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Chapter 1756 - Picked up

Chapter 1756: Picked up

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Speaking of next Monday’s court appearance, Gu Nianzhi’s bright eyes quickly dimmed, like a floating cloud blocking out the starlight at night. Only a few sparse shadows could be seen through the clouds.

She said in a low voice,”… I really don’t want to be sisters with Wen Shouyi…”

Huo Shaoheng remembered the subtle changes in Wen Shouyi’s appearance, and his heart stirred. He sat closer to her and said, “Have you noticed? Wen Shouyi seems to have made some minor adjustments recently.”

Gu Nianzhi narrowed her eyes. Wen Shouyi’s appearance flashed across her mind.

“… Right, don’t you think she looks more like a person now?” Gu Nianzhi looked at Huo Shaoheng and asked slyly.

“Like who? Xie Qingying?” Huo Shaoheng saw through her little trick and leaned back on the sofa with a half-smile.

Gu Nianzhi nodded and gave him a hard slap. “That’s right! She looks just like Cousin Xie!”

Xie Qingying looked similar to Gu Nianzhi, especially her straight nose bridge. This was the typical appearance of the Gu family.

Xie Qingying’s mother and Gu Nianzhi’s father were biological siblings, so the two of them were more similar in this regard.

Wen Shouyi’s minor adjustments were on her nose and face.

Undeniably, she looked much more beautiful after she adjusted her nose and done a face-lift.

“Before she adjusted her face, she didn’t look like Qin Yaoguang.” Gu Nianzhi took out her phone and pulled out Wen Shouyi’s photo. She placed it next to Luo Piaopiao’s and said doubtfully, “Before that, she looked more like Luo Piaopiao.”

Gu Nianzhi only had the idea of testing her DNA after discovering this. She thought that Wen Shouyi might be related to the Qin family in some way.

She just didn’t expect that the blood relationship was closer than she had expected. Wen Shouyi was actually Qin Yaoguang’s biological daughter!

Huo Shaoheng wrapped one arm around Gu Nianzhi and held the back of her hand as he looked at her phone.

Gu Nianzhi’s phone displayed a photo of her meeting with Luo Piaopiao at the revolving restaurant.

Other than Luo Piaopiao, there were many other members of the Qin family who attended the meeting, including Old Master Qin.

Gu Nianzhi started to feel that something was wrong when she saw the faces of the Qin family members.

“… These are the sons, grandsons, nephews, daughters-in-law, nephews-in-law, and even granddaughters-in-law of the Qin family. What about the daughters of the Qin family? They didn’t attend the dinner party because they were married away? Well, that makes sense,” Gu Nianzhi muttered to herself, her hand continues to scroll through the photo album on her phone as she flipped through the photos from that day.

Before the explosion that day, she had secretly taken quite a number of photos.

Huo Shaoheng also looked at them for a while, then took out his phone and said, “It’s okay, we’ll look for them ourselves.”

Gu Nianzhi turned around and looked at him with a smile. She instantly understood what he meant.

The two of them silently picked up their phones at the same time and began searching for photos left behind by the Qin family on the Internet.

With the development of modern social media, most people are used to putting the details of their lives on the Internet.

After having a meal, they would post on their moments on Weibo. One would also post online when they went shopping, woke up in the morning, and go to bed at night.

Life on the Internet has become inextricably linked with a part of people’s modern real life.

Under such circumstances, they have a high chance of directly finding traces of the Qin family’s daughter on the Internet.

This was legal and safer than directly investigating or even secretly taking photos.

The two computer experts, Gu Nianzhi and Huo Shaoheng, set out to search for the Qin family’s names. It didn’t take long for them to find the Qin family’s social media accounts.

They followed the clues and found that the Qin family had about five daughters starting from Qin Yaoguang’s generation. Qin Yaoguang was the eldest, and the other four were the daughters of Qin Baye and Satoshi Saito.

Gu Nianzhi counted and smiled. “The Qin family have quite a few daughters. Qin Yaoguang should be the eldest, and the next younger Qin family’s daughter after her… eh?”

Gu Nianzhi paused and said doubtfully,”… is there a mistake? Qin Yaoguang’s four cousins have already passed away.”

Huo Shaoheng clicked his tongue. “These four cousins are younger than her. How did they die?”

“Let me see…” Gu Nianzhi looked at the information they have found, “Out of Qin Yaoguang’s four cousins, only two lived to adulthood and got married. The other two died prematurely. Of the two cousins who lived to adulthood, one of them was Luo Piaopiao’s mother. However, she passed away shortly after giving birth to Luo Piaopiao. “Although the other one managed to get married, she had a difficult labour and passed away too due to dystocia.”

“Ha…” Gu Nianzhi shook her head as she hit the nail on the head. “The Qin family have the best private hospital in the country, but the survival rate of their own daughters has been so low. This doesn’t make sense.”

Huo Shaoheng frowned as well. “The third generation of the Qin family also has many sons, but no granddaughters. It looks like Luo Piaopiao is the only granddaughter who has lived to adulthood.”

“It was Luo Piaopiao who alerted us to the fact that something was awry. What does this imply?” Gu Nianzhi’s fingers unconsciously caressed the phone. She began to feel that the truth was ready to be revealed.

But what is the breakthrough point?

She looked up and saw her face reflected on the diamond mirror wall on the opposite wall. She was instantly enlightened.

She patted her forehead and said excitedly, “I think I understand now! Quick! Find the photos of Qin Yaoguang’s cousins! Whether it’s their photographs before death or their deceased portraits!”

“It’s not easy to find these,” Huo Shaoheng said. “When they died, the internet wasn’t that developed yet. If you only search for them online, you might not be able to find their photos.”

This was true.

Gu Nianzhi didn’t expect this outcome either, but she became more interested now, and her brain was working faster than usual.

“Look online first, especially for the last two cousins who lived into adulthood and got married. Look for their relatives, such as husbands, sons, brothers, and parents’ social media accounts, and see if you can find anything.”

Huo Shaoheng replied, “I’ll look for the photos of the cousin who died during labour and you will look for the photos of Luo Piaopiao’s mother.”

“Okay.” Gu Nianzhi agreed and immediately cooperated with Huo Shaoheng.

She was lucky, or rather, she was looking in the right direction.

Within a few seconds, Gu Nianzhi made a major discovery.

“Look! This is Luo Piaopiao’s brother, Luo Yaozu’s Weibo! He mourned his sister and mother on Weibo and put their photos side by side to form a six-square grid!” Gu Nianzhi excitedly handed her phone to Huo Shaoheng. “Look!”

Huo Shaoheng looked down and saw that on the glossy screen of the phone, six photos were neatly arranged.

The top three were in color and had a higher resolution. They belonged to Luo Piaopiao.

The bottom three were in black and white. They were obviously scanned photos. They were photos of Luo Piaopiao’s birth mother!

The woman in the black and white photograph was still very young. Her eyes were small, and her face was as flat as a silver plate. Her nose was flatter and wider. Her nose was slightly upturned, and she smiled tenderly.

She looked very similar to Luo Piaopiao, and also somewhat resembled Wen Shouyi.

Huo Shaoheng already had a guess in his heart. He calmly said, “Save the photo, and save the entire Weibo page as well.”

Gu Nianzhi quickly nodded and said, “I’ve saved it all. Do you still need to remind me about this? Have you found anything?”

Huo Shaoheng did not say anything else and continued to search on the internet.

He searched for a long time and eventually found a funeral photo from Qin Yaoguang’s other cousin’s husband.

This cousin had the same big, silver face and a flat nose that had become the trademark of the Qin family’s daughter. She had a slightly wider nose and a slightly raised nose.

Gu Nianzhi clicked her tongue. “Just by looking at her nose, you can tell that Wen Shouyi is a descendant of the Qin family!”

She suddenly looked up at herself in the mirror and touched her nose. “My nose looks like dad’s, and not mom’s.”

Huo Shaoheng said calmly, “Qin Yaoguang’s nose isn’t collapsed either.”

Gu Nianzhi’s hand paused.”… Why isn’t Qin Yaoguang’s nose the typical nose of a daughter of the Qin family?”

“Not only her nose, but her face, mouth, and eyes aren’t the typical features of a daughter of the Qin family.” Huo Shaoheng placed the photos of Qin Yaoguang’s two cousins, Luo Piaopiao, and Wen Shouyi together, he then compared the photos of Gu Nianzhi and Qin Yaoguang side by side.

“Look, you and Qin Yaoguang seem like they were picked up from the streets.” Huo Shaoheng joked.

Gu Nianzhi didn’t find it funny at all. She mumbled, “I’m the one who was picked up. Qin Yaoguang definitely isn’t…”

Huo Shaoheng: “…”

“Isn’t that the truth?” Gu Nianzhi pointed at the photos, “Look, Wen Shouyi looks so much like the girls from the Qin family, and Wen Shouyi had been proven that she’s Qin Yaoguang’s daughter, so Qin Yaoguang must be the daughter of the Qin family. Otherwise, she couldn’t have given birth to Wen Shouyi who had that appearance. But I don’t look like them at all…”

“But you look like Qin Yaoguang.” Huo Shaoheng hit the nail on the head and exposed Gu Nianzhi’s ‘hope’. “You’re her daughter, just from the look of it.”

“Just from appearance? Then why would you need DNA?” The more Gu Nianzhi looked at Wen Shouyi, the more annoyed she became. She did not look at Qin Yaoguang at all.

This was because seeing Qin Yaoguang’s face, which looked very much like hers, made her even more annoyed.

“No, I need to get my dad to do a DNA test to see if Qin Yaoguang and I are truly mother and daughter!” Gu Nianzhi leapt to her feet and dashed to Lu Jin’s apartment.


Lu Jin was in a daze in his lab.

Gu Nianzhi rushed in and gave him a fright.

He turned around and saw her running in with a red face. He quickly asked, “What’s wrong? What happened?”

Gu Nianzhi pulled out a strand of hair and handed it to Lu Jin. She shouted, “Dad! Test my relationship with Qin Yaoguang!”

Lu Jin’s face turned pale, but he quickly calmed down. He smiled and stroked Gu Nianzhi’s head. “What’s the matter? Why would you want to test your relationship with Qin Yaoguang?”

“I don’t resemble the girls from the Qin family. Can’t I be suspicious about it?” Gu Nianzhi said stubbornly. “I’m terrified at the prospect of having to call the same person as mother as Wen Shouyi!”

“This has already exceeded my limit!”

Lu Jin’s face darkened. “Nianzhi, don’t be willful. Promise me that you will never go to anyone else for DNA testing, blood testing, or even go to a hospital that you don’t trust for treatment!”

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