Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 1665: Accidental Kill

Chapter 1665: Accidental Kill

When Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin joined forces to destroy one of the black suns, Wu Yu had already destroyed the last black sun.

Mo Liyin’s Funereal Symphony of the Three Black Suns crumbled into nothing when the three black suns were destroyed. The chilling funeral symphony which rang through the battle field had disappeared without a trace. This apotheosis immortal technique could no longer affect Wu Yu and his friends.

The four of them surrounded Mo Liyin with solemn expressions.

If not for Wu Yu who managed to destroy one black sun with his Ruyi Jingu Bang first, they would have been done in by the other party’s Funereal Symphony of the Three Black Suns, not to even mention about recovering from it.

Hence, they were all too aware of Mo Liyin’s strength. His epochal immortal treasure, the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither, was no ordinary weapon.

"He he, brats, you do have some moves. You are indeed someone that the Patriarch Bodhi had chosen personally."

Mo Liyin was now deeply jealous of Wu Yu. He recalled his own struggle to become the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple. He had to pass through many trials and even activated many important social ties before he could barely manage to persuade Patriarch Bodhi to take him as a disciple.

Comparatively, Wu Yu had only needed to defeat Memory Star Immortal Emperor to become the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple. In fact, Mo Liyin heard that it was Patriarch Bodhi who had personally invited Wu Yu to the Cave of the Slanting Moon and Three Stars in Mettle Sky, and Wu Yu was here only in answer to the invitation. Otherwise, Wu Yu would not even visit this place.

In other words, it was the Patriarch Bodhi who had actually personally gone over to invite Wu Yu to become his disciple. This enraged Mo Liyin further.

Why did he had to go through so many trials and tribulations just to become the Patriarch’s disciple when Wu Yu could accomplish it so simply?

Mo Liyin conveniently ignored the fact that Wu Yu had defeated an eternal immortal emperor when he was only a 9-heavens immortal king. This was something that Mo Liyin could never achieve. If he was in Wu Yu’s shoes, he would never have become the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple.

There was nothing unfair for him to complain about.

However, Mo Liyin ignored these facts.

Regardless, he was now filled with jealously towards Wu Yu. Besides, Wu Yu had committed such heinous crimes at the Great Void Immortal Path, which made Wu Yu seem even more unforgivable.

"If that’s the case, then die."

Mo Liyin’s black eyes flashed red with cruelty. He cradled the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither and strummed it. Another wave of soul shaking notes rolled out.

Apotheosis immortal technique, Primordial Soul Suppressing Song!

Haunting notes rang out. They struck at Wu Yu and his friends’ heart strings. As the music played, the four of them felt their hearts tremble and their souls on the verge of being shaken out of their body.

Their lives would come to an end if their souls had truly been blasted out of their bodies. Mo Liyin was dealing a fatal blow!

Even Wu Yu who was protected by an armor of shiny golden light and supported by a fierce will to battle from his Ruyi Jingu Bang, wavered under the zither notes. With each note of the other party’s soul shaking music, Wu Yu retreated another step. The notes echoed in his head continuously, causing extreme pain. It felt as though the Qian Kun world had been turned upside down.


Full Moon of Nanshan was the first to fall. He screamed sharply and turned into his human form. Instantly, he started bleeding from his orifices. His soul was almost shaken out. He could hardly hold on to his Supreme Gold Harrow. The epochal immortal treasure which had just executed the nine astral rivers now laid in his hands like a piece of rusty metal.

The next to fall were Ye Xixi and Luo Pin. Similarly, they clutched at their heads in pain. They could not defend against the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song as both of them had not even reached the peak of the Great Void Immortal Realm. In fact, their strength were only at the mid range of the Great Void Immortal Realm. Hence, naturally they would not be able to withstand a second round of strong attack from an eternal immortal emperor.

Wu Yu heard Full Moon of Nanshan’s scream of pain. He struggled to force his eyes open. Grabbing his head, and through a blurred vision, he saw Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi, and Luo Pin being forced into a desperate situation. If this continued, all four of their souls would have shattered and dissipated.

"Do you like my Primordial Soul Suppressing Song? This is the result of your defiance! I only wanted to teach you guys a lesson. However, it seems like you all deserve to die." Mo Liyin scoffed.

His voice rang out together with his horrifying music, cloaking Wu Yu and the other three in this soul shaking murderous melody.

Ever since Mo Liyin had achieved a breakthrough and became an eternal immortal emperor, he had never experienced defiance from anyone lesser than an eternal immortal emperor.

Not all immortals could become immortal emperors, hence even 9-heavens immortal kings were highly respectful towards eternal immortal emperors. There was no one like Wu Yu who would dare to openly defy him.

Hence, he was infuriated.

Mo Liyin wanted to teach Wu Yu a lesson. Even if he had not intended to kill him, he wanted to force Wu Yu to understand what entailed respect towards an eternal immortal emperor.

Whereas he had never cared for the lives of Full Moon of Nanshan, Ye Xixi and Luo Pin. Anyway of them, only Wu Yu alone was the Patriarch Bodhi’s disciple. The three others were simply insignificant fries to him and if he killed them, then he killed them.

In reality, Wu Yu was withstanding the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song much better than Full Moon of Nanshan and the others. After all, his cultivation realm was much higher than them.

Hence, even if Mo Liyin did not intend to kill Wu Yu and stopped the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song in time, by then Full Moon of Nanshan and the other two would definitely be dead already.

Moreover, Wu Yu had not reached the immortal emperor cultivation realm yet.

In the Sky palaces, one would only undergo transformation after becoming an immortal emperor. The death of an immortal emperor was a major event. However, Wu Yu had not become an immortal emperor yet. His death would be insignificant. Hence, so what if Mo Liyin accidentally killed Wu Yu?

At most, he would be punished for a period of time. Even so, he would still be an eternal immortal emperor. When the punishment was over, he could still regain his freedom. He had nothing to be afraid of.

The Primordial Soul Suppressing Song was becoming more and more intense. Wu Yu’s group of four seemed to be in hell. Everyone felt so tortured that being alive seemed worse than death. Although they were only severely tortured in spirit, the mental pain and the torture of the soul made them suffer from a pain which was 10,000 times worse than the physical pain.

"Luo Pin!"

Wu Yu opened his eyes, forced himself to regain his senses, and immediately roared out to her.

He had to wake Luo Pin up. It was impossible for him to fight against the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song alone, so he must rely on the strength of others.

The only one he could rely on was Luo Pin!

"Heavenly Dragon.... ... Unification!"

Luo Pin was shocked to her senses by Wu Yu’s roar and woke up. She struggled to open her eyes. Her soul was extremely unstable with the continuous attack of the haunting soul shaking music. It was as though she would vanish at any time.

However, she insisted on making her way to Wu Yu. At the same time, she used all her strength to exert the mystique, Heavenly Dragon Unification.

In the next moment, with the endless vibration of the zither notes and waves of black soul suppressing music, a snow white mystical dragon soared into the sky and then integrated with Wu Yu’s golden ape body.

Heavenly Dragon Unification!

Wu Yu instantly sensed Luo Pin’s strength in his body. Very quickly, that strength became his to use. When the couple’s strength unified, his hand which was grasping the Ruyi Jingu Bang steadied.

"This is Luo Pin’s strength. I have to defeat Mo Liyin in one move. Otherwise, we are dead!"

Wu Yu disliked having his life and death controlled by others.

Luckily, while sound wave attacks were shapeless and hard to defend against, they were not instantly fatal. As long as Wu Yu could hold on, there was a chance to turn the tide.

He could sense a much stronger and vibrant strength in his body. There was an uncontrollable urge to explode with power.

When Luo Pin used the Heavenly Dragon Unification, the effect was not as simple as one plus one. Wu Yu was now much stronger than when the two of them fought together individually.

"Lawful Embodiment ... ... of Heaven and Earth!"

Wu Yu roared and his body bulked up immediately. This was the mystique Lawful Embodiment of Heaven and Earth. In this instant, he grew larger by about 10 times and his strength grew as well.

"Sky breaking!"

Closely followed, he swung the Ruyi Jingu Bang towards the void and smashed towards the epochal immortal treasure, the Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither, in front of Mo Liyin.

"Earth shattering!"

With Wu Yu’s roar, the Ruyi Jingu Bang crashed into Mo Liyin’s Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither.

Mo Liyin’s expression was one of shock and disbelief. The Qian Kun world around him instantly disintegrated and countless void vortexes formed around him, pulling his body in all direction.

Cracks appeared in Mo Liyin’s Immemorial Evil-Banishing Zither. Some of the immortal designs inside this epochal immortal treasure actually suffered damage from Wu Yu’s hit. While the zither was far from being destroyed, it was definitely damaged.

Most importantly, Mo Liyin himself was now in a dire state.

Mo Liyin was originally very proud and confident. He had planned to make Wu Yu taste more pain. However, Wu Yu suddenly used the Heavenly Dragon Unification with Luo Pin and after their unification, his strength surpassed his imagination.

Mo Liyin had no way of defending against this crushing Bedlam of Heaven and Earth.

As the void around him began to crumble, his immortal emperor body began to break and shatter under this blow. The fragmentation of void birthed the void vortexes which tore into Mo Liyin’s immortal emperor body and tore him apart.

At this moment, in this field of chaos, Wu Yu had only heard a burst of screeching howls from Mo Liyin before he collapsed, drained of his strength.

Just that one hit almost used up all of Wu Yu’s strength, the influence of the Primordial Soul Suppressing Song was still haunting his mind. There were constantly illusions from his mind, fortunately, as he held his breath and focused his spirit, this disconcerting effect gradually disappeared.

When he finally caught his breath and opened his eyes again, he discovered that their surroundings were in a mess.

The most shocking sight were the pieces of Mo Liyin’s immortal emperor body floating in the void near them. Blood flowed continuously and anyone could tell that there were no more signs of life.

"He’s dead?"

Wu Yu’s eyes widened in disbelief.

But, Mo Liyin was an eternal immortal emperor!

He actually died with just one hit?

Things had escalated to unbelievable levels!

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