Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1828: Heaven Devourer (Grand Finale)

Chapter 1828: Heaven Devourer (Grand Finale)

Translator: Midasthefloof

Thousands of immortal buddhas rushed through the Immortal Domain Bridge to Heavenly Domain, their resolution plain on their faces.

Wu Yu's face slackened in wonder, as he watched the hordes of immortal buddhas all rush the Unworldly Abomination, ready to die in order to stop it!

Immortal emperors, ghostly immortal emperors, immortal buddhas, all of them came.

This was a moment that he would remember forever!

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was huge, perhaps half the size of an immortal domain. No matter how big or many the immortal buddhas and emperors were, they could not hope to compare.

"Wu Yu, hurry up and devour! You must become the master of the immortal domain!"

"Master of the immortal domain as both immortal emperor and immortal buddha. You will definitely be able to kill the Unworldly Abomination!"

Guanyin Pusa, Jade Emperor, and the others all thought this way.

Now that Heavenly Domain was destroyed, Wu Yu was their final hope.

Only he had the same power as the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast, and only he, like the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast could devour the heavens themselves.

They saw that Wu Yu was buckling before the Unworldly Abomination's attacks, and chose to sacrifice themselves to buy him time!

The final chance for both immortal domains.

It was truly an epic tragedy.

He knew that in order to stop this alien demon, all of them had to sacrifice themselves.

Even Xuanzang was among them.

Perhaps he too had finally come around.

A surge of fiery determination choked him up.

He knew that this was their final gambit, their final hope.

If they failed here, all was lost.

Even if he were the master of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain, the Unworldly Abomination would come for him sooner or later.

At that time, all their lives would be lost, and his along with theirs.

The Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast was the true demon that transcended worlds!

He had no choice. He had no time to waste. He turned back to devour the remaining 2000 levels of Heaven!

Level after level of heaven was crushed within his body. Ultimately, this was part of the Unworldly Abomination's body, and it was as if Wu Yu was devouring him up.

Meanwhile, the other immortal emperors and immortal buddhas were firing everything they had at the Unworldly Abomination. All sorts of apotheosis immortal energies and newly restored golden buddha worlds surrounded the Unworldly Abomination.

The Unworldly Abomination was completely occupied for the moment and could not reach Wu Yu.

It roared in frustration, but not even its godlike powers could breakthrough such a concerted attack in one shot.

It could only devour them one by one, take them down piece by piece!

Its devouring power swept out through Heavenly Domain, the robust power decimating the ranks of the resistance fighters.

Wu Yu spotted Xuanzang among their ranks, all of his nine golden buddha worlds here in Heavenly Domain.

He seemed to have come around after his plan to become master of the immortal domain had failed. Seeing the joy of the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors at being restored had opened his eyes to the truth of the matter.

He recalled the blissful days which he had spent with the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and his other disciples.

Also Lord Gautama Buddha's eminent teachings, and Guanyin Pusa's patient guidance…… All of it had made him turn over a new leaf.

And now he had become their most striking warrior on the field.

Besides the Jade Emperor, Xuanzang was the next strongest among the two immortal domains.

His nine golden buddha worlds took to the skies, each firing golden light that thundered out and caged the Unworldly Abomination……

……Which was immediately swallowed back up instead by a tidal wave of devouring power!

His nine golden buddha worlds were tossed away like nine frail canoes on a stormy sea. In short order, they had been completely devoured up by the dark energy……

The tens of thousands of immortal buddhas were like tiny specks of light, bobbing precariously on the dark sea of devouring energy.

Each could stave off the darkness for a few precious moments. Together, they bought time for Wu Yu to devour!

"It's useless! It's futile! If not for Gautama, both immortal domains would have been part of me millions of years ago. Gautama wasted a million years of my time, that cursed thing."

The Unworldly Abomination's cruel voice rang throughout the ruins of the immortal domain.

It was like a cat, toying with a group of mice.

While Wu Yu ate the Heavenly Domain, the Unworldly Abomination was also trying to eat all of the immortal buddhas and emperors. That could help his power rocket.

He would return to that supreme state when even Gautama's sacrifice could only stop him for a while.

It was an exhilarating race against time!

Wu Yu still had a chance. Meanwhile, the Unworldly Abomination did not seem to be taking his descendant seriously.

This was Wu Yu's only chance.

Of course, Wu Yu would not give it time to digest the immortal buddhas' strength.

While devouring the Heavenly Domain, Wu Yu's own Devouring Apotheosis Realm continued to evolve.

The thousands of immortal buddhas and immortal emperors were buying him time, paying the price in lives. He continued to devour and devour, until his Devouring Apotheosis Realm finally underwent a fundamental change.

Before, he had been a ninth tier immortal emperor, after building his Well of Eternal Life.

And now, his Devouring Apotheosis Realm had grown rapidly. Besides, he was devouring the Heavenly Domain, which was the Unworldly Abomination's body!

This also weakened the Unworldly Abomination at the same time.

Although it was still very strong, but Wu Yu need only make that final step forwards, and then he would surpass the Unworldly Abomination.

He might just be able to win………

Perhaps only now did it realize that this bunch of mice were more slippery than expected. More, Wu Yu's devouring speed was also quicker than expected. It was no longer able to control him. He had thought that he could easily subdue the Jade Emperor, Xuanzang, and all the others, but they had shown extraordinary fighting spirit and a fearlessness of death, a force of pure defiance that thwarted him again and again.

Guanyin Pusa, Ten Kings of Hell, and the armies of immortal and ghostly immortal emperors. All of them fought with full willingness to give up their lives, sending forth their apotheosis immortal energies to hold the Unworldly Abomination.

It could only groan and seethe, its huge snow-white body thrashing with an exasperation that was gradually curdling into desperation.

Yet immortal emperor life after immortal buddha life continued to be given up in order to hold it time and time again. For now, it could not break out of their bindings.

Some immortal buddhas and immortal emperors even began to immolate their own life forces!

Anything they could offer to their final thread of hope, anything to buy Wu Yu more precious time.

Finally, Wu Yu finished devouring the last 2000 levels of Heaven, all of it completely turned to energy that plenished his Devouring Apotheosis Realm, expanding it to a scale beyond any had ever seen before.

Heavenly Domain crumbled now, even more quickly and thoroughly than before.

Luckily they had already transferred the billions of lives to the Devouring Apotheosis Realm. Otherwise, no life could possibly exist in the nothingness that was left behind.

Even the ordinary immortals would fall with the world, vanishing in an instant.

10,000 Levels of Hell, 90,000 lesser realms, Demon Immortal Realm……

All of them started to quake and crumble.

Even his homeland, Jambu Realm.

As for Wu Yu, all of it became energy that he devoured, even Eternal Emperor Tomb. It was now all part of his Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

His Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast body continued to grow and grow, until he was just like the Unworldly Abomination - a devourer of worlds.

"Wu Yu, how are your actions different from mine? The universe is but food for our kind. Partake of the two immortal domains with me, and come with me to the galaxies beyond. You will find endless worlds, endless immortal domains, all waiting for you."

Perhaps sensing the undercurrent of danger in its situation, the Unworldly Abomination began to appeal to Wu Yu.

But Wu Yu ignored it. He knew for himself the different between them.

They were not the same.

Although he had the Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast body, but his heart belonged to this world.

The Heavenly Domain had been completely devoured during the battle.

All that was left behind were scraps of world, drifting aimlessly through the void.

There were not many immortal buddhas and immortal emperors left now.

There had been close to 100,000 immortal buddhas and immortal emperors in total at the start, but they had succumbed one by one to the Unworldly Abomination, and had been devoured by it.

Devouring was the ultimate power of their tribe.

They could even devour entire worlds.

These immortal emperors would be a powerful resource for it, but it needed time to digest them. And yet it had to face a true threat - Wu Yu.

Only with Wu Yu dead could it rest in peace. Otherwise, the danger would always be present.

Wu Yu had grown so much in the time which they had bought for him, paying a terrible toll in blood.

He had personally watched the Jade Emperor, Queen Mother, Xuanzang, and all the others fade away out of existence, completely swallowed up by the Unworldly Abomination.

In their final moments they had smiled beatifically, free of regret or blame. They accepted their fates, and entrusted the future to Wu Yu.

As Heavenly Domain was decimated, a mere bunch of crumbs and pieces, Wu Yu turned to the 90,000 lesser realms, to the 10,000 Levels of Hell, to the Demon Immortal Realm……… He devoured all of them as well.

These pieces of world continued to supplement his Devouring Apotheosis Realm, becoming his strength.

The strength was siphoned away from the Unworldly Abomination bit by bit into Wu Yu.

"Finally, I've done it. Your predictions were right……"

Wu Yu stared into the empty space where they had vanished, his eyes brimming with tears.

He could feel that he had done it. The destroyed Heavenly Domain was born again within his Devouring Apotheosis Realm!

He had not actually created a new immortal domain.

He had simply made his apotheosis realm a space for the immortal domain to be rebuilt on it.

Within the Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

The 8,000 Sky Palaces appeared anew, expanding out from his Well of Eternal Life.

The lesser realms sprouted, dotted with lesser lifeforms.

The 10,000 Levels of Hell were reassembled from the shards, as was Demon Immortal Realm.

All of it was still there.

While the Unworldly Abomination continued to be weakened, a true immortal domain finally took shape within Wu Yu's Devouring Apotheosis Realm. A limitless space that spanned for billions of leagues!

In this moment, Wu Yu had become a master of the immortal domain.

He was the new master of the immortal domain of Heavenly Domain, and also of Devouring Apotheosis Realm.

However, it had cost him the lives of Gautama, of Jade Emperor, and the rest of them.

From behind Wu Yu's golden buddha world, the shadow of Lord Gautama Buddha emerged.

Within him, Devouring Heavenly Domain was born, composed of both immortal buddha qi and immortal essence qi. His cultivation realm rose to completion in both realms!

The power of two immortal domains circulated within him.

Perhaps the Unworldly Abomination was still oblivious to the fact that its own Heavenly Domain had been taken apart.

It might not know that Wu Yu had already become master of two immortal domains.

Wu Yu lifted his head to look at Unworldly Abomination, still devouring. He sensed that he could completely destroy it!

Devouring Apotheosis Realm was now Devouring Heavenly Domain.

With it, he had inherited the will of Lord Gautama Buddha, tanking on the mantle of Master of Heavenly Buddha's Domain along it.

In both the Eternal Immortality Realm and Supreme Buddha Immortal Realm, he had reached perfection!

And what a cost it had come at………

Before him, all of the land had been disintegrated. All that were left were void fragments and an expanse of rifts. The destruction had been thorough indeed.

Thousands of immortal buddhas and immortal emperors had given up their lives, devoured by the Unworldly Abomination.

The Jade Emperor himself had been devoured without a trace……

Xuanzang, who had repented at the last moment and come to their aid… his nine golden buddha worlds were completely smashed, and even his immortal buddha trueform was beyond saving……

Guanyin Pusa, the Three Pure Ones, the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors, all of them had died without exception.

Perhaps sensing how strong Wu Yu had become, the Unworldly Abomination polished off the last immortal buddha, then turned but did not strike. It narrowed its eyes at Wu Yu, and its robust body turned ethereal again. It intended to leave, and digest all of the power it had just obtained.

It had already lost control of the immortal domain, back to his strength when he had just arrived. But if he could just digest all of the immortal buddhas and immortal emperors, he could surge back to power again.

He had been strong enough to casually defeat the Jade Emperor.

"You think I'll let you leave just like that?"

Wu Yu appeared before the Unworldly Abomination, his two immortal domains' worth of power brimming from his fingertips.

"Who said I'm leaving? But still, it's meaningless to fight with you any further. You're my child. Seeing you strong is satisfying for me. You are kin, and you will keep the incense of our line burning. The universe is endless, the future infinite. You can come with me to see for yourself the sheer size of it all."

There was no fear in its eyes, only a quiet calm.

"You are wrong. I am no child of yours. I am merely the one who stole your child's body. While alive, I am a person of this world. When I die, still I will be a ghost of this world! And there are the hopes of far too many resting on me."

"I was just an insignificant speck of mortal dust. It was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal who gave me a chance at life. He helped me grow, he was all I believed in. You killed him, and now I will have our revenge."

"You have no idea how wretched I once was."

"Boon begets boon. A savior's grace must be repaid. That is my destiny. The Demon Immortal Realm ancestors left all of their corpses for the sake of revenge. I bear their will as a flaming torch against the target of their revenge. You are nothing but an enemy."

"Countless immortal buddhas fell to buy me time. Countless immortal emperor ancestors died, placing their trust in me. Gautama, Jade Emperor, they made me. What reason do I have not to fight you to the bitter end?"

Wu Yu had been born in the Heavenly Domain, and it was the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal's legacy which had enabled his rise.

Yet the Great Sage, Heaven's Equal and all of the other ancestors had died to the Unworldly Abomination………

Once, Wu Yu had sworn to Eternal Emperor Tomb that he would bring them peace and lay their enemy to rest.

And he had made the same oath at Sage's Equal Sky……

Finally, his chance had come.

Behind Wu Yu, the shadowy figure of Gautama continued to feed him immortal buddha energy. His eyes glowed with a golden light, and he swept the Ruyi Jingu Bang up.

"Today will be the day of your reckoning!"

Wu Yu shouted across the void!

Golden power bursting forth, his devouring energy flooded the entire area.

He was in his Heaven Devouring Titanic Beast form, and it was even bigger than the Unworldly Abomination's. With the power of both immortal buddha and immortal emperor, he struck out with all his might.

"You and I are one and the same! Why must we kill each other!"

Wu Yu's attacks swarmed the Unworldly Abomination, beseiging it with devouring energy.

An unthinkable outcome for it - that a child would turn on the parent!

"You are too young. A mere infant in the true scale of the world. So what if you have the power of two immortal domains? You are not my match."

It was not at all afraid.

"I once fought someone even stronger than you, and he was not my match either."

Now that all was disintegrated, the two ferocious beasts were left to tussle in the void with nothing more than savage blows and devouring power.

It was the ultimate power, the power of the void. Any dao technique would be shredded by this power.

Even a simple bite, a simple claw, it was imbued with cosmic power.

Within the internal world, the power of the Sea of Buddha Arts and Sea of Heavenly Dao merged.

At the lift of a hand, there was power enough to smash an immortal domain. One paw, and the void itself broke, forever beyond repair.

But there was unlimited void. What did breaking some matter?

"Wu Yu, cease your stubbornness, or I will have to kill you. In truth, our tribe has been in a slump. Someone like you could be the hopes of our tribe rising again."

Unworldly Abomination insisted.

"I have said it already. We are not the same. Our dao is different, and our purposes are not one."

"You are nothing but the target of my revenge. For the world, for all life, for my true kin!"

Wu Yu's body began to expand. In one hand, he held a million different dao arts. In the other, the eternal glory of the Heavenly Buddha's Domain.


The two powers combined into one. After all, buddha ways were also dao - ultimately both powers were one and the same. The power of life itself.

In both immortal domains, there was life. And where there was life there was belief. Their belief was Wu Yu's power.

Harnessing all of the vital power into destructive energy, Wu Yu crushed it into the uncomprehending Unworldly Abomination.

"Impossible! How are you so strong!" It roared. Denial, anger, and underneath it all, fear.

"You who eat worlds, you think yourself above all. You only believe in yourself, in your higher existence. But each of the insignificant people possess a shred of will, a will to live. How can you end all of it just for your own sake!" It had never once valued other lives.

The immortal domains were nothing more than food to it.

All of life were but tiny flecks of dirt or germs on its food.

But with enough of them. With enough belief and willpower and conviction, born of a courage to choose life, and make that same courageous choice generation after generation. Their legacy of life through billions of years was an emblem of power that he could not ignore.

He could devour anything. Everything. Of course he thought he was a higher life form.

And as Wu Yu harnessed the power of the innumerable insignificant lives, he could not believe the result.

"The lives of the masses are such transient things. Wisps of consciousness that fade in a flash. They are nothing. How could they ever hope to defy me?"

He sputtered his laughter.

"You are wrong. Mortal lives may only last a century. Immortals, a thousand times that. To you, it may seem to flash by before you know it. But each life is the product of more lives before it, invisibly marked by their ancestors. An endless legacy of life, that will continue and endure. The power of the living beings is the will of all. They too are a tribe, spanning the endless rivers of time. You are not fighting some people, but the symbols of an entire civilization spanning billions of generations! Two entire civilizations!"

"Nonsense! I am a higher existence. These specks of dust trouble me not!"

The Unworldly Abomination was stubborn till the end.

But he was running out of options now. Wu Yu had pinned him down thoroughly.

He lifted his hand, and immortal buddha power rushed forth to seal off the entire section of the void.

The Unworldly Abomination rushed back and forth, unable to break out of it. The shattered ruins of the Heavenly Domain had now become its final prison.

"You think that you can devour everything. Today I will take your path, and devour you in turn."

The larger beast crushed the white cat under its foot, and opened its terrible maw, placing it against the cat's body.

It continued to grow larger and larger, while the cat grew smaller and smaller.

"How does it feel? To be devoured?" Wu Yu asked it coldly.

"I feel, like you remind me of someone." In its hopeless situation, the Unworldly Abomination suddenly smiled.

"Who is that? Your enemy?"

"Oh yes. A dragon, who turned it all around and protected his world."

"I must get to know him if I have the chance." Wu Yu smiled. He ripped the Unworldly Abomination's stomach apart. Inside, he saw Xuanzang and the others, their hardy buddha worlds still not yet digested.

"Have you accepted your fate?" Wu Yu asked.

"Not at all. You cannot kill me. This Cat God here has only lost twice in all of eternity. I cannot die." It suddenly laughed.

"Quite confident, are you?" Wu Yu snorted.

"You foolish child, how would you ever understand my power?"

It screamed a hysteric laugh, watching Wu Yu scoop more and more out of his innards and his body diminishing alongside.

"I'll eat you all up. Won't you be dead then?" Wu Yu asked.

"Then I will live on within your body. The Heaven Devouring tribe cannot devour another Heaven Devourer. We are eternal, and we do not cannibalize. Because we are the highest of life forms."

"Is that so? Sleep then. Sleep for eternity, and never wake again."

He continued to crush its body, while Wu Yu himself grew larger and larger. Finally, it shrank into a small white cat that would fit on a mortal's hand.

As for Wu Yu, he gathered up the remains of the Heavenly Domain, and used his immortal domain power to forge it into an unbreakable cage. He placed the white cat within. "In this desolate land, live out the rest of your days. You have done so much evil, and now you will bear the sentence of isolation for all of time." It chafed against the constrictive cage.

"Oh, that one as great as I should lose twice in a row!"

Wu Yu heard a final lament of regret from it.

Even at this time, the Unworldly Abomination showed no remorse.

It was all over now.

He was under Wu Yu's control for all of time now. He could not get out again.

Wu Yu sighed. It was all over now, and he seemed to be walking in a dream.

He looked down at the corpses of Xuanzang, the Jade Emperor, Guanyin, and the others. They were all dead and gone, and he would never have them from now on.

Of course, the two immortal domains within Wu Yu would gradually restore themselves, but with all of the immortal buddhas, immortal, ghostly, and demon emperors gone, Wu Yu would take a very long time to build the two worlds alone.

He mourned them deeply.

At the final moment, they had dedicated all they had to the greater cause. They were noble people, with noble spirits.

They should be remembered by the people.

He was suddenly struck by an intense loneliness that chilled him down to the core. Not even Luo Pin and the others being alive would ever warm those depths.

Suddenly, a man appeared before him, wearing long red robes. He had an indescribable aura about him, and Wu Yu suddenly had the distinct feeling that this was a dragon. Or rather, a few dragons gathered together. This dragon was on a completely different level from Luo Pin.

This person was eternal. He too controlled worlds, just like Wu Yu.

There was a profound wisdom in his eyes.

As they turned on Wu Yu, he said: "Apologies. I did not watch my brother well. I have chased him all the way and finally found him. It seems like I was late."

Wu Yu said: "You must be the person whom he mentioned. The one he lost to."

That person shook his head wryly. "We have a history." He looked at the cage in Wu Yu's hand. "Can I take him away? I will look after him well. As repayment, I can revive all of these people."

He pointed to Xuanzang, the Jade Emperor, and all the others.

Wu Yu knew that this person was far beyond his powers. Perhaps he had already been at that cultivation realm for a long time.

He recognized power when he saw it.

"Can you guarantee that he will never come and cause mischief again?"

"I can."

"You can revive them?"

A smile. "Eventually you too will be able to. The path of cultivation has no end. Hereon, give up on your devouring. Cultivate your immortal domain."

He was one who had come before, and Wu Yu chose to believe him. It was a gentleman's understanding.

He placed the cage on the person's hand.

"Oh little cat, you have wandered far enough. I'll have to teach you a lesson when we get home this time. Even before the wolf pup you thought you were the superior. You foolish thing."

A slight wave of his hand, and a formless light breezed past Wu Yu. He could see Xuanzang and the others recovering before his very eyes.

"Farewell, little brother. We will meet again on the paths of the future." The person smiled, then turned and vanished.

As he did, all of the dead immortal emperors, ghostly immortal emperors, and immortal buddhas began to come back to life.

Jade Emperor and Xuanzang were the first to revive.

Seeing them come back to life, Wu Yu thought to himself that all was complete.

All who had died were restored to the land.

It was a blessing that the person had come. Wu Yu truly did not know how to deal with things otherwise.

"A pity that there's no way to revive Gautama, Great Sage, Heaven's Equal, and the ancestors of the Demon Immortal Realm."

"But if I believe his words, I just have to keep on walking my cultivation journey. Perhaps one day I can bring them back to life."

Wu Yu was lost in his thoughts.

"Wu Yu, you killed the Unworldly Abomination and revived us? You have such powers?" The Jade Emperor exclaimed in sheer wonder and delight.

Wu Yu nodded. He did not wish to speak of that person. Let them think what they would.

The others were lost in delirious joy and gratitude at being alive again.

Wu Yu led them to the new Heavenly Domain, where life teemed aplenty. It was no different from Heavenly Domain as it used to be.

There was celebration throughout the two immortal domains as had never been seen before.

The sky palaces were rebuilt anew, the Jade Emperor was restored, and the master of the immortal domain Wu Yu was looking forwards to new worlds.

If that person had not appeared, Wu Yu would not know that cultivation had no end.

All was over, and yet for Wu Yu, nothing was over.

Just like before, another new beginning.

Luo Pin was pregnant.


On the day that she gave birth, Wu Yu waited anxiously.

A son.

Wu Yu trembled, overcome with emotion at the child. Creating life within his apotheosis realm was a completely different feeling.

"What should we call him?" The woman in his arms asked tenderly.

Wu Yu had already thought of it long ago.

"Let's call him Wu Could Stop Him!"

"You rascal! Go away." Luo Pin could not help but laugh.

A name?

Wu Yu did not really care either way.

"How about I give the name?" A girl stood beside in flaming red skirts. She was the total opposite of Luo Pin's blue dress.

After that day, Wu Yu had met her again.

Their relationship was a maelstrom of budding love and resistance, a rollercoaster of fate.

But after it all, he could not help but remember their meeting in the snowy plains, when she had shyly pressed a sumeru pouch into his hands, the Nine-Directional Demon Imprisonment Column inside it.

Their vow to meet in Immortal Pair Hall.

His payment of flesh and blood back in Mortal Arena.

She was not with Wu Yu now, and he was content with Luo Pin.

Yet she was not able to leave Wu Yu's world either.

She had come to see them on the day of the birth.

"What would you call him?" Wu Yu asked.

He was quite an easygoing person, and the matter of a name was a bit of a wall for him.

"The mortal sands roll on and on, ground to dust by the happenings of the world. Even a master of an immortal domain is just another unremarkable speck. Call him Yifan." She said quietly.

"Wu Yifan?"

Wu Yu thought it a fitting name.

[Note: Yifan means "also ordinary". My personal thoughts however: Wu Yu's surname Wu sounds like "none", which would negate the whole thing, i.e. never ordinary. In other news, Wu Yifan (吴亦凡) is also the Chinese name of Kris Wu, Chinese-Canadian actor and ex-EXO member. Coincidence?]

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