Hedonist Sovereign

Chapter 489

Chapter 489

Chapter 489 – Important Secrets

Little Pig explained in detail, and Qin Feng completely understood!

“AHH! Ancestor Qin, please spare me . What I said was the truth, why are you still trying to kill me?

” Zhang Hui suddenly jumped up and begged Qin Feng for mercy in shock . It scared Lin Bei Bei .

Qin Feng calmly sat on the sofa, lightly patting Lin Bei Bei’s back to comfort her . At the same time, he glared at Zhang Hui and scolded: “Who wants to kill you? You sit down, isn’t it just stabbing you with a needle? It’s like biting a mosquito, you’re so scared!”

After knowing the reason, Zhang Hui felt embarrassed . He smiled apologetically at Qin Feng and nodded: “What Ancestor Qin taught me is true . However, why did he prick me with needles?”

“This is a poisonous needle, you are now poisoned, this poison is colorless and tasteless, it flares up once every half month, when it flares up it starts to rot, then it spreads throughout your body, within 10 minutes you will be turned from a living person to a rotting corpse . ” Qin Feng said casually, as if he didn’t care about this at all .

Zhang Hui was so scared that his hair stood on end . He kneeled down and said, “Ancestor Qin, since this poison is this strong, why are you still stabbing me? I beg Ancestor Qin to give me the antidote . ”

“Wanting the antidote is very simple . Follow me wholeheartedly and help me investigate the actions and plans of that black-clothed person . As long as your performance is outstanding, you will have the antidote . ” Qin Feng laughed evilly .

Zhang Hui was regretting working with Qin Feng . This person was no better than the black-clothed man . The two of them were sinister and merciless demons that ate people without spitting out their bones . But things had already gotten to this point, and Zhang Hui didn’t dare to betray Qin Feng anymore . If he did, he wouldn’t even know how he died .

“Thank you, Ancestor Qin, for giving me such a difficult trial . This is my honor . Rest assured, Patriarch Qin . When I return, I will definitely use all my strength to find out the background and repay Ancestor Qin for not killing me!”

Zhang Hui had an expression of sincere gratitude, as if Qin Feng stabbing him with a poisonous needle was the greatest honor of his life . Lin Bei Bei couldn’t stand it any longer . She pouted and complained: “Qin Feng, it looks like I was wrong to blame you before . No wonder you were so vulgar and loved acting . The people around you are all like this, and they’ve even led you astray! Bei Bei is right . It’s all because of these bastards that a great youth like me went astray . ” Qin Feng glared at Zhang Hui with hatred . Zhang Hui wanted to cry, but there were no tears . The other rich and young masters had learned this from Qin Feng .

“Alright, you can go back now . How are you going to explain this to the family?” Qin Feng looked at Zhang Hui .

“Ancestor Qin, I’ll report this as a matter of fact . I said that you suddenly appeared and caused trouble for Fang Xing and me, and then both sides went to war . With your great strength, you killed the bodyguards and Fang Xing, and I continued to play dead on the ground .

“So the mastermind would believe it?” Qin Feng was a bit doubtful .

“Ancestor Qin, who would cut off a leg just to lie and deceive people?” Zhang Hui looked depressed .

“You’re right . Then hurry up and get the hell out of here . If you find anything, report it to me in time!” Qin Feng waved his hand and a dozen or so flashes of white light appeared . The struggling bodyguard on the ground breathed his last in the next second .

Zhang Hui was so scared that his body was trembling . He immediately used his remaining leg to leave the Royal Clubhouse .

“What is it? Scared? ” Qin Feng looked at the shivering Lin Bei Bei in his embrace and felt the pain in his heart as he caressed her pretty face .

Lin Bei Bei shook her head: “Qin Feng, let’s leave this place first . ”


Qin Feng also knew the ring .

The situation was too bloody . He carried Lin Bei Bei and in a few moments, they arrived at the entrance . As they walked down the street and breathed in the fresh air, Lin Bei Bei felt as if she had been reborn .

“Bei Bei, I’ll send you back to the hospital . ” Qin Feng hugged Lin Bei Bei’s small waist .

“Then where will you sleep tonight?”

“I’ll just find a random hotel to stay in . You don’t have to worry about me . ” There were only two beds in the intensive care unit . One Lin Bei Bei slept, and the other Lin Mu slept . Even if Qin Feng could squeeze into the same bed as Lin Bei Bei, with Mother Lin there, the two of them felt a bit embarrassed .

If he thought about how Qin Feng was going to sleep alone tonight, would he be lonely? Lin Bei Bei suddenly felt a little uncomfortable: “How about, I’ll go get a room with you . ”

“Then Auntie will be worried, right?” After hearing Lin Bei Bei’s suggestion, Qin Feng’s heart suddenly became excited . He had just been in bed with Lin Bei Bei, and considering that it was the first time Lin Bei Bei had woken up, Qin Feng hastily finished without finishing his work . If the two were to stay together tonight, Qin Feng would have to spend the night with her .

“Then… I’ll call my mother and ask for her opinion first . If she doesn’t agree, then I can’t do anything about it . ” Lin Bei Bei shyly took the phone and ran to a corner where no one was and made a call .

“Bebe, are you having fun?” As soon as the call connected, Mother Lin laughed happily . Now that her daughter had woken up and her son-in-law had returned safely, Mother Lin would wake up laughing even in her dreams .

“Mom, we had a good time …” I-I might be living outside with Qin Feng tonight, is that okay? ” Although she had grown up, she was still very shy when she said these kinds of words to her mother .

The other end of the phone went blank for a moment, and then Mother Lin laughed: “Haha, Bei Bei, you’ve grown up too . You decide these things yourself . Since you promised Qin Feng, you feel like you’ll have to entrust your entire life to him . ”

Seeing that her mother had agreed, Lin Bei Bei let out a sigh of relief: “Mom … …” “Then I won’t go back tonight!”

“Alright… “Oh yeah, you guys should be doing it for the first time . Remember to make sure Qin Feng does not get pregnant!” Mother Lin suddenly yelled anxiously into the phone, causing Lin Bei Bei to be so shocked that she almost threw her phone away .

“How is it? Does Auntie agree? ” Seeing Lin Bei Bei finish her call and walk back, Qin Feng asked her with a smile .

“We… Go get a room! ” Lin Bei Bei shyly took Qin Feng’s arm .

The two happily walked down the street for a bit, then went to the Royal Hotel and got a room . They arrived at the door of the 886 presidential suite on the top floor, and the door to room 888, which Qin Feng used to stay in, opened .

“AHHH!” Seeing Qin Feng hold Lin Bei Bei’s hand, Han Ying Ying jumped in fright .

“Director Han, you usually do too many things that cause you to be so shocked, right?” When he saw Han Ying Ying, Qin Feng’s heart was filled with rage . Originally, when he came back, he didn’t hate Han Ying Ying as much as he did before . However, after hearing about Han Ying Ying’s bad deeds from Fang Xing at the Royal Clubhouse, Qin Feng somehow became angry .

“Ah?” “Oh, it’s Qin Feng!” Han Ying Ying didn’t think that Qin Feng would take the initiative to greet her . Her emotions were mixed at the moment, and she was stunned for a good while before calming down . She pretended to be calm as she replied to Qin Feng .

“Humph!” I’ve only been gone for three months, does Director Han not recognize me anymore? Don’t tell me you think I’m dead? ” Qin Feng was very angry at Han Ying Ying’s performance . He felt that Han Ying Ying was as calm as if she had seen a passerby when she saw him .


Young Master Qin, you have so much fame . There are countless women around you, a woman like me shouldn’t enter your eyes, right … I still have things to attend to, so I’ll be leaving first! ” Han Ying Ying felt a slight stabbing pain in her heart . When she saw Qin Feng hug Lin Bei Bei dotingly, the taste was indescribable . She wanted to quickly leave this place so that she wouldn’t be unable to hold back from crying, which would be embarrassing .

Just as Han Ying Ying walked out, her hand was suddenly grabbed by someone . Qin Feng pulled her forcefully and forcefully pulled her into his embrace: “Director Han, you’re wrong . What do you think I, Young Master Qin, am? I’ve already taken a fancy to you . I don’t know if you can accompany me for one night, so just name your price!”

Qin Feng held Lin Bei Bei with one hand and unrestrainedly squeezed Han Ying Ying’s full chest with the other . This scene shocked Lin Bei Bei and infuriated Han Ying Ying .

“Qin Feng, let go of me . What kind of woman do you think I am?”

“I’m not letting you go?” Qin Feng’s hand slid down and directly entered Han Ying Ying’s dress: “Who are you?” Don’t you know it yourself? What’s more, this young master has never slept with you before, what are you pretending for? ”

Han Ying Ying’s outer appearance was coquettish, but her heart was always the same . Ever since Qin Feng took over her body, she never let other men touch her again, and even some clients discussed business with her . When they met a male CEO who had intentions towards her, Han Ying Ying would decisively cancel the collaboration . She had been protecting her body and heart the entire time in order to wait for Qin Feng to come back .

“Don’t touch me!” Han Ying Ying suddenly exploded . Who knew where she got the strength, but she pushed Qin Feng away and quickly ran away on her high heels .

Qin Feng was slightly stunned, but quickly recovered . He thought about his previous actions and felt a bit regretful . He wanted to chase after her and say a few words to Han Ying Ying, but she had already entered the elevator and went downstairs .

“Qin Feng, you …” Why are you doing this to her? ” Lin Bei Bei looked nervously at Qin Feng . She knew Han Ying Ying . Previously, Qin Feng had arranged for Lin Bei Bei to stay at the Royal Hotel, but had only met her a few times .

In his impression, how did the ambiguous relationship between Qin Feng and Han Ying Ying become like this? Lin Bei Bei couldn’t help but worry . Did Qin Feng get tired of Han Ying Ying?

Then would he end up like Han Ying Ying?

“She betrayed me!” Qin Feng sighed and hugged Lin Bei Bei as he entered the room .

Lin Bei Bei widened her eyes . She had thought that Han Ying Ying’s betrayal was due to her body .

Lin Bei Bei thought that she would definitely not do such a thing and relaxed .

“Qin Feng, don’t be sad . I promise I won’t go off the rails . Don’t worry!” After entering the room, Lin Bei Bei was pulled onto the bed . At this time, she took the initiative to climb onto Qin Feng’s body and solemnly swore an oath .

Qin Feng was stunned: “Bei Bei, why did you suddenly say this?”

“Ah?” It’s nothing, you just need to know! ” Lin Bei Bei didn’t mind and looked stupidly at Qin Feng .

That pair of beautiful eyes that were as clear as water was too alluring . With a flip of his body, Qin Feng pressed down Lin Bei Bei . His large hands madly tore off Lin Bei Bei’s pink qipao .

This time, although Lin Bei Bei was trying her best to cooperate with Qin Feng, he discovered that Lin Bei Bei wasn’t as wild as she was on the hospital bed . However, Qin Feng didn’t think too much about it and thought that Lin Bei Bei was tired .

The two battled until the latter half of the night . Only when Qin Feng’s heart ached for Lin Bei Bei did he let her rest . Qin Feng had just finished and was full of energy . He sat on the bed and thought about the black-clothed man who controlled the Fang and Zhang Families!

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