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Chapter 1693 - Unraveling the Cocoon

Chapter 1693: Unraveling the Cocoon

Gu Nianzhi’s fingers were caressing on those words endlessly and her heart almost melted..

She walked out of the elevator with her head lowered and wiped away her tears with the back of her hand.

Lu Jin was waiting at the elevator door.

“Nianzhi! You’re finally back!” Seeing Gu Nianzhi stepped out of the elevator, he quickly went up to her and held her hand.

Gu Nianzhi looked up at him with a smile and said softly, “Dad, I missed you so much.”

“I missed you too.” Lu Jin’s eyes quickly turned red but when he saw that Gu Nianzhi’s eyes were even redder, as if she had just cried, he became enraged in an instant. “Nianzhi? What’s wrong? Who made you unhappy? Was it that stubborn old man, He Cheng Jian? !”

Gu Nianzhi did not know whether to laugh or cry. She quickly shook her head and said coquettishly, “How am I unhappy? I’m so happy that I can almost fly!”

“Really? Don’t try to coax me. You were clearly crying just now…”Lu Jin looked at Gu Nianzhi, unconvinced with what she had just said. From the corner of his eye, Lu Jin caught a glimpse of Peter, the deputy chief of the Soviet Union, who had also walked out of the elevator. Lu Jin immediately came up with the reason why Gu Nianzhi’s eyes were red.

“Mr. Peter! If you have any grievances, come at me. Why are you making my daughter sad? !”Lu Jin was furious and sad, he held Gu Nianzhi’s hand tightly and stared at Huo Shaohen,. “Mr. Peter, even if you’re a diplomat, even if you have diplomatic immunity, I can still skin you alive if you bully my daughter!”

Huo Shaoheng glanced at Gu Nianzhi without saying a word.

Gu Nianzhi immediately hugged Lu Jin’s arm and interrupted him. “Dad, I’m so hungry! I haven’t eaten properly these past few days! Although it’s not night time yet, can I have my New Year’s Eve dinner in advance?”

The sky outside is still not so bright, it has become slightly yellowish.

The sun was up yesterday, but from the way things are today, it did not look like the sun was going to rise.

Lu Jin heard Gu Nianzhi said that she was hungry. No matter how slow he was, he could tell that she was trying to smooth things over for Peter.

He could not help but feel a little jealous, but he did not pursue the matter any further.

It seemed that this was not cause by Peter. Lu Jin planned to wait until Gu Nianzhi was full before asking her in detail what was going on.

Gu Nianzhi took Lu Jin’s arm and entered into her suite.

“Go take a shower and wash off the bad luck you brought back from the He family,” Lu Jin said bluntly. “I’ve prepared new clothes for you for the New Year. They are on the bed in your room. See if you like them.”

Gu Nianzhi nodded with a smile. “Then I’ll go take a shower first. Daddy, prepare some food. I’ll come and eat after my shower.”

She walked a few steps towards her bedroom and suddenly remembered something. She took out a small transparent plastic bag from her pocket and said, “Daddy, this is Wen Shouyi’s hair and a tube of blood. Take it for DNA testing.”

Lu Jin smiled as he took it and said “No rush. Let’s celebrate the New Year first. After the celebration, I’ll perform a trick for you.”

As he spoke, he winked at Gu Nianzhi.

“Okay, okay! I love watching Daddy perform tricks!”

Gu Nianzhi’s mood was like a clear sky after a rainy, it was beautiful and carried a moist water color. All her fatigue was swept away.

She was practically humming a song as she entered the bedroom.

Although it was out of tune, it sounded like celestial music to Lujin’s ears.

He could not help but hum along to Gu Nianzhi’s out-of-tune song.

This kind of out-of-tune song indeed had the magical power to brainwash.

Huo Shaoheng only listened to it for a while and felt that the out-of-tune song was echoing in his mind continuously. He could no longer remember the correct tune.

Seeing Huo Shaoheng looked at him, Lujin raised an eyebrow and smiled. “Isn’t it very nice?”

Huo Shaoheng:”…”

He shook his head speechlessly and asked calmly, “Uncle Lu, where’s President Lu?”

Lujin pouted in the direction of the kitchen. “I’m already preparing the food. Do you want to go take a look?”

He waved his hand, not wanting to see this person hanging around in front of him.

Huo Shaoheng was about to go and talk to Lu Yuan. He nodded at Lu Jin and said “Then I’ll help President Lu with the cooking.”

“That’s more like it.” said Lu Jin. He pleasingly took the small plastic bag that Gu Nianzhi had given him and stored it at workplace suite on the opposite side.


Huo Shaoheng went to the kitchen and saw Lu Yuan wearing a dark purple-blue trimmed shirt and khaki slacks. His sleeves were rolled up and he was wearing plastic gloves as he prepared for the big meal.

However, there were already two high-voltage electric cookers plugged in to the left side of the kitchen. It showed that there was a stew going on inside.

There were several chopping boards on the right side. Some had vegetables laid on them, while some had freshly prepared braised dishes. There were also eggs laid out to prepare for slicing into egg skins.

Huo Shaoheng naturally rolled up his sleeves and said, “President Lu, let me help you.”

Lu Yuan turned around and saw him. His gentle and genial face revealed that he was pleasantly surprised.

However, he quickly restored to his normal self and said with a smile, “Mr. Peter, do you also want to celebrate the Chinese New Year?”

Huo Shaoheng spread his hands and smiled with a twinge of helplessness. “But I have to. It’s my fault for falling in love with your Chinese Girls.”

Lu Yuan chuckled and thought to himself, if I had not recognized you, I would have really believed you..

“A Soviet man came all the way to our country and treated our Nianzhi’s matter as if his own. What kind of spirit is this? This is the spirit of internationalism that does not benefit oneself, but only benefits others.”

He teased Huo Shaoheng with a chuckle as he held a knife and quickly sliced the cucumber.

Huo Shaoheng rubbed his nose and smiled as he took another knife to help Lu Yuan cut the egg skin. He asked again, “What kind of dish are you going to make with the egg skin?”

“I’m going to make an egg dumpling.” Lu Yuan glanced at the fillings that had been prepared next to him. “I’m going to make a dish of salt and pepper tofu fish. Help me make a bowl of egg soup later.”

Huo Shaoheng nodded and quickly cut the egg skin. When he went to get the eggs, he asked Lu Yuan softly,”… are there surveillance cameras here?”

Lu Yuan did not look up, but shook his head gently.

Huo Shaoheng was relieved. He leaned against the counter while he was looking for the eggs. He and Lu Yuan were facing inside and outside, talking in a low voice.

“… President Lu, how well do you know the Qin Family?”

Lu Yuan’s knife paused for a moment and said thoughtfully,”… are they playing with fire again?”

“I keep feeling that their actions this time are very unusual.”Huo Shaoheng found the eggs and took them out to mix the egg liquid. His voice became even lower, “He Chengjian is a suspicious and decisive person. I can imagine that he Qin family must be very cautious and would never dare to play tricks, in front of him, when it comes to handling the He’s family affairs.”

“… but this time, they played tricks on He Zhichu directly. It’s really unexpected.”

Lu Yuan was also thinking about this matter.

He said, “He Chengjian is indeed a character. It’s not exaggerate to say that he is a formidable person. After so many years, if the Qin family had always feigned compliance with him, they would have long been eliminated by He Chengjian and would not have waited until today.”

“Yes, I think so too. So my question is, for so many years, the Qin family has always been well-behaved and would never dare to reach out to the he family. Why would they suddenly dare to do so now? Is there any special reason for them to take the risk and make such a move?”

It would have been fine if He Zhichu’s assassination had not been found out to be related to the Qin family.

Once it was found out, no matter how big the Qin family’s business group was, they would not be able to withstand the fury from He Chengjian.

Lu Yuan stared intently at the thin cucumber slices in front of him and said thoughtfully, “It shouldn’t be hard to guess the reason. One of them must be related to Nianzhi. After Nianzhi came back, they couldn’t sit still anymore.”

Huo Shaoheng nodded, “That’s one of my guesses. But is that really the only reason? Back then, Nianzhi had also lived in the He family for six years. During those six years, they had been well-behaved and hadn’t done anything out of line. It wasn’t until eight years ago that Qin Yaoguang made a move to take Gu Nianzhi away from the He family…”

Lu Yuan thought back to that year when Lu Jin had intervened and saved Gu Nianzhi from the hands of the People Qin Yaoguang had sent out.

The He family had mistakenly thought that Lu Jin was the one who had kidnapped Gu Nianzhi in the first place. They had set up a nationwide arrest warrant for him.

Lu Jin had no other choice. He almost wanted to take Gu Nianzhi with him and jump into the sea.

In order to keep the poor little girl away from the people who had “sucked everything out of her,” Lu Yuan gave up the chance to return to the world and instead gave the energy to Gu Nianzhi.

That was because they had only stored enough energy for one person at that time.

Gu Nianzhi was only twelve years old. She was neither too old nor too young. Who knew what would happen to her in the other world if she couldn’t keep the secret?

Therefore, Lu Yuan suggested to ask Lu Jin whether he was willing to hand Gu Nianzhi to his nephew, Huo Shaoheng, who was on the other side. He also promised that they would treat Gu Nianzhi well.

Huo Shaoheng would handle everything with care and would not do what Qin Yaoguang had done.

Lu Jin had a relationship disorder, but he was not ignorant of the basic elements of relationships.

In his opinion, the most realistic and reliable type of relationship between strangers was one where they have mutual benefits.

Once the relationship was established, benefits would naturally take a back seat.

However, before that, he needed to give the little Gu Nianzhi an assurance that she would receive the kind and preferential treatment from the people over there.

Therefore, he put a very advanced engine blueprint into Gu Nianzhi’s backpack which he had self-taught.

Lu Yuan was very touched seeing this.

The Huaxia Empire over there would be able to overcome the problem of starting the fighter engine with just this blueprint.

At the same time, the people on the other side would definitely treat Gu Nianzhi well before they found out the origins of the blueprint.

That was because she was their only lead.

Lu Yuan actually wanted to explain things properly to the people on the other side.

Unfortunately, every very short contact with the people on the other side required a huge amount of energy.

They were different from He Chengjian’s side, who had a lot of money and resources. With the power of the entire nation, they naturally had more energy than they did.

No matter what he and Lu Jin did, they had to carefully control the amount of energy they used.

If they accidentally used too much, Gu Nianzhi would not be able to get over the other side.

Recalling the situation that year, Lu Yuan’s heart skipped a beat, he said, “I think the target is still Nianzhi. The difference is that Nianzhi’s ability to give them benefits have become greater. It’s so great that they can overcome their fear for He Chengjian and take the risk to attack He Zhichu.”

Huo Shaoheng’s brows gradually furrowed.

He recalled the time when the Qin family was ambushed by a bomb at the revolving restaurant, and his thoughts gradually became clear.

“… since they want Nianzhi at all costs, then they must first get rid of the protection around Nianzhi. The first is of course He Zhichu, and the second is probably against me, the Soviet Peter.”

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