Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0541: The Heart Devil of Life and Death

Chapter 0541: The Heart Devil of Life and Death

This time, they hurried back to the Shangyuan Dao Sect firstly to bring back their sects' people to prepare, and also to decide the champion of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial.

The news of the Yan Huang City Lord's death could not be revealed yet.

This was not like the Battle of Ghosts and Gods. Although the danger that the two posed was no less than the Ghostly Emperor, it would not be as widely known as the last time, which could not be hidden.

After all, it would be quite troublesome if there was mass hysteria. Especially in the more peripheral regions of the mortal kingdoms.

"Wu Yu, you need to calm down as well. After all, such a heavy responsibility will weigh heavy on you. Impulsiveness will only destabilize your control of your abilities."

The Taixu Sage Master said as they headed towards the Shangyuan Dao Sect

Wu Yu nodded but did not reply. The Yan Huang City Lord's death was difficult for him to accept. After all, the matter of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord had come about because of him as well. He blamed himself for this.

Exactly because of this, he told himself that he had to succeed on his foray to the Taigu Immortal Path.

At this time, his brain was filled with the scene of the Yan Huang City Lord's passing. Each expression and detail weighed heavily on Wu Yu, and the weight only exacerbated the rage and recklessness within him.

It even caused some changes in his bloodline.

Within his mind, the feelings of anger would materialize in the form of a golden ape, berserk and rampaging, chattering madly.

Within his chest was a long, smoldering volcano that finally erupted violently, spewing magma and fire in all directions. As though a huge beast had come to life, booming out a din.

This enmity would not cease until his vengeance was taken. His enemy now was the father-daughter pair of Duomingshan Shengxue and Fuyao. More, it was the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord.

"Sigh, it was all my fault. If I had been merciless that time, Qin Shengxue would not have this chance today...." The Taixu Sage Master sighed.

Duomingshan Shengxue was raised by him.

The Dubhe Sword Immortal said, "This has nothing to do with you. At the core of it is the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord. If not them, he would have controlled someone else. It’s just that since those two have strong foundations, his chances of success are a little higher. That's all."

The Seven Immortals of Shushan were also a fount of strength themselves.

Right now, worries weighed heavily on many, like boulders on their souls. The mood was extremely listless.

Wu Yu hung his head.

Finally, they reached the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain. Looking down, the experts of the divine continent were basically all still here, patiently waiting and discussing. Seeing the group return, the chatter swelled.

They knew the contents of the Yan Huang City Lord's message, which was why they were very anxious at this point. They were all ready to fight.

Being bid to wait here for instructions had them all on edge.

Especially seeing the chiliarchs and generals of Yan Huang Imperial City all with sober faces as they returned to Di Yi's Warship, those waiting were as panicked as ants on a hotplate.

The entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground was afire with tension, and everyone looked nervous.

Some had sent messages to Yan Huang Imperial City, but no one there knew what was going on either. And the news that about 5,000 Yan Huang Immortal Army had disappeared had traveled here as well.

Many were subordinates of chiliarchs here.

Seeing this group already return, as well as the neutral expressions of the Dubhe Sword Immortal and sect leaders, it did not seem like they had just been in a life and death battle.

The anxiety eased a little. It seemed like things were not that serious, and that there was no bad news.

In truth, before they had arrived, the Taixu Sage Master had cautioned them to manage their own mental states. And those present were mostly at the Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm, and knew what to do.

That was why everyone looked rather relaxed right now. The Taixu Sage Master hurriedly announced on his return, "A small misunderstanding. But things have been resolved. We have made you worry and wait."

Hearing these words from the Taixu Sage Master, many were at ease, although they had no idea what the misunderstanding could be. Some at the Yan Huang Imperial City side still remained uncomprehending because the Imperial General had not come back.

The sect leaders and two demon emperors had returned to their respective camps.

There were still many who had suspicions regarding the details of this interruption, but the sect leaders had already prepared their script. If anyone asked, they would casually reveal that the Yan Huang City Lord had received news of the Ghostly Emperor coming to life in the East Sea, which was why he had marshaled everyone. However, this had already been ascertained to be fake news.

Actually, this was a fabrication by the sect leaders.

They did not explain the details, which was why no one would doubt the truth of this story. After all, no one would think that the most elite experts of the divine continent would be in a conspiracy to deceive them.

As for afterwards, they would reveal the truth to the Shushan Sword Sages, the Yan Huang generals, and other martial cultivators and demons of the required level, allowing them to participate in the struggle against the enemy.

After resuming their seats anew, the Taixu Sage Master said, "Before, everyone saw that Wu Yu defeated the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Firstly, congratulations to Wu Yu. In this fight, he has been undefeated so far. Although the next few battles might not seem to be as significant, they must continue nonetheless. Let us now decide the lineup for the second group."

The Taixu Sage Master's words were clearly in support of Wu Yu taking the championship.

But he did speak the truth. Wu Yu had indeed shocked everyone.

The remaining four eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivators, in addition to Ji Lingshuang and Nangong Wei, were all far from Wu Yu's level.

That was why the remaining six did not seem particularly fired up for battle, besides Nangong Wei.

At this time, the crowd had settled down. It was as though nothing had ever happened at Yan Huang Imperial City, and the Taixu Sage Master again had the mortal child begin drawing lots, choosing the next two contenders.

At this time, Wu Yu had sunk into a whirlpool of emotions.

His gaze was serene, to the point where it was chilling. He could not get used to such a peaceful environment. The death of the Yan Huang City Lord continued to swell within his heart. Each time, it triggered the rage in his bloodline, causing him to become even more savage!

To him, every minute and second right now was a waste of time.

The Taixu Sage Master and the others could prepare with equanimity, but he could not.

"In the great limit of life and death, there has to be a death! Must humans submit to heavens' will and accept death as the conclusion!? Can we not defy all, and become the unvanquishable!?"

The death of the Yan Huang City Lord had stimulated his thoughts on life and death.

Sometimes, when he was thinking at night, he would think that one day, all of his cognition and thoughts would vanish. After he died, there would be nothing. That sort of thinking triggered a tsunami of fear that would rush over him, and Wu Yu would be horrified, as though he had been through a nightmare.

He was angry, and also reckless.

"I don't want to die!"

Seeing the Yan Huang City Lord turn to ash before him, his body and dao vanishing - that scene had been too horrifying for him.

His emotions roiled like lava.

Whie the Taixu Sage Master was still announcing the next two contenders, Wu Yu could not control himself. He rushed down onto the field. At this time, he had to declare the anger and hatred that had accumulated in his heart.

Wu Yu's actions had attracted everyone's attention.

At this time, he came to the Upper Immortal Battle Ground, sweeping his gaze across everyone. None of his remaining six opponents escaped his gaze.

"I don't want to waste time. All six of you come together! Whoever defeats me will be first!"

Right now, he just wanted a good fight.

To many present, Wu Yu's actions were against the rules, and not at all appropriate. Many felt that this was rude, rash, and arrogant.

That was why his words were met with an uproar. Before, many had felt goodwill for Wu Yu, and respect. Which was why they could not believe their own ears now.

Berserk, arrogant, and disdainful!

"That's not right. Wu Yu, it’s better to follow the rules of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. It will not take up too much time." Right now, with the Imperial General and City Lord absent from Yan Huang Imperial City side, it was the more prominent generals who spoke up. These words were from General Gu, who was on good terms with Wu Yu.

From the other sects, there was displeasure, especially the Lunar Flower Sword Sage from the Shushan Immortal Sect. "Don't get above yourself just because you have won two battles. How impertinent! The Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial is not a place where you can conduct your antics! Stop making a fool of yourself. Shoo."

Of course, Wu Yu did not heed her, but continued to say, "Six on one, and no one dares?"

Right now, probably only the sect leaders knew Wu Yu's true feelings. In this matter, no one save the Imperial General was more affected than him. Besides, the Yan Huang City Lord had entrusted such heavy responsibility to him.

To the Taixu Sage Master and the others, the winner of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial had to be Wu Yu. Seeing Wu Yu's current stubbornness, they considered it a good result if this battle could help Wu Yu overcome the troubles he was struggling with.

They could see that Wu Yu had descended into the labyrinth of the dao. This was a heart devil. If he could overcome it, then he would become even stronger. If he could not, then it would definitely affect his future. They were most afraid that he would succumb to self-doubt, doubting his own dao. That would be a brick wall to his progress.

At this time, the human martial cultivators and sect leaders exchanged glances. It was the Taixu Sage Master who first waved his hand, saying, "Wu Yu's name precedes him. Bending a rule occasionally for him is no big deal. This will undoubtedly increase the difficulty of him taking the championship. Whoever defeats him will take first place. This is also a golden opportunity for the remaining six. Since it was he himself who offered this, I believe that no one is willing to reject him. How do you all feel?"

He understood Wu Yu, which was why he wanted him to defeat this heart devil and return back to the path. He had already discovered Wu Yu's internal struggle.

The Dubhe Sword Immortal said, "Since we can make this even more interesting, then by all means, why not? We, the Shushan Immortal Sect, agree."

With the two of them opening the field, there was not much dissension that followed. The other human sect leaders agreed, and the matter no longer really concerned the demons. If not for Wu Yu suddenly standing out, they were on the verge of leaving already.

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