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Chapter 442 - He Really Loves Her (10)

Chapter 442: He Really Loves Her (10)

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Zhuang Nainai felt her emotions stir.

So, if he really loved her, why had he left the country five years ago without even informing her? Why had he refused to pick up all of her calls?

She refused to believe the truth, but the truth was right in front of her. It was undeniable.

“Nainai? Have you opened it?” Si Jingyu’s voice brought her back to reality.

Reaching in, Zhuang Nainai took out the documents from inside and found Si Jingyu’s account book. She took a few photos of it, then sent it over to Si Jingyu. Si Jingyu asked, “Are you and Zhengting alright? I was the one at fault over the design drafts, and I’ve already explained myself to him. It’s over now, Nainai, and I’m really sorry that all of this happened.”

Si Jingyu’s words stunned Zhuang Nainai. It was a few moments before Zhuang Nainai could manage a reply. “What did you say? The issue of the design drafts has been settled long ago?”

Si Jingyu was now shocked. “Well, yes, didn’t you know about it?”

Zhuang Nainai paused for a few moments before exploding, “Are you… already back in Beijing?!”

Si Jingyu replied, “Yes, I am. I was forced to come back. I didn’t go back there, I’m here with my mother, I…”

Zhuang Nainai didn’t hear the rest of what Si Jingyu had to say. Stunned, she stared blankly ahead, feeling as if there was something emerging from the depths of her heart.

Hadn’t he said that she was forbidden from leaving the country until the issue of the design drafts was settled?!

But then… Si Jingyu was already in Beijing?

Why did he lie to her?

In her daze, her gaze fell on the documents on the table, and she suddenly spotted a passport.

She had given the passport a slight glance without thinking too much, but her gaze swung back to the passport in an instant as she realized something. Lowering her head once more, she took a good look at the passport and saw that it had her name on it!

This… wasn’t this the passport that Lin Xi’er had lost?!

What was this passport doing here?!

Putting everything together from the beginning to the end, Zhuang Nainai came up with a conjecture…

Had he done all of this because he didn’t want a divorce, and he wanted to make her stay?

An inexplicable feeling washed over her whole body, freezing her.

The feeling of being touched grew out of her heart, criss-crossing her feelings together and making her want to both laugh and cry.

He… actually cared about her, right?

That was why he had done so many things just to prevent her from leaving the country.


Why was he willing to do all of these things without telling her?

Trust was the main element in any husband-and-wife relationship; he didn’t trust her, and he kept all of his thoughts inside his heart… even when he wanted her to stay, he did it so discreetly and secretively…


Did he ever respect her wishes?

Just because he didn’t want to get a divorce with her, he found a way to get her passport and prevent her from leaving?

Having thought this, she felt another wave of feelings take over her, and her eyes reddened.

How could he be so annoying?!

If it had not been for him, she might have already been reunited with her mother.

How could he have been so selfish in using such a way to make her stay?

Where was the agreement about their divorce? Where were the apology and the love that he had promised? So this was his apology? This was his love?!

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