Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0536: Shocking Change!

Chapter 0536: Shocking Change!

Once the Bloodsucking Curse was broken, it was impossible for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu to win.

Wu Yu burned him with the Purgatory Chains, and his doppelgangers made their multiple attacks using the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique.

The Supreme God Technique had completely surrounded the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu and was burning his flesh and blood.

At this moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's dragon scales were already riddled.

His flesh and blood also began to burn. When the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu stopped chanting the Bloodsucking Curse, his body and soul were burned at the same time. He turned and tumbled onto the ground, screaming in pain!

The screams coming from the dragon's mouth were so miserable!

Even though the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's willpower was very stable and strong, it had been completely broken down by Wu Yu!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was really miserable at this moment.

His huge body rolled on the Upper Immortal Battle Ground, raising a cloud of dust that reached the sky.

The Supreme God Technique's flames would only burn the target’s body, so it had no effect on the rocks, rivers, or forests under it.

Now, with every passing breath of time, the more serious the injuries would be.

So as long as the Taixu Sage Master did not ask him to stop, Wu Yu did not want to stop.

Was this punishment enough for the trouble that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had caused?

If not for Wu Yu's killing intent being weaker than that of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, he would not let go of such a good opportunity to kill him.

In fact, if the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu himself admitted defeat, Wu Yu could only put a halt to his attacks!

However, because of his arrogance, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could not lose face and admit defeat now.

Hence, Wu Yu seized the opportunity to torture the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, hopefully to death.

"Taixu Sage Master!" At this moment, the grim-looking Zhu Huang finally shouted out.

At this step, she understood. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had been defeated and there was no way of him turning the tide.

All three demon participants had been defeated!

The Taixu Sage Master held on for a little longer. Actually, he was also angry for the martial cultivators and Wu Yu.

He only waved his hands when Zhu Huang pressured him.

He said to Wu Yu, "This battle is over, the Winner is Yan Huang Imperial City, Wu Yu!"

The end was set.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, defeated!

Before the battle, he was the person every participant was cautious of. After the battle, he was even more terrifying.

Originally, the martial cultivators had made it their personal mission to intercept him, and in the end, terror became their opponent.

At this moment, with the pressure from Zhu Huang, Wu Yu could only stop his flames. But he had his revenge.

After he stopped his Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique, the charred blood dragon who was rolling and howling in front of everyone still stank of burnt meat.

Many of his wounds were so deep that even his bones could be seen!

Such a serious physical injury. At least he had totally lost the power to battle.

After Wu Yu stopped attacking, he dropped to the ground, barely breathing.

His eyes looked at Wu Yu coincidentally.

Both eyes were burnt too and had lost their blood red color.

They were burnt to black crisps and were very ugly. At least he was not blinded, so his last sight was on Wu Yu.

Wu Yu had no injuries at all and was facing him calmly.

On the other hand, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, who had lost badly, no doubt had suffered a heavy and painful blow.

Hence, after looking at Wu Yu, he struggled to shut his eyes. His eyes were filled with disbelief, dismay, pain....

"You deserve this. I have finally returned what you've brought to me by many folds. In the future, if you are still foolish, I'll bring you even more pain. At that moment, you may not live," Wu Yu said bluntly and loudly.

When he spoke, now that the battle was over, the whole area was indeed quiet.

Wu Yu had defeated the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu easily, and there was no luck involved in his victory.

He was stronger than the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. If Wu Yu successfully reached first place, then it would be well-deserved.

There was no factor for tricks.

After all, he had defeated the two strongest competitors back to back.

Ever since that battle at Shushan, even though not much time had passed, the ability that Wu Yu had displayed in front of everyone was terrifying.

Even though the most powerful people of the divine continent were present, many people still could not believe that this type of miracle had happened!

Wu Yu could defeat an opponent that Shen Xingyao was not sure about. Obviously, if they were to engage in a fierce battle now, more than 80% of them, even the brilliant Galaxy Sword Sage, would not be his match.

He had almost reached the battle strength of a Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm cultivator while at the third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea Realm!

His heaven-defying actions showed that he was definitely an unprecedented miracle!

At this moment, it was as if the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was kneeling in front of his eyes....

Completely conquered and crushed.

At this moment, many people finally realized it.

"From Wu Yu's rise in Shushan to his arrival at Yan Huang Imperial City, I never thought that he was the foremost talent in the continent! I always thought that he had a strong disposition, but if you talked about talent, he only belonged to the top few but not the first. But now I understand. I finally understand that for a third tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator to reach this level, no matter his potential, talent, temperament, or mentality, he is certainly the strongest in the world and far ahead of others! Even Ji Lingshuang, Nangong Wei, and Murong Xu are far from him!"

"Yes, he was so brilliant in other things before, so we didn't realize that he had such terrifying talent and so on. Maybe we underestimated the legacy of this Transformative Daoist. We always thought that Wu Yu came from a poor background, not as good as Ji Lingshuang’s. Now it seems that the so-called Transformative Daoist should be a miracle as well!"

"What Wu Yu has accomplished at this age! I can say that since tens of thousands of years ago, no one like him has existed in the divine continent before! In the next tens of thousands of years, no one will be able to reach his level! We all looked down on him before! He was really amazing during the two battles today. He let everyone truly see his talent! We can only say that Yan Huang Imperial City is really lucky, and the Shushan Immortal Sect, who chased him out, is really unlucky...."

The elders were all very shocked, and their evaluations of Wu Yu had reached their peak.

At this time, people suddenly thought of the Yan Huang City Lord and the Imperial General's farsightedness.

They also understood why the Yan Huang City Lord would recommend Wu Yu to fight so decisively, and pass on the Supreme God Technique to him.

Of course, they also understood that even the Taixu Sage Master seemed to see Wu Yu differently now.

Nowadays, the young people in battlefields would stand in front of all heroes. All of them were amazing, and all of them were praised.

But how many of them could be this impressive now? And how many of them could enjoy such a brilliant moment?

A man must be like this, proud and conceited, despising the heroes of the world. And shock the whole divine continent.

At this moment, he had exacted his revenge. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had become his stepping stone!

Even though there were many battles still to be fought, who could deny Wu Yu's charms?

And who could deny that he would get first in the world today!

Even though people hoped that Wu Yu and Nangong Wei could battle, they had no doubt that Wu Yu could easily defeat her!

In this world, no one under 50 years old could defeat Wu Yu!

Perhaps he could exceed even those above that age.

He looked up and saw those respectful gazes. Even the Imperial General was smiling at him at this time.

Today, Wu Yu had helped him gain some prestige.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu defeated had Shen Qiuyan, and Wu Yu had turned the tides by defeating the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

This was also taking revenge.

There were three demons, two of which were defeated by Wu Yu.

At this time, Wu Yu was undoubtedly a hero of the human race.

Among the human race, the only one who would be slightly uncomfortable would be the Shushan Immortal Sect.

The Heaven sword rank disciples and Shushan Sword Sages present had to be embarrassed, especially the Mizar Sword Immortal.

At this moment, they were even more embarrassed. Wu Yu was now so far ahead of all the young people.

If Wu Yu were still in Shushan, Shushan would still be the envious one....

In particular, the Mizar Sword Immortal knew that the stronger Wu Yu was, the more pressure Nangong Wei would have.

She had a heart devil now, and her heart devil was to defeat Wu Yu. To her, this would be very important.

Wu Yu saw Nangong Wei.

She was also in shock, and it was not only her.

Beside her, Ji Lingshuang, who had always been called the foremost talent, also had a very shocked expression on her face.

But Nangong Wei was especially different.

She was struggling, maybe scared, but soon, this was replaced by a stronger belief.

She probably still didn’t dare to give up.

At this stage, he should be able to get first place. Wu Yu also did not delay other people's time. When everyone was still talking and discussing, he flew up and went back to Yan Huang Imperial City’s area.

"It was such a miraculous and interesting battle. Since ancient times, heroes were often young people. Yan Huang Imperial City has struck gold." The Taixu Sage Master shook his head and laughed.

He then continued, "However, no matter how interesting it is, the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial is not over yet, so let's continue. Who are the next two to fight?"

It was time to draw lots again.

However, everyone was still shocked and immersed in the previous battle. Most people were not really looking forward to the next battle. Now people just wanted to see how Wu Yu could easily get first place


Everyone was very relaxed.

Just as that mortal kid was still drawing lots, many Message Talismans flew in. They were targeted at the Taixu Sage Master, the Imperial General, the Sword Immortal, Ying Huang, Zhu Huang, and so on.

There were dozens of leaders from each major sect. Almost at the same time, they had all obtained Message Talismans.

The mortal kid was scared by such a strange scene and stopped. After all, the atmosphere suddenly became very serious.

Wu Yu was also shocked at this sight.

He had a feeling that something bad had happened.

But at this time, what could happen?

He could not believe it.

In the midst of all the doubts, the leaders of all the major sects looked at the Message Talismans.

"All these Message Talismans are from the Yan Huang City Lord!" someone suddenly said.

The Yan Huang City Lord was guarding the Yan Huang Ancient Well. How could so many Message Talismans be transmitted at the same time!?

Just what had happened?

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