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Chapter 790 - The Gu Family's Reactions (2)

Chapter 790: The Gu Family’s Reactions (2)

However, the Gu Corporation was on the brink of a crisis, so he really could not afford to mourn.

At this point in time, the only way to salvage the Gu Corporation was to ask the Imperial Group for help.

Zhuang Nainai did not even like the Gus, so there was no way she would help him.

But there was only him in Mi Nuo’s family!

Furthermore, Mi Nuo was not receiving any love nor attention from Mr. Si. Hence, she could be more easily controlled by him.

Li Yufeng knew that she wouldn’t be able to hide the truth over whether Mi Nuo was Xiao Muqing’s daughter, so she did not intend to keep Gu Deshou in the dark and they had an honest conversation. At the mention of how the Gu Corporation could rely on only Mi Nuo now, Gu Deshou went with her plan as expected after pondering for a night.

Afterward, Gu Xingshan and Gu Xinghao were strongly against the change and believed that it could not be true. However, Gu Deshou’s stance was so firm that he managed to keep them under control.

Now, every single person in the Gu family treated Mi Nuo with utmost respect.

After hearing what Mi Nuo had said, Gu Xingshan frowned.

She scoffed and turned around, only to see that Gu Deshou had already walked out of the study room on the second floor. Standing along the corridor, he stared at her coldly.

Gu Xingshan felt fearful suddenly. At the same time, she was hit by a wave of grievance, causing her heart to wrench. In the past, she used to be the apple of her father’s eye. What about now?

Gu Xingshan pursed her lips. Under Gu Deshou’s intimidating supervision, she addressed Mi Nuo as “Sister” unwillingly.

However, Mi Nuo scoffed. “You’re too soft. I can’t hear you.”

Gu Xingshan raised her head and looked at Gu Deshou immediately. “Father, look at what she’s doing!”

However, Gu Deshou rebuked her sternly, “Just do as you are told!”

Biting her lip, Gu Xingshan turned around and glanced at Mi Nuo. She just could not call her “Sister”!

She glanced at Li Yufeng before lowering her head and rushing to her bedroom while sobbing. She closed the door with a loud thud.

Downstairs, Li Yufeng stood up and eyed Gu Deshou and Mi Nuo nonchalantly. Then, she walked toward Gu Xingshan’s room.

She knocked on the door and went in.

Upon seeing that it was her, Gu Xingshan felt more wronged and began sobbing more intensely. “Mother, did you see that? Did you see how she treats me? She is so brazen and despicable! So disgusting!”

Li Yufeng let out a sigh and looked at Gu Xingshan, not knowing what to say.

When Gu Xingshan saw her like this, she pursed her lips and stopped crying all of a sudden. Taking in a deep breath, she walked over and hugged Li Yufeng. “Mother, stop liking her. Her motive for getting close to you was surely to use you. I won’t cry anymore. I know that you must be the one hurting the most after knowing the truth…”

Li Yufeng: “…!!”

She was wondering why Gu Xingshan and Gu Xinghao hadn’t interrogated her about how, even though Mi Nuo was Xiao Muqing’s daughter, she was trying so hard to protect her. So, it was because her daughter and son were still immersed in that misunderstanding!

For the first time, she felt that being innocent and naive was actually a good thing.

For the first time, Li Yufeng felt that Mi Nuo resembled her the most among all her children.

In the study room…

Following Gu Deshou, Mi Nuo entered the room. Thereafter, she realized that there was no documents in Gu Deshou’s study room. Instead, it was filled with all sorts of alcohol, causing the smell of alcohol to overwhelm the room.

She frowned. After sitting down on a couch that was a distance away from Gu Deshou, she said, “Father, I am here to talk to you about Mr. Si.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Deshou looked up immediately. “What happened? Haven’t you been saying that you are doing well at the Si residence?”

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