Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0523: Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal

Chapter 0523: Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was only rumored to be fearsome. Up till now, no one knew his true battle strength.

How would he fare against Shen Qiuyan?

Shen Qiuyan was much more familiar. Since he was in his teens, every battle he had been through, every dao technique, every mystique, every immortal treasure - it was as familiar to everyone as the back of their hand.

That was why the crowd still had much faith in Shen Qiuyan. This battle also concerned the reputation of Yan Huang Imperial City. That was why the Yan Huang Imperial City people were all pressing up close. Although they did not enter the battle, their burning eyes all pierced the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Intangibly, they exerted pressure on him.

The battle between the two was also a clash between the Endless Demon Seas and Yan Huang Imperial City!

The Endless Demon Seas were vast, and the demons many! Considered the closest in strength to Yan Huang Imperial City, Ying Huang and Zhu Huang's strength was also very close to that of the Imperial General and the Yan Huang City Lord. And as the first battle, winning would definitely be a big boost to the morale of the humans!

"Commander Shen, smash his mouth to rot!"

"This cowardly demon hiding in the Endless Demon Seas, not daring to show his face for all these years - let him know the might of the divine continent's martial cultivators!"

It was not just Yan Huang Imperial City - the other human tribes were all also roaring passionately.

Wu Yu squinted and watched carefully. He wanted to know what the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was capable of. If he got to know his enemy, he might be able to take revenge!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was very arrogant!

He did not take Shen Qiuyan seriously.

Ordinarily, demons would resume their true form to fight, which was their most powerful form. But the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu stayed human.

His white robes and blood-red hair fluttered madly in the wind!

The chilling smile and the conceited air about him not only shook his opponent's confidence, but also made him lose concentration.

In reality, Shen Qiuyan reached the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu in the blink of an eye. The two clashed head-on! Shen Qiuyan was very serious, using his immortal treasure to try and kill the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

The spiritual power of the two clashed and arced throughout the entire Upper Immortal Battle Ground. Shen Qiuyan indeed had the ability of a Yan Huang general. Such fighting ability was indeed top-class at this age. No wonder he had won the Trial of Huang!

It looked like Shen Qiuyan was suppressing the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, because the opponent was constantly dodging dao techniques as though he was being beaten.

But that was not the case. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu was extremely terrifying. Despite Shen Qiuyan looking to be going all-out, had not managed to score a single hit.

After a prolonged sequence with no success, Shen Qiuyan was extremely shocked. His mind was filled with the arrogant smirk of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. This made him feel like he would have no chance of defeating his opponent if he did not give it his all. That was why he very quickly made his decision.

At that moment, golden light streamed from Shen Qiuyan. The golden light exploded in all directions, illuminating both ground and air. It was as though a blinding sun had appeared in the air! However, after that instant, the light and heat shrank inwards, as though vanishing. But that was not the case. Because a closer look yielded the fact that all the light had been sucked into Shen Qiuyan's eyes. His eyes were now exploding with light, and unbelievably radiant. That burning gaze could not be met by anybody!

"Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal!"

Evidently, this was a Great Dao Mystique!

Wu Yu had seen the information on all the contestants. He knew that this mystique was called Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal. This was Shen Qiuyan's ace up his sleeve. Once the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal were used, any opponent at the same cultivation level would have to avoid it. Even the strongest defenses would be pierced.

Especially when at this time, Shen Qiuyan retrieved an immortal treasure, a transparent mirror. The mirror floated before Shen Qiuyan's eyes. When Shen Qiuyan's mystique blasted through it, the two beams of golden light passed through the mirror and expanded to twice their strength and width!

The target of these two beams of light was naturally the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

Their targets were apparent. One went for the head, the other straight for the Violet Kingdom meridian.

The Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal moved quickly. Even Wu Yu's Swift Art might not have been able to dodge it.

Therefore, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had no way to dodge it either.

But in truth, he had no intention of dodging it. His expression did not waver - he was still holding the chilling smile.

In the instant that the bursts of light blasted forth from his eyes.

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu raised both hands. Although shocked, Wu Yu could clearly see a blood symbol on both of his palms!

He remembered when the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had placed a blood symbol on him, forcing him to kill Mu Lingche. Although these two symbols were different, executing this move reminded Wu Yu of how terrifying this Natural Mystiques could be.

Natural Mystiques were the most important element of a demon's bloodline!

Many demons were formidable because of their Natural Mystiques.

In this split-second, the two symbols on the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's twin palms faced a beam of light each! The two beams of Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal light landed squarely on his palms.

Everything changed in this instant!

A pity. What the crowd saw was not the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal Mystique skewering the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, but instead the two beams of light caught under the control of the symbols!

Unable to move forward!

Shen Qiuyan had used the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal so many times, and this was the first time that his mystique had been controlled by his opponent.

A mystique of such explosive power had actually been halted. Wu Yu saw an incredulous look spread across even the Imperial General's face, which gave way to worry.

Deathly silence swept the Upper Immortal Battle Ground.

This was the first time that the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had shown his hand, and his hand had shaken the entire crowd!

But this was just the beginning, and not the end.

In the next moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu gave a small laugh. His hands moved and the blood symbols writhed like snakes. The light from the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal began to turn red, starting from the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's palms. As though being dyed red, the golden light slowly turned red and began to extend towards Shen Qiuyan with frightening speed!

It was about the same speed as Shen Qiuyan's own attack.

As the gold turned to red, one could clearly see many red symbols flying towards the direction of Shen Qiuyan!

This was a life and death moment for Shen Qiuyan!

The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had not only blocked the attack, but had turned it on his opponent!

"Qiuyan, give it up!" The Imperial General reacted quickly. Before the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had counterattacked, he had already seen through his strength. He knew how terrifying the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu's mystique was.

But Shen Qiuyan was a step behind. He had thought to use the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal to burn through the Natural Mystique symbols on his opponent's hands. As a result, he had intensified his Violet Kingdom Primordial Energy output and reinforced his attack. At that moment, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had counterattacked, smashing through his defenses like bamboo. It was devastating that even the power of the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal could be turned into his opponent's power. Right now, the blood symbols came boring towards his own eyes through the Doomsday Eyes of the Immortal!

Hearing the Imperial General's warning, Shen Qiuyan had given it up. In his contest with the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu, he knew of his fearsome prowess now. Regrettably, he was a step too slow. Just as he was about to desist, many blood symbols rushed into his eyes!


Shen Qiuyan stumbled back several steps. His eyes were turning visibly red, and the glowing, red symbols writhed like snakes. In that moment, Shen Qiuyan's eyes lost their vitality. Before everyone, they started to shrink and wither, until they disappeared within his sockets!

Instantly, Shen Qiuyan's eyes were hollow!

This was a grave injury. Whether he could recover or not was uncertain. At this time, Shen Qiuyan was howling in agony, clutching his eyes in misery! The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu waved a hand. "Like I said, a nameless pawn matching against me? That's an honor in itself. Taixu Sage Master, isn't the result clear? If you don't announce it, I will continue. If someone dies, I'm not about to take responsibility."

Arrogance, confidence, recklessness!

Shen Qiuyan indeed paled in comparison.

Victory was clear indeed. The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu truly seemed intent on continuing. The Taixu Sage Master waved his hand, saying, "The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu is the victor and enters the top 16."

Only then did the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu desist, smirking.

This outcome was very difficult for the Yan Huang Immortal Soldiers of Yan Huang Imperial City to accept. Shen Qiuyan had been thoroughly thrashed, and his injuries were grievous. The cruel methods of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu left them feeling both worried for Shen Qiuyan, as well as demoralized. This was the first battle of Yan Huang Imperial City, and it had been the one they had the most confidence in. Who would have thought that he would actually lose this badly, and to be humiliated by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu!

A loss for Yan Huang Imperial City also meant a loss for the humans. All the humans present looked grim, but could not say anything, because the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had beaten Shen Qiuyan based on true ability. He was outstanding, and it was hard to imagine anyone defeating the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu in subsequent battles. Would he really take the championship? Would they have to go to the Endless Demon Seas for the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial 50 years from now?

To the sects, this was an epic humiliation.

The Imperial General went to retrieve Shen Qiuyan before the sullen and dispirited looks of the crowd. After checking carefully, he sent Shen Qiuyan back to rest. He could be heard saying, "The Blood Dragon of Mount Wu even left brands in his eye sockets, preventing his eyeballs from recovering. For now, I have no way to banish this brand. We can only go back and let the Yan Huang City Lord try. If the Yan Huang City Lord also cannot do so, then Shen Qiuyan might be blind forever."

Of course, they could forcefully beg the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu to remove the brand. But right now, the demons' morale was at a peak. It was not time. Someone had to stand out to beat them back down first.

"Wu Yu, Murong Xu, I've failed. The honor of Yan Huang Imperial City rests on you two...." Shen Qiuyan's voice was very low. Evidently, he had been broken badly by the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

In one fight, the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu had intimidated all the martial cultivators.

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