Heaven’s Devourer

Chapter 0519: Shangyuan Immortal Mountain

Chapter 0519: Shangyuan Immortal Mountain

While Wu Yu trained arduously, half a year had passed in the blink of an eye.

In the days of cultivation, time would always feel like it was passing quicker and quicker.

It was said that for immortals, the blink of an eye might cause 100 years to pass.

As one pursued deeper dao and wished to establish a solid foundation, the deciphering of the greater dao would take longer and longer.

The more profound the dao technique and spirit design, the more complicated they would be. Take the Violent Dragon Pillar of the Vast Ocean as an example. It had over 10,000 spirit designs densely packed within it. It would take time for one to get familiar with all of them.

When he was still a mortal, half a year was rather long. Now, it felt just like a month from the past.

In the blink of an eye, time passed further.

Luckily, with the City Lord and the Imperial General helping him out, he improved by leaps and bounds. After experiencing thousands and thousands of tries, Wu Yu had finally fully internalized the two Heaven Earth Void techniques. He had engraved the details and great dao vividly into his soul.

The Prime Heavenly Lord Supreme God Technique and the Ten Thousand Furnace Lords' Supreme God Technique had turned into colorful clouds and circled within his Violet Kingdom of the Inner Sea. The moment they were activated, the sky would collapse and the mountains would crack.

After he succeeded, the divine continent, which had gone rather silent after the Battle of Ghosts and Gods, was once again becoming lively due to the impending Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial that was held once every 50 years. The common topic of discussion among cultivators was all about the people who were on the participating list.

There were countless geniuses on the divine continent. With various sects fighting for glory and the inclusion of the demons, everyone that would be participating had a sense of mission. As various sects supported the geniuses in their sects, the competition would be exceptionally intense. It would reach a whole new level in terms of heart-stirring action compared to the internal contest within each sect.

The youngest batch consisting of Wu Yu, Jiu Ying, Nangong Wei, Murong Xu, Ji Lingshuang, and Gusu Yudie was also extremely attention-grabbing. It was especially so for Wu Yu, who attracted the most eyes. However, it wasn't because the people felt he was the favorite to win it all.

The real favorites were those who had cultivated 10 to 20 years more than them, specifically the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu. Lots of people had hoped that there would be someone from the human race that could stop the advance of the Blood Dragon of Mount Wu.

The bloodline of this demon wasn't any inferior to Jiu Ying’s, and he was currently over 40 years old. He indeed had a huge advantage. Despite Jiu Ying improving rapidly over the recent years, he had not caught up to him.

Regardless, it was time to head towards the Shangyuan Dao Sect.

This was because the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial would be held on the grounds of the Shangyuan Dao Sect. As such, not everyone could go and spectate the trial. Each sect could only bring along a predetermined number of people. A force like Yan Huang Imperial City would be able to bring roughly 1,000 people.

Second-rate sects were only allowed to bring 300 people.

As for the rest, if they wished to spectate the battle from the ground, they would have to get an invitation from the Shangyuan Dao Sect. It was said that the invitations to spectate the trial were worth a huge sum of money. Before the trial began, numerous people had spent large amounts of money to purchase the invitation to spectate.

The spectators of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial would basically be maintained at roughly several tens of thousands. They would be cheering the geniuses of their sects and be the supporters of those participating.

The rest wouldn't be able to watch it personally and could only wait outside for news.

This was the most elite and grand event the divine continent hosted every 50 years!

On the side of Yan Huang Imperial City, the Imperial General would lead the team. He steered the black warship and brought along 1,000 people.

The 1,000 people were all the experts of Yan Huang Imperial City. Other than those on crucial missions, almost all the Yan Huang Generals would participate. The rest would be the numerous chiliarchs and some exceptionally outstanding centurions. This was basically the strongest thousand-man lineup from the Yan Huang Imperial City. Other than the Yan Huang City Lord, who was stationed to guard the Yan Huang Ancient Well, the rest of them were basically all here!

This cohort was definitely the strongest among all other sects! With such a force as support for Wu Yu and the other two participants, they would crush the other sects in terms of momentum!

It was especially so when considering that they were all wearing suits of Yan Huang Immortal Armor. Every single one of them looked invincible and stunning. When standing together, their auras shrouded the sky. Even the army of sword cultivators, who were known for their sharp edge, didn't possess such an imposing demeanor!

With these senior experts as their support and cheering them on, the three participants of Yan Huang Imperial City indeed had an advantage over other sects.

As such, Wu Yu felt proud to be a member of Yan Huang Imperial City.

When he was prepared and boarded the black Di Yi's Warship, the thousand-strong Yan Huang Immortal Army cheered him on!

"Wu Yu!"

"Wu Yu!"

Regardless, Wu Yu was stronger than Murong Xu. Therefore, he still had the hopes of fighting for the glory of Yan Huang Imperial City. Although his hopes weren't as great as Shen Qiuyan's, Wu Yu had already basked in the limelight when he demonstrated his abilities at the Trial of Yan, and the elders of Yan Huang Imperial City had looked forward to Wu Yu's improvements since then.

The Imperial General laughed heartily and said, "The heroes of our Yan Huang Imperial City are here! Three young participants, you guys must clinch the number one position for our Yan Huang Imperial City! The number one genius of the divine continent should appear in our Yan Huang Imperial City! We have lost this honor multiple times in the past. This time, our hopes are on you!"

The crowd cheered!

This scene was undoubtedly spirit-lifting and made one's blood boil.

The other two had also arrived. Wu Yu didn't need an introduction of Murong Xu. He had long known him and had even defeated him. After the horrifying Battle of Ghosts and Gods, he had become a little more humble and no longer saw Wu Yu as his enemy. Perhaps he knew that Wu Yu wasn't interested in competing with him to become the inheritor of the City Lord or the Imperial General position. As such, he smiled upon seeing Wu Yu and was friendly towards Wu Yu.

As for Shen Qiuyan, he didn't interact much with Wu Yu. This was the first time Wu Yu had seen him. He was a young man who looked extremely refined. The righteousness coming from him and his demeanor did make him look somewhat similar to the Yan Huang City Lord. After seeing Wu Yu, he just gave a gentle smile. Although this person looked gentle, he had to be resilient at his core. As an eighth tier Violent Kingdom of the Inner Sea cultivator, he would possess bountiful spiritual power. There was actually not much difference between him and the Yan Huang Generals around him. With such a background, he was indeed the favorite to win it all for Yan Huang Imperial City. If he could make it to the very end, he might just become Wu Yu's opponent.

"Among the three of you, regardless of which, one of you has to emerge victorious. That's what is expected from the people of our Yan Huang Imperial City! You guys have to do what is expected, am I right?!" the Imperial General remarked out loud.

The surrounding Yan Huang experts seconded raucously. In this aspect, they were extremely proud. As part of the younger generation of Yan Huang Imperial City, they should possess the arrogance of wanting to be the number one in the world.

"Not a problem!" Wu Yu was the loudest. This time, he had the most resolute determination. In order to make his way to the broader world and spar with the cultivators of that place, he had to become number one on the divine continent!

At this juncture, no one could stop his determination!

"Perfect! Wu Yu has the most confidence and is clearly domineering! I like you the most!" The Imperial General laughed heartily.

Murong Xu and Shen Qiuyan were indeed more humble.

"Let's go! I'll bring you three young brats to shock the entire divine continent!"

The Imperial General was great at lifting spirits. Everyone was feeling passionate right now. At this moment, Di Yi's Warship took off, charged out of Yan Huang Imperial City, changed its direction, and roared towards the Shangyuan Dao Sect, which was to the south-east direction. Below the warship, over 100,000 people looked up with envy. They were seeing off Di Yi's Warship with their fervent eyes!

If they had the opportunity, they would have also wanted to attend the world-shocking grand affair personally.

The young were often impetuous. Who wouldn't want to defeat heroes from all places and clinch the title of number one.

The take-off of Di Yi's Warship attracted lots of people's attention. For example, the Yan Huang City Lord had come out of the Yan Huang Ancient Well. He stood on the City Lord Residence and saw the warship off with a smile.

"Who will rule supreme over the divine continent this time? Wu Yu, Shen Qiuyan? Can they do it?"

In the past, he had also won the number one position on the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial. That year, his opponent in the finals was his biological younger brother, Di Yi. Therefore, that iteration of the Divine Continent Heavenly Dragon Trial was dominated by Yan Huang Imperial City.

However, Yan Huang Imperial City had indeed rarely clinched the top spot after that iteration, let alone hoping for two participants from Yan Huang Imperial City facing off in the finals.

Other than the City Lord, there were also two other people seeing off Di Yi's Warship with smiles beyond Yan Huang Imperial City.

"We have ample rest and the time is about here. All the experts of Yan Huang Imperial City have left with only the exception of the Yan Huang City Lord. As such, our success rate will be over 90%."

"No one can stop the resurrection of the Heaven Devouring Evil Lord..."

Within the dark forest, two people had creepy smiles on their faces. They were just like the spirits that were lurking around in the shadows.

However, the attention of the entire divine continent was focused on the Shangyuan Dao Sect. Yan Huang Imperial City had once again felt deserted. Even the streets of the outer city had few people walking around at this moment.

Di Yi's Warship was terrifyingly quick. As it traversed through the white clouds in the blue sky, the Yan Huang Immortal Army was feeling pumped. Soon, they descended on the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain in the Shangyuan Dao Sect.

This was Wu Yu’s first time at the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain!

Standing at the edge of Di Yi's Warship and looking down, one could see the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain shrouded in a layer of clouds. The Shangyuan Immortal Mountain was extremely vast and looked boundaryless. Although it wasn't as majestic and sharp as the Clear Sky of Shushan, it was broader and full of heavenly vibes. It was just like an immortal realm as described in legends!

As for the Clear Sky of Shushan, it was covered in snow all times of the year. It was silent and chilling. On the other hand, the feet of the Shangyuan Immortal Mountain had clear water running through the mountains. One could hear the birds singing and smell the aroma of the flowers. It was as though the natural beauties of the world were all gathered in this place.

Amidst the majestic scenery of mountains and rivers, there were numerous exquisite palaces built. Those palaces resembled immortal palaces with dense spirit designs engraved upon them. Looking from afar, the immortal palaces were decorated into the immortal realm-like mountains and rivers. Amidst the five-colored spiritual qi that circled the area, there were captivating female cultivators moving across. It was said that the girls of the Shangyuan Dao Sect were best at dressing up and full of spiritual qi. Looking across from afar now, it was indeed not an exaggeration. After all, the female sword cultivators of Shushan were largely cold in nature. They wore sword lanyards and their eyes looked sharp. As for the girls in the Shangyuan Dao Sect, they were like the fairies of the sky palaces. They were enchanting and beautiful, with great figures.

The Shangyuan Dao Sect claimed to be an orthodox sect that encompassed all. It indeed had the capital to make such claims. This was the most comfortable place that Wu Yu had seen. Compared to the liveliness of Yan Huang Imperial City, there was a stronger scent of becoming an immortal in this place. It was not surprising that the Taixu Sage Master, who could go head to head against the Yan Huang City Lord, would be from this place.

Di Yi's Warship was extremely fast. Basically, they were the first to arrive among various other sects.

Nonetheless, the Shangyuan Dao Sect was ready to receive them.

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