Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0534: Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword

Chapter 0534: Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword

Shangyuan Immortal Mountain, Shangyuan Dao Sect, Upper Immortal Battle Ground.

Compared to the battle with He Taijun, Wu Yu was more reserved and wasn't as brazen and arrogant as before.

That was because Wu Yu had over 90% confidence that he could win against He Taijun. However, it was clear that he wasn't as confident when facing the creepy and bloodthirsty Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

Now they were about to face off before the eyes of numerous spectators. Wu Yu recalled the time when he escaped from the Endless Demon Seas. When the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu saw him, he had charged out of the rivers in his hornless dragon form to intercept Wu Yu. He was on a much higher standing and was just toying with Wu Yu.

Recalling the barrier between Nangong Wei and him at this moment and the time he was expelled from Shushan, one could say that all of this was because of the cold, arrogant, and ruthless Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Even till now, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was still looking at Wu Yu with eyes that seemed to suggest that he had everything under control. There were elements of belittling him. Indirectly, this was a form of provocation in the eyes of Wu Yu.

When both of them entered the Upper Immortal Battle Ground, the supporting crews of both parties suddenly went silent. Everyone held their breaths and their eyes widened, afraid that they might miss out on this pinnacle battle.

In the hearts of the majority of the crowd, this match was the de facto finals!

Amid the deathly silence, whatever sound that Wu Yu or the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu made would be amplified countless times over.

At this juncture, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was still observing Wu Yu from head to toe as though he was toying with him. He chuckled and said, "Looking at your vengeful looks. You wish for recompense for the actions from before?"

Both parties were prideful.

"It isn't as simple as taking revenge. What's more important is to let you regret, let you feel fear and force you to lower your head when you see me," answered Wu Yu.

"What a trash talker. Several years ago, I had not expected you to be capable of such. You are indeed dog shit lucky." The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was still acting as though he had won this match and this was truly infuriating.

For Wu Yu, talking to the other party would only arouse his anger and cause him to lose his rationality. Therefore, he was decisive and retrieved his dao treasure immediately. With the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean in his hands, he threw it towards the other party without saying a second word.

At the same time, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean expanded. The spirit designs were triggered and even a simple attack would have several thousand variations of spirit designs!


That thick and huge Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean struck towards the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu with great momentum. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's face changed at that instant. To him, Wu Yu's sudden strike was an affront to his authority and might.

Moreover, Wu Yu wasn't holding back at all!

This was an attack using a dao treasure!

The might of Wu Yu's casual strike had exceeded all the threat that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu felt from his previous opponents. At this moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's eyes widened in anger. Bloody light gleamed in his eyes, making his eyes look round and bright. During this process, his human form transformed into a blood dragon in the blink of an eye before Wu Yu. That mystical dragon had no horns, had a huge body, and was exceptionally bloodthirsty! Although he could widely be considered part of the mystical dragon race, he really couldn't be considered an immortal beast upon sensing his evil and creepy aura. He was a far cry from mystical dragons like Luo Pin and wasn't as holy as a phoenix.

It was totally within reason that he was classified as a demon.

This was the first time the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had transformed into his demon form. Upon witnessing his savage looks, numerous people retreated in fear.


After transforming into his demon form, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu clashed head-on with Wu Yu's dao treasure. Suddenly, a deafening explosion reverberated throughout the battle ground. Wu Yu was well prepared this time and had used huge force. Leveraging on the might of the dao treasure, Wu Yu smashed the other party into the sky despite the other party resisting the attack in his original form.

It was a majestic view to see that giant blood dragon being smashed into the sky. The crowd couldn't help but be in awe with Wu Yu's physical strength. However, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu rapidly stabilized his body in the sky. Looking down from above, he didn't seem to have suffered any injuries.

"Looking to die!?"

He was taunted instantly and now his dragon claws were exceptionally sore and he was even feeling pain. In fact, fresh blood was oozing out. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was enraged. Savage killing intent had welled up inside him. He was confident in killing his opponent before the Taixu Sage Master could step in.

Since young, he understood that he was born to kill!

Bloody light filled his huge eyes at this moment. The Wu Yu in his eyes was now surrounded by layers and layers of fresh blood.

After stabilizing his body in the air, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu curled up his mystical dragon body before charging down the next instant. Bloody light shrouded his dragon claws, and within the light, snake-shaped symbols were distorting constantly. This was his Natural Mystique and was what he had used against Shen Qiuyan before. Now that he was using it against Wu Yu in his original form, the attack was creepier and more lethal!

The name of this Natural Mystique was Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse!

Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse, slaughtering all living creatures!

The Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse shrouded Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's dragon claws. He charged down from above and flew directly towards Wu Yu!

"You must be feeling desperate!" Wu Yu smirked. He had long disliked this guy for acting haughty and cold. After being provoked, wasn't he still looking overwhelmed by anger?

For Wu Yu, there was nothing exceptional about him.

Instantly, he executed the Immortal Ape Transformation and turned into a golden ape. After the Immortal Ape Transformation, he was more violent and savage. Both of his eyes were also bright red, and a strong will to resist filled them. This level of mental strength was no weaker than the killing intent of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

The sudden changes caused a golden sandstorm to instantly appear around his body.

Amidst the sandstorm, Wu Yu's doppelgangers appeared once again. On the Upper Immortal Battle Ground, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were everywhere. All of them were identical to him. As such, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu lost his target instantly. His bloody red eyes didn't possess the same differentiating ability of He Taijun. Therefore, it wasn't easy at all to tell which one was Wu Yu's main body.

At this moment, despite holding Wu Yu in his hands, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was stunned while looking at the numerous Wu Yus around him. Wu Yu's doppelgangers separated themselves rapidly to mask the main body. Under such circumstances, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu didn't know who to attack.

"What's the matter? Are you impressed?" Numerous Wu Yus laughed at the same time.

Witnessing the development, the martial cultivators couldn't help but break into laughter. Although the battle was far from concluding, they were excited to see the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu running into trouble. Before this battle, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was haughty. There wasn't a moment where he looked lost!

In the moment of distraction, the thousand doppelgangers of Wu Yu charged towards him with supreme immortal treasures! The deep hatred he had for the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was released into his sword techniques. Among which, 500 doppelgangers executed the Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique, while the other five hundred used the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation. The two dao techniques overlapped and rained down like a violent storm towards the huge mystical dragon body of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

However, the dragon scales of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu were exceptionally tough.

Moreover, he was covered in a layer of blurry, bloody light. This was also a defensive demon technique. The Oblivion Beast Soul Shocking Technique and the Nine Suns Black Dragon Sword Formation weren't enough to finish him.


Being suppressed by Wu Yu, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, who was a huge beast, got even more infuriated. He couldn't care which were doppelgangers or the main body. As long as they got close to him, he would attack rampantly with his Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse. In the blink of an eye, the doppelgangers were ripped apart by the Blood Sacrificial Dragon Curse. Considering the defensive capacity of the doppelgangers, they wouldn't be able to resist an attack from the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu in close quarters combat.

Within a short frame, over 30 doppelgangers were destroyed. Seeing this, Wu Yu could only separate his doppelgangers rapidly.

However, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu wasn't someone who was easy to deal with. After allowing Wu Yu to have the first move, he relied on his savage and violent killing means to suppress Wu Yu's doppelgangers. When Wu Yu's doppelgangers started retreating, he pressed on with momentum instantly. At this moment, that blood dragon smirked and suddenly attacked!

Demons could release their Natural Mystiques exceptionally quickly. In a split second, strong, bloody light moved towards his tail. Curse insignias appeared on a portion of the dragon scales on his tail. This dyed his dragon tail black instantly. After which, the curse insignias were protruding out of his dragon scales. They were densely packed together and, looking from afar, it was as though the dragon tail had transformed into a huge blade.

At this moment, savage vibes erupted from the black curse insignia sword. This increased the killing capacity of the sword.

This was another Natural Mystique known as the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword!

Using his tail as a sword, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had transformed his body into a weapon. As he swept his dragon tail across, the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword sliced through everything easily. Wherever it reached, even if Wu Yu's doppelgangers were just grazed and not hit directly, the doppelgangers would explode. Relying on the insane Natural Mystique, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had once again exerted his dominance. He wouldn't care if the one before him was a doppelganger or the main body. He was just going to kill all of them.

If this went on, Wu Yu's doppelgangers would be completely annihilated!

This was the first time the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had executed the Natural Mystique Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword in this place. Whether it was the might or destructive prowess, even Primordial Spirit Transformation Realm experts couldn't help but frown!

In this Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu could indeed dominate the opposition. It was only because Wu Yu could go against him that the crowd had held on to a glimmer of hope. However, after witnessing what transpired, the majority of the people were feeling that this glimmer of hope was slipping away!

"If Wu Yu can't stop the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, there will be almost no suspense that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu will be number one...."

Many people started to worry. After all, if the demon were to clinch number one despite having numerous humans attempting to obstruct him, it would truly be embarrassing. They would have let down their ancestors....

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was laughing hysterically. "Where are you going to run?"

He was conceited and feeling extremely excited. To him, Wu Yu's doppelgangers were just like tigers made of paper.

As the Curse Insignia Dragon Blood Sword swept across, every single one was crushed!

What he didn't know was that the main body of Wu Yu had snuck to a position above his head. He had only managed to do so amidst the chaos. When he arrived in this position, it was also when the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was the most cocky.

All of a sudden!

Wu Yu summoned his dao treasure, the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean. Descending from the sky, he strengthened himself with the Violent Art without saying a word. Instantly, he reached the level when he defeated He Taijun. After which, he triggered all the spirit designs, the Grand Sea Overturning Flame Design in particular!

As he smashed down, an angry dragon erupted and descended from above towards the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

This was a lethal strike!

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