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Chapter 286 - To Forget with a Passion (2)

Chapter 286: To Forget with a Passion (2)

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Just as Zhuang Nainai arrived at the Gus, she found Li Yufeng preparing to leave the house.

Perhaps it was a coincidence, or maybe Li Yufeng really didn’t want to see her in person.

The two bumped into each other at the entrance. After Li Yufeng saw Zhuang Nainai, the former’s cold expression immediately grew dark. She stared at Zhuang Nainai as though she wanted to gobble her up.

What was the matter?

Although Zhuang Nainai was curious, she wouldn’t voluntarily look for opportunities to be snubbed.

Even though Li Yufeng was her mother, there was no kinship between them. Thus, Zhuang Nainai would not forcibly try to interact with her.

Nevertheless, as Zhuang Nainai walked past Li Yufeng, the latter suddenly stopped. She glared at Zhuang Nainai and coldly said, “Gu Qingyan, will you only be happy when you see this family destroyed?!”

Zhuang Nainai’s eyebrows rose. What madness was this Li Yufeng spouting?

It seemed like she still had something to get off her chest. Li Yufeng tightly clenched her fists. “I wish I could’ve looked for you for the rest of my life and never found you!”

After she finished speaking, she went down the stairs, her expression icy as she walked to the car. The butler opened the door for her and she got into the car.

Zhuang Nainai: “…”

Zhuang Nainai had no idea what had happened. She saw Gu Xinghao rushing out from the living room. He seemed to have been in a hurry as he was half-running and half-jumping, lifting his heels off the ground.

When he saw Zhuang Nainai, he was stunned. Gu Xinghao rushed toward her and yelled a greeting. “Sister!”

Then, he looked at Li Yufeng and said, “Don’t take the words mother said to heart. She has a reason for being in a foul mood today. Our Dad…”

Before he could finish speaking, Li Yufeng rolled the window of the car down. Her face visible, she coldly said to Gu Xinghao, “If you’re not going to accompany me, then forget it!”

A bitter expression crossed Gu Xinghao’s face. “Mother, what words you are spouting in your anger! I’ll go, I’ll go! I’ll definitely accompany you!”

After he finished speaking, he wrestled a smile out of his face and directed it at Zhuang Nainai, then got onto the car.

“Hurry up and leave!” Li Yufeng angrily roared. The car finally left the Gu’s villa, and the yard finally fell silent.

Zhuang Nainai didn’t know if she should laugh or cry. She glanced questioningly at the butler.

The butler sighed. “Madam and Sir fought.”

They fought?

Zhuang Nainai pursed her lips. What did their fight have to do with her? Was this person treating her as though she was her personal punching bag?

And what was that attitude about?

She thought that Zhuang Nainai had willingly returned? If not for a certain matter, she wouldn’t have returned even if she were paid to do so.

Zhuang Nainai kept the unspoken criticism to herself and entered the living room.

The living room was in a shambles. The housekeeper was cleaning up the broken pieces of glass on the floor. Gu Xingshan was sitting on the sofa, brows furrowed, but she did not appear worried that Li Yufeng had left. Instead, she said in a sweet voice, “You all have to clean up well. Let me tell you, my slippers are imported from Germany and they’re really thin. A small piece of glass could pierce through the slippers and hurt my feet.”

Zhuang Nainai: “…”

Could Gu Xingshan be any more pretentious than she already was?

After she delegated her orders to the housekeeper, Gu Xingshan turned and saw Zhuang Nainai entering the living room. Gu Xingshan’s eyes lit up and she stood up. She craned her neck and looked outside, as if to check if anyone else had followed Zhuang Nainai into the house. But Gu Xingshan was a little disappointed. After all, Gu Xingshan was still young and couldn’t mask her emotions that well. Her expression was a little strange as she tried to curry favour with Zhuang Nainai. “Sister, you’re back, I’ve been waiting for you for an entire morning.”

Zhuang Nainai: “…”

It was only 10 am. How did Gu Xingshan wait for her for an entire morning?

Zhuang Nainai looked around but didn’t see any sign of Gu Deshou. Hence, she asked, “Where is Father… Gu?”

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