are not satisfied, I will give you an answer. Once I have arranged my work properly, I will resign and commit suicide. I will pay with my life!”

Zhichu looked at his father in a daze. He deeply understood the feelings of his mother.

Had she ever been so helpless too?

Had she also been in so much pain that she wished she could die instead of letting them harm that innocent little girl?

“No, Dad, you don’t have to die. The one who deserves to die is me,” Zhichu said word by word, “If I had died earlier, Nianzhi wouldn’t have been tortured like this. I shouldn’t have been born!”

“Ah Chu!” Chengjian looked at him sternly, “I forbid you to say that! You are the son of Suwen and me, our pride! Your illness is because Mom and Dad have let you down. If there’s anything wrong, I will bear it alone!”

“What’s the use of bearing it? The damage has already been done…” Zhichu’s heart was empty as if he was dreaming, “I used to hate her for losing her memories before she was 12 years old. I hated her for forgetting me. But now knowing that she had forgotten me, that feels like the best ending for our relationship.”

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