Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1669: Entering the Heavenly Devil Battlefield

Chapter 1669: Entering the Heavenly Devil Battlefield

True Lord Erlang and the other immortal emperors stood coldly outside the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars.

"Immortal Wu Yu had slayed Mo Liyin in the Mettle Sky and committed a grevious crime. We are here to arrest him. We hope that Patriarch Bodhi will allow us to carry out our duties and not stop us!"

True Lord Erlang’s voice rang loud and clear throughout the entire Mettle Sky. Every immortal in the Mettle Sky could hear his authoritative declaration.

If True Lord Erlang were to open his third eye, he was powerful enough to imprison the entire Mettle Sky. However, the Mettle Sky was Patriarch Bodhi’s territory and he would be cautious against acting hastily here. Hence, True Lord Erlang could only announce Wu Yu’s crimes to pressure Patriarch Bodhi into releasing Wu Yu into his charge.

As long as Patriarch Bodhi handed Wu Yu over, they would leave immediately. After all, only a fool would aggravate the Patriarch Bodhi.

From True Lord Erlang and his fellow immortal emperors’ point of view, even if Patriarch Bodhi had taken Wu Yu to be his disciple, he would not go to great lengths just to protect Wu Yu. After all, Wu Yu had killed Mo Liyin who was also the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple.

For fairness sake, Patriarch Bodhi could not blindly protect Wu Yu. This would be unfair to his other disciples.

However, just as True Lord Erlang was announcing Wu Yu’s crimes, Patriarch Bodhi emerged from the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars on clouds. He smiled and said: "True Lord Erlang, please cease your anger. This is an internal matter and I have already dealt Wu Yu his punishment. He will be shut in the Wheel of Taichi for 10,000 years and suffer the devouring of the Heavenly devils in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield!"

This decision was originally made known only to the Patriarch Bodhi and his disciples.

The waiting immortal emperors and ghostly immortals were shocked to hear this announcement.

They naturally knew about the Wheel of Taichi!

The Wheel of Taichi was split into two parts, the highly desired white Everlasting Battlefield where promising immortal kings would compete every 50,000 years for the right to enter. Upon entrance, the immortal would stand a high chance of becoming an eternal immortal emperor!

And the black Heavenly Devil Battlefield, which was often ignored. However, each time the Patriarch Bodhi caught someone who had committed grave crimes, he would imprison them at the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. However, the sentences for imprisonment in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield were usually only for 100 to 1000 years.

1000 years in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield would kill even an eternal immortal emperor.

To this day, only a handful of immortal emperors with extremely strong will managed to survive a few hundred years of imprisonment in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Even so, their mental states had been affected. The endless torture that they suffered inside were worse than death and this damaged them so deeply that there was no way of total recovery. They would no longer be able to improve and progress in their cultivation.

And now Patriarch Bodhi wanted to imprison Wu Yu at the Heavenly Devil Battlefield for 10,000 years!

To the other immortal emperors, this was basically a death sentence for Wu Yu.

Even True Lord Erlang’s stoic expression wavered.

"The Heavenly Devil Battlefield of the Wheel of Taichi is even more terrifying than my Unholy Spirit Abyss. A sentence of 10,000 years inside is a guarantee of death!" Dhrtarastra whispered to the other three heavenly kings. He was shocked too.

"I didn’t expect for Patriarch Bodhi to actually deal such a heavy punishment. I thought that he will try to protect that brat." Virupaksa’s fierce expression had changed into shock. He did not expect the Patriarch Bodhi to be so harsh.

The Mighty Miracle God tribe started to whisper among themselves too, discussing about this Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

They were mostly old immortal emperors. Hence, they have heard of this Heavenly Devil Battlefield and knew of its infamy. After all, this was something quite scary in the whole of heaven.

The punishment of imprisonment in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was considered one of the heaviest punishment possible for a criminal.

Not to mention that Wu Yu had not yet reached the cultivation realm of an eternal immortal emperor. He still had some of the immortal spirit in his body. Compared to eternal immortal emperors, the Spirits of the Universe, Heavenly devils, in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield would prefer devouring immortal spirits. They would crush immortal spirits into dust.

This would be a devastating blow to any immortal who had not yet to become an eternal immortal emperor.

The ghostly immortals hiding in the dark were stupefied by the announcement too.

"This Patriarch Bodi unexpectedly decided on such a punishment. If his words are true then it is the end of this brat, Wu Yu." Qin Sha Forgiveness Sect Heavenly Palace Master was dumbfounded.

"However, if True Lord Erlang and his group of immortal emperors are clever, they will demand to witness the punishment being dealt." Beiyin Necropolis Grand Emperor said indifferently.

"Yes, that’s true. Anyone can say that. Who knows if Wu Yu will truly be punished in that manner. We will not know." Judge Wangfeng nodded and continued to pay attention to the situation.

Sure enough, when the eternal ghostly emperors from hell were talking about this matter, the former True Lord Erlang spoke sternly: "The Patriarch is indeed just. This punishment is really a fitting punishment for Wu Yu. This will enable him to deeply realize his mistakes! Thank you for giving us an explanation. Since we are here now, why don’t we shut Wu Yu into the Heavenly Devil Battlefield today? "

His proposal also meant that he would only trust what he saw. He was afraid that the Patriarch Bodhi was deceiving him.

Of course, he did not dare to voice his suspicions openly. Patriarch Bodhi was a highly regarded immortal, how could he cheat others?

Since he had said that he would put Wu Yu into the Heavenly Devil Battlefield for 10,000 years, he would certainly do it. But no matter what,True Lord Erlang and the other immortal emperors all needed to confirm that Wu Yu was indeed thrown into the battlefield. This was the only way they could feel at ease.

Patriarch Bodhi naturally knew what they thought. With a faint smile, he waved his hand: "Okay, Please watch carefully!"

In front of his grey robe, a huge trigram millstone suddenly appeared. The millstone was black and white. The white part of the millstone was full of pleasant immortal essence qi, and exuded a kind of comfortable feeling.

And the black part was incomparably dark, with a frightening atmosphere. The black part seemed to house infinite terrifying beings.

This white and black parts were respectively the "Everlasting Battlefield" and "Heavenly Devil Battlefield"!

As soon as the Wheel of Taichi appeared, it attracted the attention of all the immortals present. It was this thing that made Patriarch Bodhi one of the most respected immortals in the sky palaces.

The Everlasting Battlefield, in which the Spirits of the Universe, Everlasting, could enable an immortal king to become an eternal immortal emperor.

In the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, the Spirits of the Universe, Heavenly devils, devour immortal spirits, causing a pain worse than death, and striking fear in countless immortal emperors!

This was the Wheel of Taichi.

Then, the immortals present saw Wu Yu walking towards Patriarch Bodhi with a solemn expression.

Patriarch Bodhi had sent for Wu Yu to be brought over by Memory Star Immortal Emperor.

"Junior brother, take care."

After bringing Wu Yu over, Memory Star Immortal Emperor patted him on the shoulder and quietly bade him farewell. Worry and nervousness laced his voice. There was no doubt that he felt the same as Wu Yu, that Patriarch Bodhi would not harm Wu Yu. However, he was still nervous to send Wu Yu off to such a hellish place.

After all, the Heavenly Devil Battlefield was truly a fearsome place.

When Wu Yu appeared, True Lord Erlang’s expression did not change. He still stood cold and stoic. As for the Four Heavenly Kings and the immortal emperors from the Mighty Miracle God tribe, they could barely rein in their anger and were gritting their teeth when they saw Wu Yu.

They hated Wu Yu’s guts!

In particular, the Dhrtarastra of the Four Heavenly Kings who witnessed his younger brother , Mo Liyin’s death through their blood tie. He saw how Mo Liyin was killed by Wu Yu with an epochal immortal treasure. His corpse was torn apart and sucked into the void vortex. He lost his life in the golden light. At that time, Dhrtarastra had wanted to tear space apart and immediately slay Wu Yu.

Now upon seeing Wu Yu, he would love to kill him immediately on the spot.

But with the presence of Patriarch Bodhi, he certainly did not dare to do so. Besides, even if he attempted to do so, he would not succeed.

At this time, Dhrtarastra had some regrets in his heart.

If he had known how much battle power Wu Yu possessed, then he would never ask Mo Liyin to easily provoke Wu Yu. However, it was too late for him to regret.

He could only make Wu Yu pay this blood debt with his life!

"Even I cannot bear 10,000 years in the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, not to mention a brat who hasn’t even reached the cultivation realm of an eternal immortal emperor." Dhrtarastra snorted coldly and stared at Wu Yu from a distance with deep hatred.

"Disciple Wu Yu, receive your punishment!"

Patriarch Bodhi solemnly uttered this sentence, and then raised his hand. The Wheel of Taichi started spinning and the black part which was the Heavenly Devil Battlefield expanded before Wu Yu.

Wu Yu only felt that his side had suddenly become dark, and all the immortal emperors, Patriarch Bodhi and True Lord Erlang who were around him had disappeared in the next moment. Even the noisy chattering had disappeared completely, and the surrounding area had become completely dark, without any light or sound.

He had finally entered the Heavenly Devil Battlefield... ...

At the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars’s entrance, the immortal emperors watched as Wu Yu was sucked into the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. Then they all heaved a sigh of relief. Some were worried, while some were happy.

The Four Heavenly Kings’ faces were filled with glee. After all, it was good enough for them to watch Wu Yu being sent to the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

In fact, this punishment was more pleasing than having Wu Yu handed over to them. After all, if they punished Wu Yu themselves, the worse they could do was to lock him in the Unholy Spirit Abyss. Or they could simply kill Wu Yu. These were nothing compared with the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

Nothing would be more painful than the Heavenly Devil Battlefield.

When Wu Yu disappeared from the scene, everyone knew that he was already at the Heavenly Devil Battlefield. This cruel punishment that Patriarch Bodhi had chosen for Wu Yu shook the hearts of the immortal emperors who witnessed it. They were all thinking how heartless the Patriarch Bodhi was to ignore the affection a master would have for his disciple!

"That’s right. That boy has only been his disciple for a hundred years. If you want to talk about the affection and relationship between master and disciple, he can’t compare with Mo Liyin."

Many immortal emperors discussed privately.

Originally, they all thought that Patriarch Bodhi’s punishment was too heavy, but now they thought that it seemed normal.

It was only at this time that the facial expression of True Lord Erlang, the Four Heavenly Kings, and the Mighty Miracle God tribe relaxed. They were no longer as angry as they had just been. After all, even they did not dare to enter the Heavenly Devil Battlefield, let alone Wu Yu.

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