Hellbound With You

Chapter 681: Someone

Chapter 681: Someone

Zeres only saw her smaller frame before him jerk with the impact of the sword as everything in his mind died and his eyes went blank. No!! In his mind, he was already roaring madly and there was that immense pressure to just let loose and howl out his anguish.

"ALICIA… ALICIA… ALICIAAAA…!!!" Her name was reverberating over and over in his mind, overflowing his heart, and causing little electric shocks in each and every cell in his body. However, outwardly, he was frozen as stiff as the thousand-year-old glaciers in the furthest part of the northern poles.

It seemed as though time had stopped. All the summoned demons too had been frozen in their movements and were halted in place as if something had paralyzed them. The spinning and undulating haze around the vortex looked as though it too, just suddenly froze up.

The world suddenly came to a complete halt and no sounds could be heard. The surroundings have become utterly quiet. The kind of quietness that raises the fine hairs on your skin and sends uncontrollable shivers up and down your spine. It definitely was not one of those calm and peaceful tranquil moments.

On the ground, Lilith who had been observing what was happening around her closely, had fallen on her knees with her palms covered over her mouth. Silent tears flowed from her eyes while Kyle and Lucas stood behind her, utterly shocked as their gazes were fixedly staring at these two persons, Alicia and Zeres. Their hearts were literally in their mouths, wondering what was to be with their fates. Why was it that fate had to deal such a disastrous blow to these people that they had come to care and love? Were the gods so unfair?

Alex could only clench his fists and grit his teeth. The sight of Zeres' expressions reminded him of his very own situation in the past when Abi sacrificed herself in order to save him and he could not stand to look at how things progress with Zeres and Alicia any longer. It was just too painful for him to continue watching. He averted his gaze and looked at Zeke whose back was facing him as Zeres and Alicia began to descend slowly to the ground.

By the time they finally reached the ground, Zeres immediately fell on his knees, cradling Alicia in his arms. Though his movements were lightning quick, those looking could tell that he was ever so gentle when his arms protectively curled around Alicia. The way he handled her was as if he were touching an extremely fragile and delicate piece of glass. His eyes were slowly losing their golden fire and for the first time since he fell into madness, his eyes returned to its original crystal-clear silver sheen again. The angel's eyes were back but they were now filled with nothing but unbearable pain and agony so cruel. His entire body was trembling violently as he held her. He could not even make any sound, his tears just fell, reflecting his inner heart that was surely bleeding silently.

Despite the fact that Alicia was the one dying, his expression and his eyes at that moment was the saddest thing she had ever personally witnessed in her lifetime. He looked as if the world had completely betrayed him and was over. She could feel his emotions clearly and could feel from him that every hope had died for good and there was nothing of worth left anymore. It might seem ridiculous but seeing his expressions and his tears that moment was probably the most painful thing.

Alicia wondered if she had the same look on her face when Riev had died in her arms during the time of their battle with Dinah. No, Alicia was certain the pain she had experienced and reactions at that moment could not even hold a candle to what Zeres was going through right now. She could feel the great difference. It was agonizingly obvious. Zeres was just experiencing too much agony that Alicia could identify even in her bad state that her looking at him was exceptionally unbearable. Why… why was this man always doing this to her? Why could he end up sacrificing everything for her and now, he was even crying like this for her as if… as if she were someone so very dear to him… as if she were his life? Just what was she to him? She could feel the answer just hovering at the edge of her consciousness. But every time she tried to think things through, her blurry mind and lagging strength just could not keep up.

"D-don't cry…" Alicia whispered brokenly, using everything she had left in her to tug on him and hug him. "I don't deserve your tears, Zeres… please… I'm so sorry for hurting you… and not granting you your wish. I want you to live…" Tears streaked down her cheeks even as she attempted to smile encouragingly at Zeres, making his heart break even more.

Zeres shook his head so wretchedly. His silvery moonlit eyes were shuttered for a few moments when his lids closed as he drew in shuddering breaths, before opening them again with a clear layer of moisture pooling in those orbs.

"I know… I know it will be very hard." Alicia whispered. "But I'm sorry, because I can't let you die; you can't die Zeres. Unlike me, you are needed here… the witches need you. The witches can survive without any queen but not without you. I know you know what I'm talking about. You and I are the only ones who knows about what is waiting in the future. One of us should live to protect our kind from possible annihilation. And that someone is no other than you. You are the only one powerful enough to go against him when the time comes. Do you understand? I am so sorry that all I can think about even now is the witches' welfare. You must understand me Zeres… just as how you are willing to sacrifice yourself to save me, I am the same. I will sacrifice myself to save my people. You once told me I'm the most amazing queen you've ever met… I don't know if I deserved that praise, but I always wanted to be that queen in your eyes. So please…" she moved and kissed his forehead, "live. For me."

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