Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0546: Battle God Guardian Formation

Chapter 0546: Battle God Guardian Formation

These two dao treasures were not only powerful, but had been passed to him by the Yan Huang City Lord. That was why they were so precious.

Wu Yu also made the decision to pass them down in future and return them to the new city lord of Yan Huang Imperial City.

He was only at the fourth tier of the Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea at the moment, so it was not easy for him to control one dao treasure.

Hence, it would be a great challenge to attempt to control a second dao treasure. You should know that even Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivators like the Mizar Sword Immortal could only control one dao treasure.

Luckily, the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor and the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean were slightly different in nature and specialized in different aspects. Hence, there should not be any clashes between the two.

You should know that the immortal treasure spirits of dao treasures possessed very high intelligence.

"This armor dao treasure not only increases defense, but contains a power that can boost my Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy upon release. It can make up for my weakness of a weaker Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy. This is exactly what I need right now - this is not the icing on the cake, but charcoal in winter."

There were too many unknowns on the Taigu Immortal Path.

In that unfamiliar place, everyone he would meet would be an unfamiliar opponent. The only thing that could determine whether he would live or die would be battle power.

Besides, there were also many underwater demons.

"Blood bond, start!"

After familiarizing himself with the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor, Wu Yu started to spiritually link with the dao treasure and form the blood bond. There was dao in a dao treasure, and he needed to subdue that dao before he could control it.

Wu Yu entered a world filled with golden light. This world only had golden light. The surroundings seemed to be golden-colored gold walls, and they trapped Wu Yu within this space.

Those golden lights were eye-piercing. They were sharp like sword blades, painfully piercing into him.

Even though he was being bathed in golden light, in reality, he seemed to be in a mountain of knives and sea of flames. The golden light was vicious, and he could only withstand them with great will.

"You are the one to succeed the Yan Huang City Lord? You are too young. Wait till you have reached the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm before trying to control me."

Hidden in the brightest of the light, there was a voice. Wu Yu looked over and saw that there seemed to be a gold-forged male lion in the depths of the light. He was grand and mighty. He suppressed without anger and had the natural aura of an emperor.

He was probably the immortal treasure spirit.

The male lion had a thick mane and eyes like the burning sun. There were golden flames burning within them. The eye-piercing golden light in this whole world was actually produced by this lion.

"I have already gained control one dao treasure and have long gained the ability to use dao treasures! Today, I'm here specially to subdue you."

Wu Yu said without wavering.

Dao treasures were like fierce beasts. You had to be fiercer and stronger to subdue one. It would be very difficult to subdue the other party with only words and praise.

It was the same previously when he formed blood bonds with immortal treasures.

The golden male lion before his eyes shook his head after hearing Wu Yu's words. "Youngster, don't lie to me. You only have this much ability, how is it possible that a dao treasure is willing to let you control it?"

"Whether true or not, you will know after you try."

This was originally a battle of willpower. Wu Yu could not and would not lose.

The golden male lion roared loudly after being taunted by Wu Yu. Its authority as an emperor was being challenged by Wu Yu. He originally wanted to advise Wu Yu to leave willingly, but he did not expect Wu Yu to turn down his advice. In this case, he was asking for it.


The golden male lion stood on the ground on all fours. His muscles tightened and then, with an explosion of strength, he attacked Wu Yu. In an instant, all the light in the world rushed towards Wu Yu.

At this point, it was as though he was being tossed about in fierce sea waves.

"Inner Ape."

Wu Yu already had the experience. When faced with the violent attack of the golden male lion, he was steady like a mountain. He even shut his eyes and concentrated on Visualizing the Inner Ape. This was a battle of willpower, and under usual circumstances, there would not be real injuries. At most, Wu Yu would be forced out, but he could simply re-enter.

Visualizing the Inner Ape.

The Inner Ape was always there. That Unparalleled Monkey King bathed in fierce fire. He was tall, strong, arrogant, and rebellious; he ignored everything and could reverse life and death!

Everything about the Inner Ape pointed to a road for Wu Yu to follow.

At this moment, it was like the Unparalleled Monkey King had possessed his body. To the golden male lion, he was originally a weak, tiny human, but now, before his eyes, he had turned into a giant beast who could fight him. This was a violent willpower which even the previous the Yan Huang City Lord did not possess.

"Young man, you are indeed extraordinary. There must be some reason Di Yan passed me down to you…."

In reality, this armor dao treasure did not hate Wu Yu. He only wanted to be used by Wu Yu after Wu Yu could control him.

In the spiritual world, a golden immortal ape and a golden male lion, both golden, fought and suppressed each other. At this moment, Wu Yu displayed a power that could destroy the other party.

But the golden male lion stood by his principles. He was the test, so before he was totally defeated, he would not allow Wu Yu to successfully control this armor dao treasure.

"Whether or not you can possess this Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor depends on whether you can subdue me. Right now, you are still lacking!"

The golden lion's deep voice vibrated with deafening volume in Wu Yu's ears.

This roused his desire to fight. This was just a dao treasure - it could not scare him. He just had to hold on.

This battle between will and endurance depended on who would give up first. Wu Yu had great responsibilities and was about to enter the Taigu Immortal Path. How could he give up?

About 10 days had passed, and in this long period of fighting, under Wu Yu's persistent pestering, the Battle God Armor of the Prime Heavenly Emperor was finally subdued. It willingly became Wu Yu's dao treasure.

Wu Yu had reached his limit several times within these 10 days of life and death-level fighting, and this made him understand that it was indeed his limit to control two dao treasures at his current level. He could only put the Emperor's Pagoda aside. If not, the three big dao treasures would only compete and fight. That would be troubling.

Controlling dao treasures used up a lot of spiritual energy. After that, Wu Yu had to rest for a few days. He slept for a long time before his spirit recovered.

To him, this armor dao treasure was practically an upgraded version of the Yan Huang Immortal Armor. It was not complicated. There were two main spirit designs that guarded and led over 100,000 spirit designs. Of them, the first main spirit design was the Battle God Guardian Formation of the Prime Heavenly Emperor. This spirit design was the core defense of this armor dao treasure. It was connected to over 100,000 other spirit designs. All of them were Defensive Spirit Designs that could block and dissolve the enemies' attacks.

The next main spirit design was called the Sun Gathering God Formation of the Prime Heavenly Emperor. This spirit design could absorb all light and concentrate it on this dao treasure. It boosted Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy and controlled other dao treasures or immortal treasures. It had the effect of boosting Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy, making it stronger. At the moment, it seemed to be able to boost Wu Yu's Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy by 100-120%. The effect was strong.

While this armor dao treasure did not have any direct Offensive Spirit Designs, these two main spirit designs actually brought great help to Wu Yu.

Wu Yu spent a few days familiarizing himself with these spirit designs. The spirit designs on the dao treasure were basically all complicated and mysterious. Wu Yu's understanding in the aspect of spirit designs improved as he achieved a deeper understanding of these spirit designs.

He calculated the time. The Taigu Immortal Path was about to open. It was time for him to say his goodbyes. Hence, he left Yan Huang Imperial City and secretly used the Swift Art. He rode on his sword and flew towards the direction of the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom.

After the previous disaster, the Yan Huang City Lord had protected the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom and built many spirit designs. The average ghostly cultivator could not enter at all. Even if a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator tried to force their way in, he would attract a lot of attention.

From then on, the Dong Yue Wu Kingdom was finally peaceful.

Everyone knew that the previous crown prince, Wu Yu, had become a Heavenly Immortal and protected Dong Yue Wu. From then on, it would be no problem for Dong Yue Wu to prosper for many generations.

At Dong Yue Wu, Wu Yu was no doubt a god.

Now Dong Yue Wu was a strong country with prosperity and peace.

Seeing this mortal kingdom, Wu Yu thought of the huge Yan Huang Ancient Country in the Yan Huang Ancient Region.

"The Yan Huang Ancient Country's value exceeds Dong Yue Wu by millions. They are a country of immortals. If the laws and ranks within it follow those of a real country, then it should be quite terrifying. Dong Yue Wu is also highly constricted by ranks."

He was once in the imperial palace, so he knew about political struggles and power very well. He also knew about position and ranking within an army. Obviously, not much freedom existed in this ancient country.

A country was a country and was still different from sects.

He returned to Capital Wu.

Recently, Dong Yue Wu was peaceful and thriving. Wu You was also quite free and hence focused on martial cultivation. With Wu Yu's assistance in providing many resources, she had already improved greatly on the Qi Condensation Realm. She would have no problem breaking through to the Jindan Dao Realm soon.

When she reached the Jindan Dao realm, she would have at least 300 years of life.

Wu Yu saw her in the royal palace garden. She was still so gentle and beautiful. Every expression, every smile reminded Wu Yu of the safety of his childhood.

Wu You wiped away the sweat on her forehead, smiled, and asked, "You're back. Is everything okay?"

"I'm fine."

At Capital Wu, Wu Yu enjoyed a few days of quiet, peaceful time. He travelled and went fishing with Wu You.

"It's like we've gone back to our childhood."

Wu Yu stretched his back.

Beside him, Wu You smiled gently.

"Sister, I have to go. I'm not sure how long I'll be gone, but I'll return one day." Wu Yu stood up.

"I knew it." Wu You's lips pressed together, but a smile still hung on her face.

Wu Yu looked at her and said, "Don't miss me."

"No worries, I will take good care of myself. You can explore with no worries." Wu You stood up and they hugged.

"One day, I will rise and fly to the immortal palaces. At that moment, I'll also give you immortality and eternal youth," Wu Yu whispered into her ears.

"I believe you."

Wu You said these three words simply and directly. They gave Wu Yu great motivation. No matter what obstacles he met with in future, he would recall her trust in him.

One person achieving dao could let even chickens and dogs rise to the heavens, so why not her?

He left without hesitation and went to the Heavenly Sword Sect to bid farewell to Feng Xueya before returning to Yan Huang Imperial City.

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